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Name (AKA): Bill White Spencer
Address: 28 S Wolf Creek Rd
Columbus, Indiana
Phone: 207-613-1697

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I met him online, we seemed to hit it off pretty well , then he went to Malaysia to work. After he got there he claimed he forgot his credit card & kept wanting me to send money, which I foolishly did. He put me as his next of kin on his job without asking me. After that there was all kinds of expenses involved to get the money transferred. I ended up getting two $25,000.00 loans, trying to get the money needed. Bill White Spencer

Each step was always to be the last step, but then the bank in Malaysia said I needed a document &it would cost me $55,000.00 to get the document. There was no way I could get that kind of money. So Bill said he was going to fly back to the states and get things straightened out here. Then there were all kinds of other expenses came up that Bill thought we had to find a solution to. He said we, because he said that he wanted me to be his life time partner & he would never let me down.

Well after sending so much money over there, I went along with it. Now he’s suppose to be somewhere in confinement, because they had to pay so much money for some kind of immigration fee. The last time I sent him money was suppose to be to save his sons life who was to be in the medical department there. He wasn’t suppose to breathing on his own. Well, I didn’t want to send the money, but Bill told me he would never forgive me if his son died.

By this time Bill realized I was practically broke & he was suppose to have found someone to help him & also help me with bills. I haven’t heard from him since .

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This man tried to recently as last week take my friend. Stated he had millions tied up in a real estate job in Malaysiia but needed her to purchase him 4 i phones to stay in contact with his work crew. Also he was supposed to meet her this week and then the trip to Malaysia came up. Sounded fishy to me so i did some research on this guy and found this site. Luckily my friend did not comply with Spencer’s request and said she couldn’t afford the phones. Don’t be taken by this guy! Major scammer!!!!! Name (AKA):… Read more »

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