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Last Updated On: December 25, 2017

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Business Name: UniGroup Inc
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1 Mayflower Dr
St Louis, Missouri USA

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Phone Number: 636-305-4000
Company Contact: Dan McCollister - CEO, Chairman
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Many Items Missing - A Nightmare from Day One !

My move from Tampa, Fl to Phoenix, Az., August 2012. Reported to Mayflower missing items, boxes, LARGE wardrobe box with winter clothes, evening gown, shoes, handbags, and a toting box with my income tax return forms. Reported to the Customer Claims Dept.. Jeff Harrison, Customer Claims Dept. immediately. He said I had signed for everything. How could I sign for everything when I had not even opened a box? I did not sign the form that i had received everything. The truck driver put a check mark where i had to initial. He made a report of damaging a white double mattress only because i saw the damage before they left.

They damaged my 5 pc 14 foot wall unit-the brass kick plate on the bottom was damaged and they split the top of the unit in 2 places, they hit the concrete entrance doorway carrying into the house, they did not have a plank from the truck to the drive way nor hand carts. Every was carried in by hand. They had to drag every to the edge of the truck to remove the furniture.

I reported many items missing and especially my wardrobe box. When i filed my income tax return it was denied by irs stating i had already filed, which i had not.I had to file manually. I now have a pin number to file my tax return. Whoever filed my tax return receive a large tax refund check under my name,social security, number,etc.. I had to file police report, the three credit companies, etc..

To this day Jeff Harrison said i received everything. I met the three criteria, filed claim reports within the time frame of two years, showing replacement values, photos and copies of my purchased brochures on missing items, which i keep. Have photos before and after of damage to my furniture, he said he could not accept. I had purchased insurance in case of damage or loss. They said i had a 2 year limitation–they just kept ignoring me-they knew what they were doing. I even sent copies of all my claims to the president, ceo, coo-never received a reply from neither one.

To this day i cannot get over the audacity this company has to refuse a legal claim. I do not expect payment. I just want to put this info out to the consumer to protect them. I am 86 yrs of age, an honest and reliable person. Even to this date from time to time i find i am missing articles. Where did these missing items go to ? To a flea market, home sale, pawn shop? I will never get over the injustice by mayflower movers.

Please advise the consumer to be aware. They were suppose to be at home a noon to start the move and finally showed up at 5pm and they left at midnight. I had to postpone my plans to leave for another day. This has been a nightmare from day one! I will never forgive them, they stole items in their possession which are irreplaceable. Some belonged to my mother. I cannot get them, mayflower, off my mind as long as i live! Please put this info out to protect the consumer!

Mayflower Transit – 1 Premier Drive Fenton Mo 63026 603-305-5000 

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