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Natural and holistic health practices may cover a number of medications, products, and therapies. These are medications, products, and therapies that aren’t used with today’s common and more conventional medicine that might be directed by your doctor, or are covered by your typical insurance company. Some of the more natural or holistic medications may be things you think about in terms of herbal teas, or perhaps a variety of products you can get from China.

The idea of holistic medicine isn’t just to treat whatever symptom is bothering you individually, but to treat the body, mind, and spirit of the person who is suffering. Treating a person as a whole isn’t a bad thing, however it doesn’t mean that it treats the problem directly either. With holistic medicine, the idea is that you may become ill because things like your social life; spiritual life, emotional self, physical being, and living environment aren’t in proper order or balance.

With natural and holistic medicine, the belief is that the patient needs to address and make life changes and break old habits in order to promote healing and this may also include taking medication or performing meditation. And while meditation can be relaxing and changing old habits that may be unhealthy for new healthier ones may be beneficial it doesn’t mean that the natural or holistic healthcare can take care of the problem. Similarly, praying for healing may help spiritually but won’t make cancer go away. There is a reason why conventional medicine is the predominate medicine practice.

There are many natural products that have many health benefits, for example. A doctor may recommend you drink cranberry juice to avoid getting a UTI. Drinking ginger tea may be better for your stomach than taking medication that may make you tired or groggy. This doesn’t make medicine from a drug store bad, and if you buy medication advertised to be natural products you need to exercise caution. If you go into a natural or holistic health store, you want the products you purchase to be safe. If you don’t know where the medicine comes from, it is not regulated by the FDA, and all you know is it is imported, then the medication may not be truly beneficial for your health at all.

If you are a true believer in natural and holistic medicine then just make sure you use safe judgment in buying products that are safe. While there is nothing wrong with using natural remedies to ensure that you stay healthy you also want the natural remedies you buy to promote health to be what they are advertised to be. As a weary consumer you should always use caution when venturing into territory unknown. And if you have an a bad experience with natural or holistic medicine than it is good to warn others of dangerous or unsafe products.

So if you’ve purchased or used a natural or holistic health product or service and have complaints then please share them with us here at Your story and complaint can help warn others from a misleading or dangerous product.

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