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Last Updated On: August 8, 2017

Contact Information

Business Name: magicJack VocalTec Ltd
Corporate Address:
60 Medinat Hayehudim St
West Palm Beach, Florida 33405 USA

Customer Service

Phone Number: 972-970-3888
Company Contact: Gerald Vento - President, CEO
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.40 out of 5
Based On: 94 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 152

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $208,947.05
Average Reported Losses: $2,222.84

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I mailed the following letter to magicJack Corporate Office, PO BOX 6785, West Palm Beach, FL 33405 on 2-24-2017. With a cc to: FCC, 445 12th Street, SW, Washington, D.C. 20500, via USPS First Class Mail Return-Receipt with Tracking.

As a magicJack customer of over 4 years, I charge that you, as my Telephone provider regulated by the federal communication commission (FCC) (since October 2016 to present) have discontinued my telephone service unlawfully. You fraudulently claim that I owed a renewal of your services effective as of 10-22-2017.

Records indicate the following annual renewal payments to you which you received: 7-19-2016 transaction date for $43.67; 6-25-2015 transaction date for $37.73; and, 6-26-2014 transaction date for $37.73.

My annual renewal date for my account is 07-22-xxxx, where xxxx is the Year the payment is due and covers services for the following Year’s 12-month telephone service.

To clarify my 7-19-2016 payment to you covers my telephone service through 7-22-2017.

On July 18, 2016, I experienced problems with my magicJack device not operating. I called magicJack and was told by an agent that they had upgraded their devices, and my old device was no longer supported and would not work. They further indicated they would send me a new mJ device to replace my old mJPLUS device and at which time I renewed my annual service renewal in the amount of $43.67 as noted above. I was not told that this was a mJEXPRESS device. The additional 5.94 was for shipping the new device, which was in itself unlawful since magicJack decided to not continue supporting my original magicJack workable device. I did not request or agree to any additional features or services of the mJEXPRESS, and was not advised I would receive any new features and/or related charges accordingly.

In mid-October 2016 I received an email from magicJack indicating my renewal was due 10-22-2017. I called and talked to an agent and was told that was due to an associated fee renewal because of the new mJEXPRESS device, for which I renewed for 1-year effective 7-19-2016.

I advised the agent that I did not consent to any additional renewal associated fee and would not pay an additional fee, and would seek remedy, that it was coercion and unlawful, and I had paid an annual service cost of $43.67 on 7-19-2016 that was effective through 7-22-2017.

I further advised that any user agreement at any website in the USA that does not provide clear and concise disclosure of intent and risks in the American language that is understandable beyond doubt by a Consumer, is void and unlawful.

This is my first attempt of a remedy to you to reactivate my magicJack telephone service immediately. In addition, my future renewal date will become December 22, 2017, crediting me for the months of no magicJack telephone service from you since October 22, 2016 through present.

As noted in the above-subject, I request a written response (email or letter) from you, to be received by me, not later than Friday, March 17, 2017, in order that I may consider other venues for remedy. Notice: Emphasis on FCC Telecommunications Act of 1996, MCL “Judicial Act 236 of 1961” and other FCC, Federal/State/Local laws) as interpreted by Notice.

I received the following email response from magicJack on 3-1-2017:

Wed 3/1, 2:55 PM

Ms. Maxwell,

Unfortunately you did not transfer your remaining license time from your magicJack PLUS to your magicJackEXPRESS when you registered the new device as we have explained. That is why your magicJackEXPRESS license deactivated in October 2016, because the free 3 months of service expired.

We have transferred your remaining time from your magicJack PLUS to the magicJackEXPRESS for you already as a courtesy, which reactivated the magicJackEXPRESS. Please physically restart the magicJackEXPRESS for the change to take effect on your end if you have not already done so.

We are unable to honor your additional requests for free license time and monetary compensation.

magicJack Customer Care

My next step is legal filings against magicJack for remedy.

Firstly, I renewed 7-19-2016 with the mJEXPRESS. I do not have 2 magicJack devices, as the old mJPLUS devices does not work because they do not support it and have made changes to their software/hardware which deactivates it.

Secondly, this is the first time I have ever heard of the need for me to request a transfer of my license; this should be an automatic transaction by magicJack , and not an excuse to the Customer after the fact; again, non-disclosure. It is not an accident that no mention of the need for me to do any such license transfer request was mentioned in any of my telephone calls of 7-18-2016 and 10-22-2016.

Those telephone calls advised me that I need to pay another annual fee, with no other remedy to continue my service. This is fraud and coercion. My advice to any consumer with a complaint against any company is to write a letter to the home office of that company, and copy to the appropriate State and Federal agencies, versus repetitive telephone calls or chats that 90% of the time are not effective. In addition. If you do call, you will want to record the conversation and obtain a customer ticket number for future reference.

It would be expected that all our consumer protection government agencies and commissions would investigate and remedy these complaints on our behalf as our representatives, rather than putting in on the backs of We the People.

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No human customer support whatsoever.

When I make a phone call, I can hear recipient but they cannot hear me. MJ has no solution.

Do NOT waste your money or time with ANY MajicJack device. 3 years ago I bought MagicJack. Worked good. Upgraded to MagicJack Plus. A horror for past 3 months. STATIC on calls is never ending — can not hear person I’ve called. And I get nowhere when I “Push 1 for English” — keeps looping. After at least 6 on-line chats I’ve un-plugged and re-plugged the MJ device dozens of times and none of the problems go away. DO NOT PURCHASE ANY MAGIC JACK, unless you want to waste your money and time, and chat with a bunch of idiots.
I read the reviews first, so did not get the five year plan and good thing. My MagicJack Go worked fine for a year and when I renewed the second year, it got an Invalid Serial Number error after two months. I could not call out. After talking with a few representatives and doing what they said and still getting an error, they wanted me to buy a new MagicJack Go. I only had it for about 14 months and all of the lights work. I get a dial tone, but cannot call out and keep getting an error. I… Read more »

I installed a NEW MJ+ today. Entered my name and email. But the account name is someone else’s name. I chatted for awhile with them to fix it. They could not help me and acted like it wasn’t possible. They even show my previous addresses from 10 years ago in my account. How are they getting this info? They show the previous person’s old phone number next to my new number and ask if I want to reactivate this. I want an investigation on how this can happen.

I have been a Magic Jack user for a long time (at least 8 years), and I have always been very happy with the service it provides and its operational low cost for the end-user, to make free calls domestically (US and Canada) and internationally at very low rates. To this i want to add 3 more things, I have purchased another of these devices and couldn’t be happier, and I have nothing to do with getting paid for my positive comment about M.J. I am just trying to share my own personal experience. As far as its customer service,… Read more »

I am so glad I read all these complaints about the Magic Jack ! My cousin recommended I get one to help with phone / computer bills, what a joke that would have been ! This MJ thing sounds like a good way to funnel money down the drain, and God does it ever sound complicated for the average Joe ! If it sounds too good to be true it always is, thanks everyone for educating me on this, MJ sounds like a nightmare !

just installed Mac os 10.11, elCapitan. Shot my formerly working magicJack all to hell. On web-chat, including screen-sharing, control active, for about 2.5 hours yesterday. The 4th in a line of fine CSRs told me that: MagicJack is not yet compatible with elCapitan–probably because of the way they snuck it into the world clandestinely, alerting no one in the developer community, marketing, support, or even sales communities. CSR “Cara” was the soul who identified the incompatibility. But she wasn’t at all “certain” in her description, along with “you’ll be the 1st to hear when it’s fixed/upgraded. Their upgrade “upg980.dmg” launches,… Read more »

I think the main goal for their technical support is to delay you with useless suggestions to resolve the problem, untill the device warranty expires. Then they want to sell you a new one.

Paid $59 + shipping, then $10 to port my number to them. They discovered VERY LOW CALL VOLUME and if someone hangs up and tries to call you back such as a dropped call or something like that they get a message stating the “MAGIC JACK CUSTOMER IS UNAVAILABLE”. Like I want everyone to know I got a magic jack. Well, then to get my number back they HELD MY NUMBER HOSTAGE FOR ANOTHER $30 as a PORT OUT FEE! I mean really, who does that? I am now on Ooma, same technology but works very well with great audio… Read more »
Don’t even think about buying this product! Purchased in 2012, it worked great for the first few months, and then the service rapidly went south. The cost is no longer $20 a year…had to upgrade to a newer device in 2013, (Magic Jack Plus) thinking that would solve the stuttering digital breakup that made conversation incomprehensible, ended up paying over $50 just for the last years service, that included a $12 911 fee. called the recently established customer service phone number for help with audio clarity…the Indian accent guy was hard to understand, but told me the computer had a… Read more »
Used Mj for a few months then they keep sending notices 5-6 mths in advance for renewal . Went to renew at appropriate time and instead of extending contract he just sold me an “up grade” to a different model and never applied my money to the contract. He basically tricked me to make the commission. Complained but got nowhere. Now after 3 mths I am getting a system error. I have been on the phone with “chat” for literally 5-6 hrs to no avail. When they tell me to check different web sites and it takes me awhile they… Read more »
Everyone must know and understand that all of majic jacks support for America comes from America. If you get someone on the other side of an 800 number and they have an India accent. HANG UP!!! They are rip offs. I have and the federal Attorney Generals office going after them. They will tell you that they will only charge you 30 or so dollars and then take 200 plus out of your account. And because they are in New Deli India, good luck getting your money back. You will have to close that debit or credit card and… Read more »

These baters are nothing by lieing a-hoes. They called me, I had to call back. I get cut off. I call again,. and curse them out. they called anyway, block their number.and. therefore, they never got through. don’t fall from this scams. their numbers are from out in the burbs of every city. fact. Phone Companies are downtown. not in the burbs, where it was once all farm land.


I’m on my third MJ device in less than a year. It works fine when it’s working but the support people are very difficult to deal with. When you have to replace a bad MJ device they charge you almost $12 for shipping and handling which includes a small charge like 58 cents for support then send it to you via snail mail so your phones are down for a week. In quotes is a clip from my chat online with the support person “Chris: MagicJack is dedicated to ensuring your complete satisfaction. We will replace your magicJack no questions… Read more »
I finally got so fed up with MJ that I ported out. Guess what, they charged me 30.00 to do so. This has been a nightmare and I would never encourage anyone to try this. I put up with it for 4 years and had constant problems. My friends have been frustrated as they can never be sure they can call me. This product is a joke. If you want friends, you might try it as you will get to know support very well; not that it helps with the phone, but you can meet people!! You get what you… Read more »

I have been pondering this device for over a year. This morning, after watching a commercial, I wrote myself a note to look up customer reviews. I AM SOOOO GLAD THAT I DID!!!. Your review, along with the MANY others confirms that I will keep what I have. If it sound too good to be true, With the exception of God’s love…….it MOST LIKELY IS. Thanks to you and EVERYONE who takes that precious time to give feedback for others.

Don’t get it – picked up a Magic Jack from Radio Shack about a month ago and requested they port my Verizon number. They emailed me it could take up to ten days, they did it in four. I then called to cancel Verizon but they already knew because my number had been ported to MJ. Anyway, as soon as I got it from Radio Shack and plugged it into my router I could make calls even though I could not receive them. Once my number was up and running I was home free (practically) and no longer on the… Read more »

While all companies will occasionally have a defective product, the real test of a company is how well they handle the defective units or problems with service. The MagicJack company’s failure to handle these situations appropriately is the reason for all the complaints.

I have one of the Magic Jacks when they first come out and I also have the new Magic Jack plus for 2014 and I have not had one single problem with either one =They work for me each and every time with no signal loss or no loss of audio no choppy service as I have read about in some post’s=my internet is Earthlink DSL=I have the plus plugged into my wall and internet and use it all the time and my other plain magic jack, I take with me on the road=I have never had a problem with… Read more »

My MJP was working until a month ago. Now all calls to my phone go to voice mail. I can not call out (no dial tone) and I can not receive calls (because it goes to VM). I have spent hours with "support" which is really no support and I have not been able to use my Magic Jack Plus for a month. Has any one been able to solve this problem. Prior to this, MJP worked great. Have been using MJ for several years without problems, except for customer NO support.

I used the earlier version of MJ for 3 years with few problems. I then purchased the MJ+ because it’s advertised to work without the computer. I installed and registered the unit. I then discovered it would not work either with or without the computer. There was no dial tone. I kept getting an error message when I picked up the receiver. Finally I went to live chat, spent over an hour being shuffled from one techie to another. I gave up, requested an RMA and sent the unit back. it has been nearly a month, I am still waiting… Read more »
Here’s another SCAM with magic jack – in 2012 I bought a brand new MJ Plus from their website. It came with 1 yr. FREE service. Then the subscription expired, I contacted their Live Chat and chat with 10 different people. Every time each different agent kept telling me that my "account is under review". I asked them under review for what. They all said they don’t have full access to my account to advise what’s the account is under review for. I told them that I wanted to continue the subscription. And wanted to make a payment on their… Read more »

there is a way to reset your Magic Jack, so that you do not have to by a new one. at least that is what i gathered from googling MJ

I bought a new magic jack plus recently and I wanted to port my number. They said I can make calls but not receive call for 7 to 10 days. It was OK for me but I made only couple of calls before automatically disabled my magic jack plus. Now customer rep said it is system reviews will solve it as soon as possible

I have had regular MJ for 5 years and have been satisfied for the most part. I purchased the MJ + in December and it worked most of the time thru February. I have not changed any of the connections, but now I get an error 1 message which means check the internet connection. Haven’t had any phone service (other than Tracfone) for 3 days. Tried customer support but, really I can’t stand wasting all that time. It would be nice if a product could be made that is reliable and daily usable. There is a great problem with merchandise… Read more »
I bought my Magic Jack Plus in July. It worked ok for a few months, but then stopped working all together when plugged into the outlet. It would only work when plugged directly in to my computer, so I contacted someone on their help site, who could only suggest unplugging it (which didn’t help) The quality of the calls were not good – I could barely hear the other person that I was speaking to. Exasperated, I gave up and switched my land line to Verizon. After having recently paid for another 6 months of service, Magic Jack charged me… Read more »

mine working without computer so far, my only complain is that ithis thing is getting too hot to the touch im afraid that this thing get my apartment on fire..seriusly

I have the same problem and they have sent me a new adapter and it is the same way. I contacted them today and they said it was supposed to get warm I told the guy it is NOT warm it is HOT and he still said it was safe. I told him I do not want anything this HOT in my house so he said he will send me a different unit, but I have to pay almost $12 for the shipping. I’ll just wait and see what happens to that one. I am getting very irritated with these… Read more »
I spent too much time on the phone the other day with customer support but finally had a new one on the way ($11.95 later) I asked, “Has anyone ever told you guys that this thing gets hot when it’s plugged in? She asked what do you mean? I said “It gets physically HOT when it’s plugged in. She said no one has ever mentioned it. Really? She said maybe thats why your unit went out. I said no,… ya think? We,… ALL OF US need to get the word out and if anyone think their fire was caused by… Read more »

Have had my Magicjack for almost a year with minimal problems.
P.S. I like paying a $1.70 a month.

Fred F.

I first bought Magic Jack in 2011. As they came up with new models I bought them. I am on their last model Magic Jack PLus 2014, which I bought last July. It is the third model. The first two were satisfactory. Service was not great, but got problems fixed. But since I got this last MJ Plus 2014, last July, things have continuously deteriorated, with various problems, if is not one thing it is another. Losing connections happen at least once per call, especially on long calls of an hour or more. In January the main problem was that… Read more »

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