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Last Updated On: September 6, 2017

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Business Name: G6 Hospitality LLC
Corporate Address:
4001 International Pkwy
Carrollton, Texas 75007 USA

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Phone Number: 972-360-9000
Company Contact: Jenifer Gibson - Managing Director
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Average Rating: 1.05 out of 5
Based On: 23 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 7

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $47,512.50
Average Reported Losses: $2,065.76

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Eighty-Sixed in Anaheim!

We arrived to get a room as usual, and we are told that we have been blacklisted and not allowed to have a room on their property. However, we’re still allowed at any other Motel 6, just not this one.

So, not only did it completely ruin our night all together, it also cost us extra gas money for the Ubers, as well as the extra for the other hotel that we had to pay for, that was more expensive. Not to mention, can you put a price on a good evening?

So we left. However before leaving, naturally, I asked why. She says a, “disturbance”, as well as mentioning the word watch, she also said, “argument”…

All that happened is, one time we did leave a watch in the room and simply asked if it had been found. And that was the end of it. They said no, and that’s it.

We had since then gotten a room three more times without incident. And she tells me last night that now we’re not allowed to have a room there due to this so-called disturbance.

Then she proceeded to tell me today, the day after when I called back, she herself was there that night when I was yelling at the employees at the front desk.

A 100% lie that never happened. So that’s that.

Motel 6 Location – 1440 N State College Blvd Anaheim California 92806 | 714-956-9690

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Can you believe that Motel 6 refused to help refugees from Hurricane Harvey in Corpus Christy? They did.

Confirmation #: 8628M03699
Guaranteed with a Credit Card
Room Given Away.

Arrived in Florence at 9:40pm August 20, 2017 after a 14 hour drive. Our room had been given away despite my call to the local hotel desk number that Morning to confirm. Unbelievable. Hotel manager wouldn’t even talk to me. Your 800 line couldn’t even guarantee that I wouldn’t be charged for the room I couldn’t have, until I raised my voice on the phone. We slept in the car that night.

I booked a room at motel 6 Celebration FL area about a week before our trip (02/18 to 02/20). They send us to a smoking room , I called the office, this lady Elizabeth was there and I explained to her that I was traveling with little kids, so she said that we didn’t specify that we wanted a non somoking room (stupid excuse because I didn even have the option to do it online) and that we could get a refund because they were sold out. I tried to find another place but all the hotels in the area… Read more »
Well I went to Motel6 in 3 national drive Windsor locks. I call for a wake up call to the front desk around 4am and a young lady answer the phone to indicate me that she will make my wake up call. After 4:30am I walked to the front and I notice that a young lady was alone in the front desk so I ask her why my phone didn’t ring with my wake up call like 5 minutes later her training supervisor OLGA walks in after 5 am with food for what to me seems like she was out… Read more »

Motel 6 North Platte, NE Even if it’s the only room in Nebraska go to a different State! Filthy, Smelly, Dog Urine masked by strong chemicals, plus bugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had my new $100 lights on my car stolen probably from the usual suspects meth heads or bums and or others (perhaps even security types” who either live there or “visit” even though the first time it happened “security was told and “filed a report” they were stolen agsin a couple oof nights later when I complained and said that I had just spent $600 with them over my work stay in the area and that this was unacceptable they did nothing and offered no complimentary or discounted future stay there or elsewhere . I parked right in front… Read more »
Motel six is corrupt and working with local law enforcement . I have been homeless and living in motels which is difficult in itself. I am a woman who has had her own home, carreer, family, etc. Iwas a county employee for 7 years and have worked with the indigint,homeless, disabled and the felony population and i have worked in customer service. I am attractive and inthe heat of the summer i wear …short shorts and tank tops….because i can in the middle of summer. I was accussed, thrown out, and called the police on for being a prostitute which… Read more »

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