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Filed Under: Last Name (S)
Name (AKA): Sandra E Morris
Address: P.O box 5044
Hagerstown, Maryland 21741-5044
Email: Laurasummers@yahoo.Com

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Scam artis with your two different names

On sep 1st 2012 i mail off a m.O from the front desk of the post office, to laura summers p.O box 5044, hagerstown md 21741-5044. The m.O amount was for 28.00, it was suppose to be for a ( power fund program), well its sep 7th 2012, and still nothing. I also received mail from sandra e morris for the (morris entitlement income program) well guess what their the same person, same picture, same address p.O box 5044 hagerstown md 21741-5044.

I tried finding a phone number for these women, however no luck. And yes i do have my m.O receipt. Its been over a month and i havent had any contact with this woman which ever she is, but one of them has my money and has not sent what i paid for. Thank god i did’nt use a credit card, no telling what crap she would pull.

Just like her goal is to steal peoples money, my goal is to ruin her business. I will go on every social network and let people know about them, yes them since she’s using two name, i’ll use both names also.. I dont have any income coming in, and im out of work, i dont have money to give away. She offered a service, took the money, and lied about helping people, the only person she helped is herself. Who ever reads this dont send her nothing, because you wont get any thing in return.

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