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Stacy Lynn Lazzaro you stole from me

Stacy Lynn Lazzaro you stole from me… never thought you would do this in a million years

Stacy Lynn Lazzaro, was a friend who trusted me to babysit her daughter from the time the daughter was 3 years old. I recently lived with Stacy and for the first 30-days things were rocky, I had no income and no where else to go.

I found myself cleaning, babysitting, preparing meals and picking her daughter up from the drop off point from her school bus Stacy was too lazy to get out of bed at 3:40 to pick her child up. And. I asked for nothing in return.

Stacy knew that I had a DVD movie collection of 150 plus movies, she immediately became covenant / possessive over them. She would stay awake all night watching movies. There were enough movies to keep her entertained for 3 months. The moving out day came on July 15, 2013, everything that I could find that belonged to me was neatly packed by the front door. As we loaded up the Cherokee I personally handed her the 4 coxes which held my DVD collection.

Stacy volunteered to move my personal possessions to my new apartment off they went. My husband was there to help Stacy move the heaviest boxes from the Cherokee into the apartment. Simultaneously hubby went to the rental office which is on the premises to pick up the keys Allowing Stacy to work alone.

She returned back at her house where I was to moan and grown about how much money we spent and what happened to it in prior months? Which was none of her business. We made no agreements that there would be and exchange of money during out stay there.

I was cleaning the kitchen and did not hear Stacy enter the front door. I actually caught her closing the launder room door which leads back to the garage. I never in a million years thought she would take anything from me. We loaded the Cherokee with the last of the miscellaneous boxes, leaving behind my queen bed, computer desk and chair and various items that were somehow buried in the rubble of her garage. I tolf her that I would come back the following Monday with a truck to pick up the rest of my things.

As I began to unpack boxed I noticed that everything was here that we loaded in to the Cherokee except the 4 boxed of my DVD collection. I called Stacy immediately. She did not answer. I continued to call her leaving voice mails, leaving messages with a mutual friend and emails requesting my property back.

It is now august 8 and I have not heard a peep out of Stacy Lynn Lazaro. I have made several trips to her house she refuses to open the door. My only choice now is to file complaints with the proper authority and gain a judicial order to enter her house accompanied by the police. And should anything me destroyed, damaged, missing or otherwise I plan to use the law to the fullest extent and I have personally filed a complaint with the Housing Authority to explain that Stacy Lynn Lazzaro feeds on people to take food stamps from them start arguments and put them out into the streets keeping their personal possessions.

I never thought any mother would be so uncaring to sell food stamps to buy gas for her car, cigarets and to have gambling money, while in the same breath taking food from her child’s mouth.

Stacy Lynn Lazzaro is taking full advantage of the free ride, she is on section8 and NV Energy Assistance is paying her utility bills. Her employer is paying her cell bill and giving her gas money for her car.

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Completely agree with you Steave. These are the things should be taken care while have to deal with them.

Hmm this is really a worse experience and we must be aware of the things as we are likely to be deceived.


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