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For many people, your pets are like your family.  When it comes to the furry (or other) creatures in your life, you want to make sure they have the best you can get for them, whether that’s in your choice of veterinarian, grooming service, boarding service, or something else.  If you’ve found out that the service you thought you could trust isn’t so trustworthy after all, then you should seriously consider filing a complaint on  Your experience may be the only thing that saves another pet owner from going through the same troubles you endured.  Here are just a few examples of issues you may have encountered as a pet owner.

Animal Abuse

Animal abuse doesn’t always have to be clear violence or neglect.  While violence and neglect are very obvious instances of animal abuse, the truth is that abuse can happen on a less noticeable scale as well.  If, for example, you regularly leave your pet at a boarding facility when you go on vacation, you probably assume that the animal is walked/played with/bathed on a regular basis.  However, if your dog only gets out of the kennel for twenty minutes or so a day, many would believe that constitutes animal abuse.  Remember, animal abuse can be subtler than you might think.  If you suspect animal abuse, file a complaint today.

Poor Quality Services

Just because your pet isn’t human doesn’t mean pet services should be able to treat them with mediocre services.  Whether you’re dealing wit a veterinarian that doesn’t know much about your pet, or whether you’re paying top dollar for a grooming service that does a bad job, filing a complaint is a great way to address the situation.  Let others know the truth about mediocre pet services.

Just because pets can’t speak, it’s no reason for them to suffer any kind of injustice.  Do what your pet can’t do for itself and file a complaint today about any kind of mistreatment or unfairness.

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