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Works At: Likota Construction
Address: Merrillville, Indiana
Phone: 219-577-5488

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Owner Of A Company Called Likota Construction Merrilvile Indiana

This complaint is about milan svilar owner of a company called likota construction, merrilvile. Indiana  (buy at home depot can’t go wrong)

Hi, the reason why I enter this complaint to the Better Business Burea is that other people do not have suffer the pain of relying on this contractor!I will be happy to cancel this complaint if I get paid from him?This all started in August of 2012 when I signed a contract with the following person and his father to get some kitchen cabinets built. The contractor’s name is Milan Svilar.

I gave hime $2750.00 and he owes me $50.00 for canceling a check totaling $2800.00.I have called him numerous times via phone and text. I’m still waiting for any type of repayment from Milan Svilar.I have been told that I will get the money several times since 2012 but nothing but promises!

I have given all my contact information AND ANYONE can contact me for the facts! I hope this will be helpful to other people and hopefully I will get payed! My next step is the court system!


Additional Information Added ON: August 3, 2014  BY: Rob Campbell

Update 8-3-14

previous complaints:

Milan Svilar was paid and did not make cabinets for me and did not complete job paid for!

Hi, this is an update on Milan Svilar, who is the defendant in cause no. 45do7-1308-sc-01071. I have entered several updates on this case to make consumers aware of this man.As of May 2nd,2014 Milan Svilar has a bench warrant due to failing to appear in court.The court now finds the defendant in contempt of court. This warrant will be updated every 6 months as the state requires until this man (Milan Svilar) phone number 219-577-5488 pays Rob Campbell(plaintiff).

Again, this is very important so Milan Svilar does not attempt to rob others (consumers )of any money for jobs. I will continue to update Consumer’s voice until this case is resolved. Until then Milan Svilar will have a warrant on him and the authorities can take care of him.

Thank you for your time!

Rob Campbell

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Hi, this is to let all consumers know that Milan Svilar has not attempted to pay his debt to Rob Campbell as of 4/10/14. If any questions about Milan Svilar feel free to contact me at 773-991-9511. Milan had a company called Likota construction. 219-577-5488

This is an attempt to collect a debt. I will stop entering comments and updating consumers until then!

As of 7-26-13, this is to keep consumers informed that Milan Svilar has not paid his debt to Rob Campbell.If anyone has any questions pertaining to this case, call 773-991-9511.

Again, this is very important so another consumer does not get lied to and robbed!

I have a question for The Consumer’s Voice? Is it legal for me to enter Milan Svilar’s new company name on this site?All consumers must know all info I find on this man. Thankyou for your response!

Rob Campbell

Milan was due in court today for a Class D Felony Theft charge.

You can look this up at:

FD D FEL. D07 (45D07-1108-FD-00238)
State of Indiana vs. MILAN SVILAR

We should talk, same thing here except a lot more money.

Peter please call mme at 773-991-9511 pertaining Milan Svilar

Hi Peter, you can call me at 773-991-9511.This is pertaining to complaints caused by Milan Svilar.

Thanks, Rob

I need to update this complaint against Milan Svilar. AS of 7-11-13, Milan has not paid his debt or attemted.This to let to let any consumer know the status!

I have tried several ways to collect this debt and the court system is next. I have given Milan several attempts to pay me and he continues to lie and not come forward.

This is very important so someone else does not fall for this .



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