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Last Updated On: January 13, 2017

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Business Name: Nationwide Movers USA, LLC
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2850 S Park Rd
Pembroke Park, Florida 33009 USA

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Nationwide Movers USA Phone Number: 800-440-2445
Corp Email:
Company Contact: David Fasberg - Manager
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Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 3 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 12

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Reported Losses: $2,000.00
Average Reported Losses: $666.67

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On Tuesday May 7, 2013 I contacted Nationwide Movers USA & spoke to “Alli” about moving my fine art from Miami to NYC for a prestigious restaurant opening scheduled on Tuesday May 22. I was guaranteed delivery by May 14th on several different occasions.

To begin with, the movers showed up 1 hour late.

I again went over my very time sensitive schedule & was again reassured that they were able to get the job done in the time required.

I flew to NYC from Miami specifically for the installation of said artwork.

Upon arrival in NYC, I phoned Alli @ 11 a.m. letting her know I was in town. She directed me to Dominique who was in charge of shipping times. She was unable to give me an exact arrival time & said she would get back to me. After relentless phone calls to Dominique, I finally got through to her. She told me I was scheduled for drop off some time over the wknd (May 17 – 19) – which was at least 3 days past the original delivery date I was promised.

For 1 full day I did not hear anything from her or anyone from the company.

Growing extremely concerned because my departing flight back to Miami was scheduled for the next day I placed nuuuumerous phone calls & finally got through & demanded to speak to a supervisor (Mike Moore (sp?)).

Once again, I stated the extreme severity of the situation & lost expenses & business reputation they were costing me. They promised me they would get back to me by the end of the day.

I wound up leaving NYC w/ no agreeable resolution, no acceptable discount & no confirmed delivery date.

On Friday May 17 I phoned Mike demanding my shipment be delivered by Monday May 20th as my artwork was to be the featured highlight of the entire restaurant opening the next day, Tuesday May 21st.

It was at this point that he became extremely unprofessional & aggressive & threatening, saying he would throw $20,000 of my artwork away. In response I quoted his Nationwide Movers USA mission statement which claims “customer satisfaction is their #1 priority”!!! What a joke!!

It was only after 3 additional days of continuously attempting to contact Mike or anyone at the company that I was given the direct number of the driver & finally got the situation resolved – but not without nearly losing my job, reputation, thousands of dollars in expenses for initial plane tickets, return plane tickets, hotel reservations, etc.

Throughout this whole ordeal never once did anyone ever contact or call me back as promised. Whenever I spoke to someone it was due to my numerous & unrelenting phone calls to them.

In addition to alllll the aggravation I was forced to endure by dealing with this UTTERLY INCOMPETENT company, when my shipment of artwork FINALLY did arrive it sustained damages.


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They ripped me completely off. They showed up 3 hours late to get my belongings. They damaged virtually all the walls in my home. Then 2 months passed by and I could not get anyone to call me back and I was in a completely different state still waiting and they only brought my belongings when I got a lawyer involved on their answering machine.

Contact The DOT and file a complaint and the State atty generals office and knock them out of business, they have several names so also use there DOT#s which they have several. I have contacted the dot and it’s helping, if we all do they will be fined each time and shut down.

We too, experienced the EXACT SAME issues with these people! They TRIPLED our rate AFTER everything was loaded onto their truck. Took our belongings to Atlanta, GA, 6.5 hours away from our 3 hour destination, then refused to deliver our belongings. They switch and store your life, then repack the truck under a different name, AWFUL PEOPLE!!

I want in on a law suit!!! I have the same stories

We to experienced the same thing. We wish there could be a class action lawsuit but I think they are finally out of business. They will emerge somewhere else doing the same things to poor unexpecting people. Mike, Dee, David, if this is their real names, they deserve to be in prison. I would give up all my loses to see them in jail.

Contact The DOT and file a complaint and the State atty generals office and knock them out of business, they have several names so also use there DOT#s which they have several. I have contacted the dot and it’s helping, if we all do they will be fined each time and shut down.

Same thing happened to me they were so rude.. tripled the price and most was broken and held my stuff hostage until I sent more money… PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF WE CAN DO A CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT …. I’M IN!!!!!

This is Dee number now, 770-628-0209, Mike 770-628-0278, David owner 770-628-0276. They are doing the same thing to my mother and we still haven’t received our furniture. Dee is a liar and a con artist. I wish I would have checked out this company for my mom before she went and made a deal with the devil. The only difference is that we haven’t paid them yet, we are to pay them when they arrive.

They might arrive with a different carrier. The carrier will not unload until you give them the NEW balance due. Before the new carrier arrives call the local police or sheriff’s office to make sure your furniture is unloaded and make sure your property is not damaged and of course if it is all there. These people are scam artist. Their insurance company will not pay for the damages or missing items, unless the driver is listed on the policy. Have the driver sign any documents and get his driver’s license and the DOT# on the Truck. Take pictures if… Read more »

I would be interested in a class action law suit, as they picked up my stuff (a week later then originally scheduled )Oct 11,2913 and they still have it as they tripled my quote and I am disabled and on a fixed income so now I have lost everything I own..

OK, let me know.

Our experience with Nationwide Movers USA was the same nightmare you experienced. One quote then the price doubled when they loaded the truck. Had to call Mike, who was rude and not helpful at all. My husband and I very so upset and angry. When our things arrived at our new home things were broken and a few things were missing…….The settlement for damages is a joke!!! Stay away from these so called movers…ripoff artists!!


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