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Name (AKA): John Henry Shiffner Jr.
Address: Pensacola, Florida
Phone: 850-758-6920

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Somebody Needs To Stop Him

John Henry shiffner Jr is a con artist. I know this because I was took by him. He says he us getting a big settlement from BP and social security! He also claims to be a firefighter ! Neither is true. He is married to me in Alabama and moved to south Carolina in may 2014 and married another girl while still legally married to me which he was arrested on bigamy in Oct.

He lies his way thru life and uses women to live. He has a child with him but yet he owes over 65,000 in child support for 6 other kids. Yes since he took me for a lot of time, money and pure hell, I have had him fully investigated. He is not who he says he is!

Plz if u know someone dating this man plz let them read this. I could tell so much more but I’m just done with the whole situation. I just want a divorce! Oh he also uses the excuse he is dying of cancer but when I pushed that issue with him seeing a cancer doctor he wouldn’t go! So I’m sure that is bullshit too! If u happen to know him.

Give me an address so I can get a divorce!

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he was married to my daughter a few years ago. took her for everything. we removed him in an unkind way.


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