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A very weak attempt at a scam.

Luke Marshall, of the Bureau of Criminal Investigation, called me at my place of business to ask about a manager at a different location in regards to a lawsuit. I have a strong feeling that Luke is not from the United States, though the number is from DC.

When I asked him why he was not conducting legal communication via mail, he explained to me multiple times that communication via phone was ok. I asked for an address for the Bureau of Criminal Investigation, and after 6 or 7 requests, he gave me the address of a red brick house on the North side of DC. He then explained the he did not need to give me an actual address, so he gave me a fake one.

At this point, I let him know that their scam was pretty weak, and they needed to find a way to improve it. He then asked me how to do so. A clueless scammer.

This is a fake, do not worry, and report them if they continually harass you. Keep a record of the calls and when you received them, and record them if possible.

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