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Last Updated On: August 11, 2017

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Business Name: The Cooper Companies Inc
Corporate Address:
370 Woodcliff Dr #200
Fairport, New York 14450 USA

Customer Service

Phone Number: 855-526-6737
Company Contact: Daniel G McBride - President
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.13 out of 5
Based On: 9 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 9

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $454.90
Average Reported Losses: $50.54

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FRAUD SCAM - Customers Watch Out!

My son’s optometrist ordered contact lenses for him and he picked them up on 8/15/16. The rebate information was completed and sent certified mail on 10/11/16. The deadline for the postmark according to the paperwork is 10/31/16.

I sent everything certified mail (extra $4) because I knew they would find some reason to reject the paperwork. The reason they rejected the paperwork was “INVALID POSTMARK DATE.” It was sent before the deadline and it was sent from the post office using certified mail which I have printed off the certified mail receipt showing they received my submission on 10/14/16

. I received an email from CooperVision rebates on 10/21/16 denying my claim because of the “INVALID POSTMARK DATE.”

When I try to call them at 855-806-3234 I just get automated messages that direct me to their website with no live person no matter which button I press or how many times I go through the menu options. This is ridiculous and I am so sick of company’s doing this to consumers.

I will continue to try and resubmit (another $4 for certified mail) but I am sure there will be another problem with my paperwork. Luckily I scanned everything but they require the original receipts and boxes of contacts so they will probably deny my next submission because I do not have the originals anymore. Jerks.

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This is a scam. I activated, try to pay in a few stores and all the transactions were declined.

I too realized my card expired 3/17, I called and they told me $12 had already been deducted and in order to use the remaining $38 I needed a new card which costs $6.95, and took over 1 week to be sent to me. Now will try to use right away, although almost $20 is gone. Will never by these contacts again.

Virginia WebsterSmith

Watch out for all the fees on that rebate card they send. $50.00 rebate card and I incurred $39.00 in monthly fees over a 13 month period. Once you activate it, you must use it ASAP. Tried to get a replacement card for expired card and they wanted to charge me $6.50 for a replacement on a $8.00 balance. Is it really a rebate???? With so many restrictions is it really saving me any money using Cooper Vision as my contact source???? Buyer beware.

Another victim of the promised rebate! Four phone calls and one resubmission of required forms and documentation and still no record?????? Was told to call back in another week—four months spent on this goose-chase. Will certainly share with my optometrist how irrefutable this company is! (and, hopefully, help others avoid this scam)

I bought a years worth of the daily lenses and qualified for a $130 rebate. I jumped through all the hoops, sent all the required box tops and receipts. I got an email dated 11/15/16 saying everything was good and my rebate should be processed within 4-6 weeks. It is January 21,2017 and still do not have. When tracking on their system it just says “in process”. Can’t get anyone in phone, emails through customer service link were not answered, and it took multiple attempts to get anyone to respond to chat session. They told me paperwork been received as… Read more »
My daughter wanted to try the ProClear One Day Contacts from Cooper Vision. We ordered them in early January but had them delivered to her at college as she was leaving that weekend. She brought the box tops home with her over spring break and that is when we realized we had missed the deadline to file for the rebate by 10 days. I called and was told that I should send everything in and that Cooper’s goal was not to penalize customers for missing the deadline. My contact, JoAnn, said they would most likely make an exception for us.… Read more »
Rebates are nothing more than another marketing scam dreamed up by corporations to sucker the public into buying an already overpriced product with the promise of a fat rebate check or debit card. The trick is that they make the consumer jump through so many hoops that he or she will give up, not find the time in an already busy schedule, or not strictly comply with the rebate’s many hoops through which to jump. COOPERVISION IS A PERFECT EXAMPLE OF THIS CON. I sent in all my required paperwork and even checked my status online at their site which… Read more »

We want to thank you for choosing CooperVision and for bringing these concerns to our attention. We
have located your information and we will contact you soon. 

I did receive a phone call on 11-26-2012.I was told that I would receive my rebate in 4 to 6 weeks.I hope so ,Thank’s CooperVision for doing the right thing


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