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Last Updated On: December 16, 2017

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Business Name: New Vermont Motel Los Angeles
Corporate Address:
1717 S Vermont Ave
Los Angeles, California 90006 USA

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Phone Number: 323-730-1578
Company Contact: Wen Hsueh Chen - Owner


Average Rating: 5.00 out of 5
Based On: 1 Review
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Discrimination against me and my family

Me and my family where discriminated against. And an employee walked off the job and exposed her co worker. I think we were being judged because of our appearance. At the Vermont Motel at 1717 Vermont in Los Angeles.

Our 2 month old daughter had just got her 2 month old shot and was real fussy. Yelling at the top of her little lungs. So we decided to call around and find a cheap motel to rest in for a lil while because we have a toddler as well.

I called and asked what was the nightly rate, the man said $70 dollars. When we get there and my husband go’s in, the price changes to $160 dollars.

So i go inside and asked whats going on. The guy behind the desk tells me we need to leave extra money in case we smoke in the room. First of all we don’t smoke, so I assured him we wont be smoking, with and infant.

The whole time he’s looking at me in disgust. So i ask his name and to speak with a manager. He gives me a fake name, Brain Grutrrais.

Meanwhile i hear my kids screaming, so i began to get up set. The female co worker goes outside to check on my kids or confirm that i had kids.

So, me and Brain / Oscar are having a confrontation about discrimination.

I see the women co worker leave in her car, and return about two minutes later asking if she can talk to me and my husband. She brings us in the office and calls Brain/Oscar. She lets him know he’s a racist and she no longer wanted to be employed.

She quit the job on the spot. She said she didn’t want to have any part in the way he treated me and my family. She exposed his real name and my husband told me to start recording. So the rest is recorded how we we’re the only ones to be treated that way.

This should be exposed…

Sincerely, Mrs Cruz 3232459152


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