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Filed Under: Last Name (S)
Name (AKA): Anthony Tyrone Smith
Address: 3268 Broadway St
Indianapolis, Indiana 46205
Phone: 317-384-9817

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Stolen Laptop from a Good Samaritan

This individual who use to live next door knocked on my door continuously for an apparent emergency. He claimed he does not have a working phone and need to contact someone urgently. I have no wifi at home and he had borrowed the laptop (and other tools) before and has returned it – so I lent him the laptop and he promised it will be returned the next day. I told him that I need the laptop back soon because I also need it to do some work on the side at home. He left a duplicate ID or what looks like an ID as collateral. 150825094347

It has been two weeks and this individual has not returned the laptop. I checked with the landlord where he used to live and was told that he left owing several months of unpaid rent.

It is not the value of the actual old laptop but the contents that was taken. It contains personal family photos, various softwares that I use for side jobs to earn a living and documents that could be used for identity theft or robbery.

Beware. This individual treats the kindness and genoristy of others as a weakness.

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