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Works At: Tammy Piron | Zip Realty
Address: 177 Riverside Ave
Newport Beach, California 92663
Phone: 760-500-8838

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Fraud, forged signature and others, Shahnaz Ghaffari, France Ford, Tammy Piron and More.

I have a complaint about Shahnaz Ghaffari Dre # 011 8541, France Ford Dre # 6668.  These people used to work for McMillan Realty, Plus ( Tammy Piron ) that you all know her very well ( CF Escrow).

I have all the documents that it showed that Shahnaz Ghaffari with help of Tammy Piron forged my signature and embezzled more than $1.6 million dollars, at the moment I do have( restraining order) against her (shahnaz Ghaffari), and her license is not revoked or suspend yet, she’s been cut in shoplifting twice steeling costumers from other agents and more, her license been suspend twice already.

I need your help my # 760-518-5567

also I have another coming court on Feb 5th 9: am.  Lots of bank document was mailed to to Coldwell banker Manager name( Veronica Telmosse ) Dre # 00994866 and at the time Shanaz Ghaffari was an old friend with Veronica Telmosse not her agent and to my knowledge she was not working there yet.

About year 2000 Shahnaz Ghaffari was my agent,,,, she sold my condo and pick up my check FROM Escrow and deposit in her account and she lie to me and said it was mailed to me,,, and I believe the escrow company was CF Escrow. Tammy piron office, Shahnaz forged my signature so many time in Tammy’s office as well as her son / her brother and friends.

Due to what they did to me I have lost everything.  I do need your help and such a realtors should not have broker license.

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Continuation of Fran Ford-Sheri is nicer than I am. When I get mad I do what it takes to get rid of a problem. You are a problem at this point and if you don’t want to have to pay a lot of money in legal fees I recommend that your immediately remove your complaint from Google and Yahoo. I have money and time to take car of this matter and I guarantee you this will not be over until it has been removed. I don’t want to hear any bull about someone else did this. It has your name… Read more »
I am Tammy Piron and I did nothing with this agent. but process listings for her. I am most offended that you are positing crap about me and making reference to CF escrow, read the documents, i did not embezzle I put the crook in prison. If this continues, I will be contacting my attorney, and press charges again’st you for making statements that are not true. STOP NOW OR MY ATTORNEY WILL BE CONTACTING YOU. I am not a crook, probably the most honest person you would ever meet. YOU HAVE RUINED MY CAREER WITH THESE ANTICS, STOP NOW… Read more »
tTo: Michael Shirazi, From: Francie Ford Subject: Your Derogatory Complaint in Google & Yahoo The complaint you issued was put in the computer because you are trying to ruin Sheri Ghaffari’s life. Because I am her friend and past partner in Real Estate you decided to try and ruin her life and anyone else that she may have had a working relationship with. I can’t help the fact that you were married to her for 10 years and it failed to work. The restraining order you are referring to was done to keep the two of you separated. This is… Read more »
To : Michael Shirazi From : Fran Ford Subject :Continuation of comments You accused Sheri of forging your signature and stealing money from you and then right after that you married her. Are you crazy? No one in their right mind would ask someone to marry them if they had truly believed that person had committed those bad deeds. After your condo sold ,you were in love with Sheri ,and asked her to marry you, of which, the marriage lasted 10 years. Not until a bitter divorce occurred did you accuse Sheri and others of any wrong doing. No one… Read more »
Continuation of Fran Ford’s Response Regarding the complaint, remove it from Google and Yahoo. If you fail to do this we will take you to court and not only sue you for removal but for defamation of character. You are malicious and you are deliberately making false accusations just like you tried to do in divorce court and the judged through it all out. You are trying to ruin all our reputations. Destroying ones credibility because you are hurt and mad because your wife wanted a divorce is not anyone else’s fault but your own. I am a proud Christian… Read more »
thank you with in minutes of your text Michael tried to have me arrested he said I stoled his wallet and he called the cops all I had to do was say his last address 1110 Beverly and he know right away what i’m going thru and said he would do nothing as I showed him the stolen items he brought into my house me being a disabled person and my sig other eldery and ill we needed to rent a room in our house his brother mo had moved in a month before and said my brother need a… Read more »

Why did you marry to this guy in first place????????? Well, we live and learn!!! I’m glad you are free of BS after all. Now….. I think…. I believe in U.S justice system.

My Ex-Husband Mr, Michael Shirazi (the handyman) is a scoundrel. He married me for my high income in Real State business but in few year when the Real State slowed down him and his bizarre strange family who were in and out of jail start showing their real face and ruined my son’s and my life. When I decided to divorce him including his whole strange family he felt that he needs to start finding real job, but he couldn’t handle the pressure, he turn out to be an evil, violent, manipulative and psychopath. He promised me that he will… Read more »
Mr Michael Shirazi, I know your ex-wife Shahnaz Ghaffari for 15 years thich is years before you or your family start knowing her. As of today she has bought and sold 11 houses for me and my big well know family members San Diego California, not only we have not seen any wrong doing from her but she is one of most honest professional person my family and I know ever. I was in the court on Feb, 5th 2013 in Vista California. You had the same baseless claim and nonsense against her, you know what happened!!! You, your case,… Read more »

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