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Last Updated On: March 24, 2017

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Business Name: Express Vanline Moving & Storage
Corporate Address:
1266 Moon Vision St
Henderson, Nevada 89052 USA

Customer Service

Phone Number: 855-834-3400
Corp Email:
Company Contact: Mike Murphy - General Manager
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 2.00 out of 5
Based On: 1 Review
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Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $1,500.00
Average Reported Losses: $1,500.00

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Pay for all your belongings and only have half taken

I took a new job in northern California and my new company is moving myself, my wife our four kids and my mother in law up here and they tasked me to find a moving company to get the job done, I set out to find a good moving company that would move our belongings from our home in Las Vegas to Northern California.

I received multiple offers for moving services and after reviewing them and speaking with some I decided to go with Express Van Lines, The Sales Representative had emailed me saying they could make me a deal to move my whole house as a piggyback trip. He asks me to fill out an Inventory list and send back to him so he could give me a quote. I filled it out and sent back to him as I did with multiple other companies and he sent me back his quote which was Cheaper than some of the other ones I received.

Normally this would concern me but he explained multiple times that it was because it was a piggyback move, he than asked for me to pay 25% Down Payment. I explained I would be happy to. We than spoke about that I would pay with my Corporate Amex Card for the down payment and then the rest of the installment once the job was completed using the same card. He agreed that would be an acceptable form of payment for the transaction.

A couple of days went by, and I received the quote and they asked me to sign it for the total amount of money with the Inventory list of items I needed taken. He explained that this list was for Inventory purposes and Insurance reasons for everything they would be taking. This is also when he said they would be picking up, and also that they were not going to be wrapping Tv’s or big mirrors. That we would be responsible for that.

So due to that I decided to fly from Northern California to Las Vegas for the weekend to do all of this. Once home I proceeded to make sure everything was boxed up correctly and also moved downstairs to try and make there job easier.

I then fly back out on Monday Dec 19th feeling good, expecting the movers to show up at 9:00 am as promised with an 18 wheeler to pack all of our possessions in. Instead I get a call at 11:00am saying they are not coming this day and they have to figure out another truck out. After going back and forth they now start talking about room on the truck and cubic feet, which was never referenced before when speaking about the Inventory list given to them.

Again after going back and forth with them on when they are going to show up, they say we can now work you in on Tuesday. And they show up in a Rented Ryder Truck that they say holds 1900CF of Merchandise. But after researching, Ryder does not make a Truck larger than a 26 ft 1611 Cubic Foot truck.

They then present my wife with a completely different contract to sign saying they cannot put anything else on the truck over what will fit in this truck. She asks about the previous one her husband signed and they say that one is voided now because they are not going off the List they quoted us from.

Once the head driver told my wife they were not taking everything, all of the sudden, 30 minutes later his wife shows up looking at the furniture left in the house asking my wife what we were going to do with it, and if she wanted to sell it to them. This made my wife feel very uncomfortable.

They then started packing the truck loosely and leaving half of the inventory list. I am now being told they will not be going to pick up the rest and do not care that it was on the original inventory list. Because of it being right near Christmas and my wife trying to get my Four Children and three dogs up here so we can still try and give them some sort of Christmas. She had to lock my house down there to deal with the aftermath later.

I now have to come further out of pocket and take more time off to fly back to Las Vegas, rent a Uhaul, load the rest of my belongings and drive it up here myself. If that was the case I could have done this for substantially cheaper in the first place. They now have part of my belongings and I do not even have a list of what they took and what they didn’t, because they took what ever they wanted to, and packed it not going by a list at all (Not sure how Insurance would cover that). They will release it once I pay them all of the money in full, even though they did not do as promised.

I have over 46 emails going back and forth showing all of my conversations with them. I am happy to give advise on this company to anybody that wants to know moving forward. I keep asking to speak with the owner and all I am told is he is on Vacation but you can send him an email at, which I am sure is a general complaint email that he never looks at anyway.


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