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Address: Terrace Place
Brooklyn, New York

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Justin Arroyo is one of New York’s biggest lowlifes. This guy has made a career living off of women. JUSTIN-ARROYO-1

Lowlife Justin Arroyo moves in with a married woman Polux Fleuriste 6 months after he started banging her, moves in with her and kids. Justin Arroyo unemployed b*m not only has no problem being supported by women her husband was paying the rent and her bills. What a w***e this guy is.

What sort of gimp steals another man’s kids? What sort of asswipe takes another man’s kids away from him for Christmas vacation? What sort of pathetic lowlife lives off another man’s money? What a big manly man Justin Arroyo is to call another man’s kids his family. How manly it is to called another man’s family your own family when their father is the one that financially supports them all.

Justin Arroyo is a bottom feeder, a parasite and a ponce. All his is fit for is other men’s scraps.

His mother fu.cked married men that’s how his sister came about, his sister fu.cked married men, it’s like a family thing with these low class trashbags. And they’re proud of themselves.

Justin Arroyo will have a new victim in a couple of years,, guys like this get through life doing the same thing over and over. There’s just so many desperate women out there.

Justin Arroyo New York Brooklyn Calvin Klein Agnes B Conde Nast Bridgeport Stylist Market Editor 8/8/73

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