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Lately, everyone is being reminded of all of the scams and spam that plague the internet. We’re constantly reminded to stay on our guard and protect our information when it comes to services that seem too good to be true. While this is good advice, the old fashioned way of scamming and spamming people is still around and unfortunately it’s not getting as much attention as it used to. Yep, that’s right; it’s the good old telephone. Lots of homes still use telephones out of habit or preference. They have become cheaper and cheaper throughout the years as technology has increased and cell phones added increased competition, bringing the price down.

A lot of the time, people take phones for granted until something annoying happens. How many times have you sat down for dinner after a long day of work only to immediately receive a phone call from someone you do not even know? It has happened to everyone. It can completely ruin a nice relaxing moment of your evening and put you in a bad mood. Have you ever been late because you ran back inside to answer the phone and realized it was just another scammer or telemarketer? Do you hate how a telemarketer or phone scammer makes you feel? It’s easy to become a mean grumpy person on the phone even though you are a pleasant and kind person, normally. What really gets under people’s skin is when the same people keep calling over and over!

One demographic that scammers like to target is the elderly. Oftentimes, the elderly are more trustworthy of people who call their home. They grew up in a different time when people had more respect and honor for their work. Mostly, there just wasn’t much—if any—phone scamming that went on when they were younger. That, coupled with callers who trick people into agreeing to pay for something they didn’t want to, creates a lot of problems for the elderly. If you know someone who is being abused by telemarketers or phone scamming schemes, there are steps you can take to protect them.

There is a Do-Not-Call list available for citizens to sign up to that has worked well for most people. Sometimes that isn’t enough, though. Spammers and scammers can ignore the do-not-call list or take advantage of people who made errors signing up for the list. At Complaint List, we serve as an alternative but effective way to get the word out about someone who is harassing, spamming, or scamming you by phone. You don’t have to take the persistent harassment; stand up for yourself and file a complaint today!

We use a complex system to make sure that complaints are seen by the public. Eventually (and sometimes immediately), the people behind these calls will start to lose a lot of business. The more the public works together to share information, the more powerful they will be. Complaint List is a central sounding board for people to put an end to these seemingly endless undesired phone calls. So file your complaint today and start making a difference!

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