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Name (AKA): Judi McGuinness
Address: 5140 Truemper Way Apt #4
Fort Wayne, Indiana 46835
Phone: 732-672-8972
Email: craftyglasscreations@yahoo.com

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She Is A Complete Scammer

Judith advertised several craft shows in Fort Wayne, Indiana and surrounding areas. She sent fliers and contracts.

A lot of people filled out the information and sent her a check.

She then canceled the shows. When contacted about a refund she was rude and has never refunded anyone.

She is a complete scammer. BEWARE!

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STILL haven’t received my refund that was promised to me via text by Judi herself….hmmm….. VERY sad what she has done to others but mostly to her family

Judi McGuinness also use the last names of her children’s fathers. Lugo and Waller. This should be mentioned to those of you will go forward with the attorney general in New Jersey and the state you were scammed in.

This lady is nothing but a big scam artist. She gets your money for an event that you work hard to prepare for and at the last minute cancels it and than runs off with your money. I am vendor and work another job as well so i have to ask for the day off and take vacation for that day of the event. I would rather have my vacation days spent doing my actual events or with my family. I have lost $100 from her for 1 event.

She is collecting my ex husbands social security from New Jersey. Those of you that do have a valid claim should call the State Attorney General in New Jersey and see if she pulled scams like this before. She is evil and child like judging from her reply to me. (Liar,liar, pants on fire), really Judi? Your pathetic and Karma will find her way to you, and when she does, I pray that I find out. You were always jealous because I was Kens true love and he told you that….many times. Don’t mean to vent on here, but people… Read more »
Judi McGuinness (correct spelling) was out drinking the night her husband Kenneth McGuinness died in a New Jersey Hospital. She lied to Kens sister by saying she was in a hospital at that time for trying to commit suicide. She tried to keep his children (1 birth, 2 step) from the funeral until I stepped in. I was married to Ken for over 20 years. When I visited Ken in the hospital the week before he passed, he changed the power of attorney to his daughter. Judi made sure she took him out of the hospital only to return him… Read more »

You may want to think about going on some meds. It is obvious there are some major Mental Health issues going on. I say this bluntly because I am not one to beat around the bush. I hope you find the help you need and very soon

What does bad shows have anything to do with this. You cancelled the shows after you took the money! Personal Crisis or not this is uncalled for and unacceptable. Sounds like on your end you had a great master mind plan to make some money doing this and having the excuse it was not in the contract to refund. The least you could do is start paying these people back even if it is $1 a week…something is better then nothing!

She is the biggest lying scam artist. She has been sending people checks and when they go to cash them, the checks bounce. She is definitely a psychotic lunatic. She "created events" in multiple cities and then "canceled" the events after she had cashed checks. I am guessing she has made out in the hundreds if not thousands by now. She also goes by the name Judi Jetson….

I did pay some people back already, those who were not harassing me and there was no time limit to refund in those contracts AND I posted that I was cashing checks early .Other people had bad shows this winter too. In no way did I intend to rip anyone off and if you are so brave why don’t you use your own name? Excuse me for having a personal crisis!

Liar Liar pants on fire.

Its Krista Lawler and I am only echoing the setiment of many of the people you robbed from. You know this all could have been circumvented right?? Even if you said to be Krista I cant do all in two weeks but here a little bit of it I would have been fine and I know others whom agree. Dont play the victim here…. we dont care about your personal issues you had a agreement with us and you broke it. Period. I would not constitute that you posting on Facebook that you are cashing our checks a valid form… Read more »

Someone needs to go after this lunatic. I’m trying to post something, but they have to edit first. She took my ex husbands family for a cruel, costly ride.

Judith McGuinness is my mother in law. My husband and I asked her if she wanted to move in with us in Fort Wayne, from NJ, after she had attempted suicide multiple times. She agreed and was even excited. When we brought her here she was thrilled and was doing very well. When her car broke down my husband got a loan with her signature on it to get her a new one. The agreement was that she would make all of the payments. About 4 months in, she told us she got a credit card using my husband’s (her… Read more »

Maybe you could look around and see if your son has any of my father’s (Kenny) pictures or belongs. My sister and I would love to have them back.

I meant your husband. Sorry about that. When my Dad passed, he left all his pictures of us. My sister and I were promised them and never received anything. Those are memories we could never get back. If you have or don’t have please let me know. Thank you in advance.

Form a facebook group of all the victim of this alleged thief. File a police report for the situation. For each incident of fraud, to the best of my understanding, carries jail time. vendors please form a facebook group as catalyst to as a group, file a complaint with the Fort Wayne Police against her and possibilty civil action.

This is exactly what happened to me. She’s psycho!


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