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Last Updated On: March 14, 2017

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Business Name: Heartland Payment Systems Inc
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1 Blue Hill Plaza Fl 16
Pearl River, New York 10965 USA

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pcAmerica Phone Number: 845-920-0800
Corp Email: sales@pcamerica.com
Company Contact: David J Gosman - CEO
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Cash register express strikes out again - $10k worth of junk.

I am the manager of Marshalls Creek Plumbing Supplies and we 1st purchased Cash Register Express from a PC America salesman back in 2012. With this purchase we had spec out that inventory would be able to support scanners. Not a problem and Pc America sold use a Honeywell scanner ($2,000.00) and then after several months they (PC America) could not get it to work with their program. That was it no refund not even a sorry! They said that they have stopped trying and nothing could be done.

Several other problems came up and then we got a lawyer only to find out the salesman was and (ISO agent) not and employee of PC America. PC America told us that we were not the original owner as the product was sold trough a contractor (ISO agent). We abandoned the product & mothballed the equipment.

It gets better!

FASTFORWARD TO 2016; A Heartland salesman came for our credit card processing business and through the conversation he told us that they now own PC America. After going over some of the above he said that if we want to get it up and running he would make it happen. Well we figured that we have the stuff we might as well try it.

So we got it running and have a large part of the inventory installed ( no scanner though) and the owner of the store went on vacation for a few months. I got the notice that the yearly service/tech support payment ($948.00) was due, we were not using the system for sales yet just loading inventory & pricing in.

I contacted the owner and he said that as long as we can keep installing the inventory keep going and he will make the payment when he gets back. We got the 2nd notice that payment was due and (guess what) the system will not boot up now. No error code it just will not start.

I called PC America and they said it was just a coincidence (it happens he said) we don’t turn off your system because of nonpayment for support. However if you pay us the fee you will be up and running today. I contacted an IT guy we use and he said that he knows that PC America uses a time bomb in their program and if no contact with home base by a set date, it shuts down.

So much for our ownership of software. Here we are again with $10,000.00 worth of junk. Don’t deal with this company! But if you want some barely used equipment and software give me a call.

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