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Name (AKA): Mustafa G Izak
Address: MATIS/ABC Barok Galata Catagoulo Mah #39
Istanbul, Marmara

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Carpet Scam

The very same story as Canna’s. Received a phone call from Mustafa saying he was with Carpetium, the company we purchased carpets from in Istanbul. mustafa-g

He was in the US because of having 4 carpets which were not paid for and he could not take them back to Turkey because of tax consequences.

I purchased 2 of the carpets and he insisted on cash.

I knew I was scammed when he called me a 2nd time and gave me the same spiel.

Mustafa G – Catagoulo Mah #39 Istanbul Turkey | 0212-259-7201 | Cell: 0536-055-8638 Matis ABC Barok Galata Carpetium 

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