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Barely Covered The Minimum Requirements Of Her Job

Amanda Geheb barely covered the minimum requirements of her job. Unfriendly, Unhelpful, and Distasteful

On September 23, 2013, I decided to check into the Quality Inn. I wasn’t feeling well, and I figured that spending some time in the hot tub, and getting a good nights rest would help me to feel better. I called ahead of time and reserved my room, so when I arrived I assumed my check-in would be speedy and simple.

A young woman by the name of Amanda was behind the front desk when I arrived. She was on the phone and after I stood at the counter for a moment, she looked at me and held up the “One-Minute” finger. Well, that one-minute turned into 5, and by the time she was off the phone, she was clearly agitated.

“Initial here, sign here, 219” she barked out. Slightly taken aback, I simply said thank you. I wanted to ask where this room was, but didn’t feel comfortable doing so. I walked outside, parked my car, grabbed my bag and began exploring the hotel. It didn’t take me too long to find my room.

Upon entering my room, I turned on the hot tub and began looking for outlets to plug in my laptop, and my cell phone. To my dismay, there was only one available outlet. I called down to the front desk and asked Amanda for an extension cord. She promptly told me she didn’t have one. I thanked her and hung up. I unplugged a lamp in order to plug in my laptop, and the entire faceplate came off of the wall.

I began searching for an ice bucket so that I could make myself a drink. There wasn’t one to be found, so I again called down to the front desk. I asked Amanda if I could have an ice bucket. She told me that I could come down and get one, so I did so. Once I returned to my room, I learned that I also had no cups. Agitated, I called the front desk again. I asked Amanda if I could have some cups. She told me that I could come down and get so, and I did. I wanted to ask Amanda where the ice machine was, but as she seemed very annoyed with me, I declined to ask in the interest of bothering her as little as possible. Just as I searched the hotel for my room, I searched for the ice machine, and eventually found it.

Around 6a.m, an obnoxious man was on his cell phone downstairs, smoking a cigarette by the front door. This man began to explain to the person he was speaking to very vivid details of his **** life. I was already agitated that he’d woken me up, I most certainly did not want to hear about his **** life. Again, I called the front desk. When Amanda answered, I gave her a quick synopsis of the situation. I asked her if she could ask him to shut up. She told me that she could not.

I drifted off to sleep after a while, and within minutes this man woke me up again. More than agitated at this point, I got dressed and came downstairs. I ran into Steve, I believe he’s a maintenance guy here, and explained the situation to him. He apologized, and explained to me that the construction crew around here can get a little rowdy sometimes, but they’d be clearing out soon. I grabbed a glass of Orange Juice and went back to my room. True to Steve’s word, about 5 minutes later the noise calmed down and I returned to sleep.

I had asked for a late check out when I checked in. As I wasn’t feeling well, I knew I’d want to sleep in. Well, a few minutes before 12, house keeping began knocking on my door. This happened nearly every half an hour until I finally left.

As I was leaving, I explained my displeasure to the front desk staff. I further explained that I would have extended my stay another night, had I been able to relax and sleep at all. They were very apologetic. They grabbed their manager, whose name I believe is Chris. He was more than willing to listen to my plight, and more than sympathetic to my ordeal. After apologizing profusely, and assuring me that my treatment was unacceptable, he offered me a 50% discount a new room if I’d stay another night. I felt that was generous, and was more than willing to give it another try.

I left the hotel shortly after that and began my day. I came back that evening, and was very pleased to see that Amanda was not behind the desk. A very pleasant gentleman greeted me and asked if I needed anything. I told him I did not, and he told me not to hesitate to call the front desk should I need anything at all.

Feeling much more confident in Quality Inn at this point, I went on to my room. I had everything that I needed, everything worked properly and I was able to sleep in absolute silence. I was very pleased I’d decided to return.

Around 4am, I woke up very thirsty. I grabbed my wallet and realized I had no cash for the vending machine, only credit cards. Remembering that the hotel serves breakfast in the mornings, I called down to the front desk. To my utter dismay, Amanda answered the phone. I asked her if there was any way I could have something to drink. I even told her I’d be happy to pay any charge for it if she’d add it to my room. She explained to me that she couldn’t do that, and I couldn’t have anything to drink from her. I grumpily thanked her and hung up.

Around 615am, I came downstairs and grabbed a little bit of breakfast. The front desk staff asked me if my stay day 2 was better than day 1. I assured them it was. I asked about their policy for beverages. They explained to me that it would not have been a problem at all to get me something to drink. I explained to them my extreme displeasure with Amanda. You can’t imagine my displeasure in learning that there is a water machine right next to the front desk, and Amanda not only didn’t inform me of this when I called asking for something to drink, but flat told me no.

I do not feel that at any point Amanda was willing to do her job. She made me feel like an imposition on her from the moment I first walked in, and she held that attitude through my every encounter with her. She was in no way helpful or friendly, and although I think the rest of the staff that I encountered at the Quality Inn was extremely friendly and more than willing to be helpful, in the future I’ll call and see who is working before I book a room. I will never stay here on one of Amanda’s shifts again. She clearly has no interest in customer service, customer retention, or customer satisfaction. As friendly and helpful as the rest of the staff is here, I’m surprised her actions are allowed or tolerated. She certainly left a bad taste in my mouth. I wonder how many others she’s done this to.

Thank You For Your Time

Kenneth Jenkins

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