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Filed Under: Last Name (A)
Name (AKA): Dennis Archer
Address: 22 South Washington St
City Of Brazil, Indiana 47834
Phone: 812-446-2211

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Captain of the City of Brazil Indiana Police force

Dennis Archer had to answer a complaint on a dog bite, but didn’t follow standard procedures and shot and killed the dog in the public street. In front of my daughter and grandchildren, and laughed.

Then it took the animal control over 1 hour to come after the dog, so it laid in the street.

Prior to this Dennis let the neighbors kick and hit the animal while he acted like Wyatt Earp and made a big scene, instead of quietly taking the animal to be quarantined for rabies by animal control. It took 3 officers to respond?

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Why wasn’t Dennis archer put in jail.Why would those horrible people who kicked and beat that poor dog and not be held accountable as well? Was this ever investigated?


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