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Works At: Gold Coast Securities Limited
Address: 5 mozambique link | PO Box GP 17187
Phone: 716-434-2913

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Seth Quaynor - Over a 6 month period, this man won my heart & ripped me off for over $20,000

I met Heike Duffy Paulson on the 6th October, 2012 through Skype. After about 3 weeks he unfolded a story of how his wife had left him & their 8 month old baby girl, she ran off with his best friend, Over the next 5 months I have paid over $40,000 in fees for many Certificates, such as A No Inspection Certificate, which a supposed copy of this was emailed to me, it looked legitimate & was made out by the court. Also an Endorsement Certificate costing $8,000.

The chemical washing of the money has been the largest amount, costing $30,000, Gold Coast Securities Limited put up $16,000 of this, the balance was paid by me over a couple of months. I had to get loans & overdrafts to pay the majority of all fees. The latest request is for a Technician to wash the money, the amount for this is $4,600, this has not been paid, I had no way of getting this amount, due to the fact that I have already borrowed so much. My family tried to warn me but I had so much faith in this person, he is certainly an expert in his dealings with me & whenever I questioned him he came up with a very convincing explanation. His daughter Rose is even emailing me, calling me Mum & wanting me to adopt her!

I am in shock & denial, I cant believe this man who got angry & jealous over any man who paid me attention on facebook, also a recent incident where Mr Seth Quaynor from Gold Coast Securities, told me he loved me, I mentioned this to Heike as I thought it was not proper business conduct, he was ropable & said he was emailing him immediately, said he was going to kick his **** & that he’d worked to hard to have another man bring it all undone, he threatened to kill him if he said he loved me again. I received an email from Mr Quaynor apologising for saying this!!

We have emailed & spoke by mobile so many times, he was very understanding & compassionate, he seemed like a friend trying to help me reach my goal of receiving two boxes with over $12,000,000 in them, I am in shock at the moment, I still don’t want to accept this as factual.

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