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Gary P Leedham - Scam Artist Beware

Mr. Leedham ordered a custom hot tub cover from our company on May 6 2013 via email.
Mr. Leedham’s spa cover was made to his exact specifications and delivery was attempted on June 4 2013. AAA Copper Transport contacted Mr. Leedham on 6/4 to arrange delivery. Mr. Leedham convinced the delivery company that a truck could drive up to his home to make the delivery due to road conditions. We contacted Estes Express Lines on June 6 and arranged delivery via courier in small pick – up truck. Again, Mr. Leedham refused to set an appointment to take delivery from Estes Express.
Estes Express contacted us on 6/7 and let us know that Mr. Leedham refused delivery because he had ordered from another company.

We have no use for the cover Mr. Leedham refused; it is for his specific spa. Our company is now out materials and shipping to and from the customer plus an extra $89.66 for the courier service that Mr. Leedham requested. It appears Mr. Leedham had NO intentions to take delivery of this custom product he ordered. He has cost this company thousands of dollars in materials and shipping that was HIS request. Mr. Leedham has scammed our company and committed fraud!

Now Mr. Leedham has stopped his charge of $764.00. So, this customer has now made out with his entire purchase price of $764 PLUS an additional $480.12 per credit issued on 6/5/13 for a grand total of $1244.12. (when his original purchase price was $764). Beware of Mr. Leedham, he will committ fraud with his Visa card for theft of additional monies beyond his purchase price.

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By: Gary P Leedham On: March 21, 2016

Response from Gary Leedham

This complaint is a lie. When I placed the order, I informed Solis Spa Covers that a large truck could not deliver to my residence. They sent it by large truck anyway. Then, when I couldn’t meet the truck and pick up a cover that was 4 pieces , each 3 feet wide by 9 feet long, Solis told me they would charge me a re-stocking fee of 20 percent if I didn’t find a way to borrow a truck or otherwise pick up the spa cover from the large truck. I then told them that I would not pay a re-stocking fee, and then….Samantha at Solis CANCELED THE ORDER. Since I had already paid the credit card company, I disputed the charge of $764. In the meantime, Solis credited my account for the $480.12 of the $764 charge, which was MINUS a re-stocking fee of over $283 dollars.
I disputed this matter with the credit card company, and agreed that since I never received any product, and Solis canceled the order (not me), that I owed no money whatsoever. I was credited the money I had paid to the credit card company ($764), and NOT A PENNY more. The $480.12 credit was erased by the credit card company….not paid or credited to me. Solis is lying about theft. I made NOTHING.

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