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Last Updated On: October 21, 2017

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Business Name: Aussie Pet Mobile Inc
Corporate Address:
95 Argonaut # 115
Aliso Viejo, California USA

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Phone Number: 800-738-6624
Corp Email:
Company Contact: Ian W Moses - Owner
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
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Pet groomers from hell

My 90 year old mother lives in an Assisted Living home in Edmonds, WA. She doesn’t drive anymore so my brother made an appointment w/ a mobile groomer from Edmonds to groom her small cocker-spaniel. She paid $125 for a bath, trim and nail clipping.

My Mom got a better look at Scarlet when she returned to her apartment and was horrified at how she looked. She had taken off all of the hair on her legs but left big circles around her feet that looked like big mops. Her ears were cut very short but nothing else!

She called and talked with the owner, who promised to return her money. No cash was returned, no check in the mail, nothing.

I happened to visit them about two weeks later. I was shocked when I saw the dog, not knowing anything about this experience. I was in town for a week and called every day but no call back or response of any kind. They have virtually stolen my mother’s money.

I had to take the dog to Petco to get her groomed so she would look like a cocker spaniel again AND had to pay to get her nails clipped because they hadn’t been done by Aussie.

Terrible customer service and downright thieves.

Aussie Pet Mobile Groomers – Edmonds Washington 98020 |206-361-2322 

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