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Last Updated On: November 16, 2017

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Business Name: Beacon Moving & Storage Inc
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5724 2nd Ave
Brooklyn, New York 11220 USA

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They doubled the price after picking up my property

I contracted Beacon Moving Company to transport my property from Connecticut to Arizona. I was quoted a price, and after picking up my property they doubled the price. The inventory was not different from what was given at the time the quote was received.

They also contacted me with a date and time when my property will be delivered. I made arrangements to be home early so I can receive my property.

I was contacted by the driver stating he cannot make it, and will deliver in the morning. I inform the driver that I had to be at work and he stated he will put my property in storage, and I have to make arrangements to get them.

The contract with the company also included set up of my furniture upon delivery. The driver called me back stating he can deliver in the afternoon and he will be in an 18 wheeler. He asked if the truck can gain access to the property.

I informed him he has to use another entrance to the property, and he informed me if he cannot get onto the property he would have to get another truck to shuttle my property, and there would be an additional charge.

I tried calling the office and they were closed. I have been having various problems with this company after my property was picked up.

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