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Sued by PA State Attorney General Kathleen Kane

HARRISBURG, Pa. – The Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Bureau of Consumer Protection has filed a lawsuit against several home improvement businesses in Montgomery County, according to Attorney General Kathleen Kane. The lawsuit names Admiral Kitchens LLC; JKMS Enterprises LLC; Renovay LLC; and Kenneth R. Staiger, individually.

The lawsuit alleges that the defendants entered into contracts with consumers to perform kitchen and bathroom renovations in consumers’ homes, but failed to perform the work or performed the work in a substandard manner. Quick Clicks Hellertown residents refuse to remove sheds and shrubbery Officials: 15 year-old girl was driving when 3 teens were killed Borough of Emmaus saves taxpayers nearly 100K Stabbing homicide leaves one male dead in Washington, N.J. $1 increase proposed in Bethlehem amusement tax Kane said the defendants made promises and assurances to consumers that their complaints regarding deficient or incomplete work would be satisfied and the issues would be remedied, and then failed to remedy the issues or provide refunds to consumers.

Specifically, the defendants failed to: respond to consumer complaints and refund requests; provide refunds to consumers; repair unsatisfactory and/or deficient work; honor warranties and guarantees; and provide the required Notice of Cancellation form with their contracts; all of which are in violation of the Consumer Protection Law and the Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act (HICPA), according to Kane.

The complaint requests that the court order the defendants to: • Pay civil penalties of $1,000 for each violation of the Consumer Protection Law and $3,000 for each violation involving a consumer age 60 or older, • Permanently refrain from any practices that violate the Consumer Protection Law, HICPA or other applicable state laws; • Comply with the Notice of Cancellation and right-to-cancel provisions of the Consumer Protection Law and HICPA; • Pay restitution to all consumers who have suffered losses as a result of the defendants’ conduct; and • Permanently refrain from doing business involving home improvements in the Commonwealth.

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Business Names Associated with Kenneth R. Staiger: Renovay Kitchens, Baths & More, Renovay Kitchens Baths and Beyond, and Renovay, LLC.

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By: Renee Staiger On: January 22, 2013

To whom it may concern,

My name is Renee Staiger and I have not worked for Admiral Kitchens LLC since 2008!

Furthermore I have been legally separated from Kenneth Staiger since may of 2011! This posting was just done in December 2012! I have worked for Citizens Bank since 2011 and prior to that I worked for an independent Mortgage Broker since February of 2008-2011! Another point Admiral Kitchens LLC went out of business in 2010 so I am not sure how anyone can say that Ken ruined there 2012! Whoever is doing and saying these lies should not be aloud to post nonsense that is categorically false! I would appreciate my name being removed from this complaint as soon as possible! Or I will have to legal representation involved! I can be reached at 610-858-2148 to discuss this matter anytime of the day!!
Warm Regards,
Renee I Staiger

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The bathrooms fiasco was in 2007 – when Renee was "Vice President" of Admirals and right in there with Ken, her husband at the time.

Kenneth R Staiger has since been brought up on charges by the Montco DA for allegedly taking $80,000 from a 90 year old woman and not doing anything for it.

We are posting this to try to warn others that he is still out there operating under RENOVAY on the Main Line. Please save your money!!!

Renee Staiger was never an officer or executive of any of Kenneth Staigers businesses!


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