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Last Updated On: December 20, 2017

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Business Name: Eyemart Express LLC
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13800 Senlac Dr #200
Farmers Branch, Texas 75234 USA

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Phone Number: 888-372-2763
Corp Email: help@eyemartexpress.com
Company Contact: HD Barnes - President
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Average Rating: 1.55 out of 5
Based On: 12 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 11

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $1,002,856.32
Average Reported Losses: $83,571.36

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We have been customers of Eye Mart Express since 2012. My girlfriend purchased two pairs back in January 2012 (total $181.31). She got one set of poly-carbonate lenses and the second one plastic lens (as a backup pair).

We purchased two pairs (one rimless or half-rim) for my daughter in September 2013 (total $191.41), and both of these were poly-carbonate lenses with Platinum Protection and A/R SV on the poly-carbonate. About a year after she had those, the no-rim glasses had a stress fracture on one lens by the nose piece, and Amy W., the store manager that we usually always deal with (Associate #133), stated that these were some type of defect and shouldn’t have happened; so she replaced the lens at no charge.

I purchased one pair of no-rim (half-rim) glasses on May 2, 2015 at a total cost of $321.70. I purchased the Platinum Pro-Plus Poly; A/R (Premium Hardcoat); V2784 Polycarbonate Upgrade; and V20781 Poly Progressive lenses. All these extras were so that the glasses would be as light as possible and have the best scratch resistant protection.

I became very concerned though when my glasses started developing scratches very early on (and I am extremely meticulous, careful, and picky about caring for my glasses. If not on my face, they are in my case–period. I always use a soft microfiber cloth to clean them.

In December 2015, the same pair of glasses (but the other lens this time) for my daughter also developed a stress fracture up where the frame and ear piece meet. Since she was due to get new glasses anyways in February 16, 2016, we let her get three-pair on the condition that two were full rim (because of the issues we had with the lenses in the no-rim/half-rim ones), and replaced the lenses in the no-rim pair, but could only be worn for special occasions (e.g. her sister’s wedding). Total Cost: $235.85.

About a month or so ago, we noticed that my glasses also developed a stress fracture on my right lens. With hospitalizations, surgeries, etc. on both sides of our family, and a new job; we did not find time to take my glasses in until today (August 29, 2016). My girlfriend called and talked to Amy W. about the issue over the phone to try and explain it to her. She really didn’t understand what my girlfriend was describing, as she kept asking her if I worked around heat or chemicals. After work, we took my glasses in so she could see for herself the issue. She took them back to the back and conferred with someone, and then came back and said there wasn’t anything she could do. We brought it to her attention that we had this same issue in the past with our daughter’s glasses.

She then proceeded to look up our daughter’s account, and then looked up my account; and determined my prescription was expired and dismissed it. She offered no resolution for what was clearly a defective lens similar to what we’ve had in the past. Furthermore, I also brought to her attention the fact that my lenses seemed to have developed an unreasonable amount of scratches since I purchased the scratch resistant protection, and handled my glasses with great care. She explained that since I also purchased also purchased the anti-reflective (and she also used anti-glare in a synonymous way) coating, that what I was seeing all over my lenses was the anti-reflective coating being scratched/coming off, but my lenses were not. She indicated that the scratch guard is put on first, and then the anti-reflective is then added on top of it. W

e both questioned why the hell we paid all this money for scratch guard if it wasn’t on the exterior where it could actually provide the benefit it was supposed to. I also questioned why they up-sell an anti-reflective and scratch guard coating if they know it’s not going to provide the advertised and promoted protection? She curtly responded that “they don’t up-sell anything; it’s all customer preference and choice.” I strongly disagree with this because they always indicate what’s available and make recommendations; and in fact she is the one who specifically recommended the poly-carbonate for my lenses because of the added weight of my prescription (which was appreciated at the time).

At this point we ended the discussion, as it was obvious that Amy was not going to offer any resolution, fix, repair, or compromise for our issue. At that point, I basically told her I felt that the lenses they were selling were low quality and defective. The most concerning part of this conversation was that she took a 180 degree different position on the exact same issue that she herself had personally dealt with before.

Obviously we do purchase a fair amount of eyeglasses (and my pair represented a significant investment), and for one family to have this same issue with lenses on three separate occasions is a clear indication that there is a problem either with the no-rim/half-rim frames and/or their lenses. We reasonably felt that the lens should have been replaced as it is defective. We have been long-term customers up to this point; and we are extremely upset about the horrible service received by Amy W., who in all fairness usually provides outstanding service and consultation.

Up until today, I would have whole-hardheartedly recommended Eye Mart Express, because, although we had issues, Amy had always taken the initiative to resolve them. The apathy demonstrated by her towards dealing with an obvious issue that was not created by us is reprehensible.

After today, we will be hard-pressed to ever purchase any eyeglasses from this company again; and I will most certainly post this very negative experience on every consumer complaint website I can find. The corporate headquarters for Eye Mart Express needs to jump in and rectify this issue and resolve it to our satisfaction.

Eyemart Express – 3427 Freedom Dr Springfield Illinois 62704 | 217-718-3480

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Alternate Business Names: Dr Barnes' Vision4Less | Dr Barnes' VisionMart Express | Dr Barnes' EyeWear Express


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My wife and myself went into the EyemartExpress in Farmington NM today at 3:00 pm to buy both of us New glasses. I was told by the associate Connery B # EME076 that they were not able to use any of my 3 pairs of frame or my wife’s frame to up new lenses in. So we both started looking for new frames and found a pair for both of us. I noticed that Mr Connery was standing back at the center counter talking to other associates. After my wife found a frame she liked she sat down with him… Read more »

Another Race Card pulled, move along

Went to EyeMart in Colonial Heights in SouthMall area to get my nose pieces replaced & only could do one because the nose piece the screw wouldn’t come out on the other one . Had some green build up on the one they replaced & I said you didn’t clean the green build up off . Oh ,would have to take it apart to do that . I said well they done it last time I was in here . How long have you had the glasses I said it don’t matter how long I have had the glasses you… Read more »
I was in the Springfield Illinois location on September 23rd 2017.   I had called to verify ahead of time that my insurance card would be accepted.   Arrived at the location had my eye exam & then picked out two pairs of glasses.   I was told that I would have to pay out-of-pocket because the store could not verify my coverage because the office was closed at that time on a Saturday.    I was told that I would be reimbursed when I picked up my glasses.   Paid in full for my two pair of glasses the total of $458.90.  I… Read more »

I have been getting nothing but a run a round from the eye mart express here in Green bay Wi. I will never do business with them again and I will tell friends and family to never go to there store because of the poor customer service and the quality of there eye glasses

Horrible ripoff of the American public. Over the top the worst bat and switch ever

Classic bate and switch not 2 pair for 99.95 534.00 dollars what a ripoff 1 pr 304.00

Sure wish I had come here first. I ordered glasses on March 8, 2017. When I went to pick the up, by the way I was not notified. They told me they were defective snd epukd to be redone. I requested a refund. Instead they said they could make me a pair without all the add ones I a couple hours, till my correct ones were completed. Well it tooo three hours. That said svtish would be put on the new ones. I called today…… not expected till April 4z needless to say I am not a happy shopper. If… Read more »

I would like to compliment the service of the Eyemart Express in Corpus Christi. They have always given me great prices and more than satisfactory service. I would specifically like to note the service of Gracie, Frank, Christine and Lisa, the manager.

I have been going to Eyemart Express for about 4 years. I was due for my yearly exam and my current pair and backup pair had both developed broken nose pieces from cleaning under a facet and bumping with my hands I assume. I bought ninety dollar frames and the best lenses and coatings they offered. I thought they could be easily repaired. When I showed it to the salesman and sales woman they told me that that style of nose piece could not be repaired. I was eligible for a new frame anyway and picked out one that was… Read more »
My comment is not a complaint, it is actually a compliment, that I felt worth sharing. Everyone rushes to read the complaints, but seldom one rushes to read or write the compliments. My last visit was on 10/23/2014 at 7:05pm: please keep in mind, that the store normally closes at 7:00pm! My mother and I had a long day that day. I received the text the day before that my mother’s glasses were ready to be picked up. It was my intent to be there at the appropriate time, but needless to say everything but that happened. As we slowly… Read more »

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