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Last Updated On: September 8, 2017

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Business Name: Seterus Inc
Corporate Address:
PO Box 4121
Beaverton, Oregon 97076-4121 USA

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Seterus Phone Number: 866-570-5277
Company Contact: Jay Memmott - President
Corp Website:

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Average Rating: 1.06 out of 5
Based On: 110 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 207

Seterus Reports

Reported Losses: $51,684,332.40
Average Reported Losses: $469,857.57

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Third Party Payment issue

We pay our mortgage monthly online when we know the funds are available. When you pay online with Serterus it links out to a third party – SpeedPay.

A few months ago SpeedPay did not process our payment by the due date. We did not realize it until after the due date when I called Seterus.

They insisted on collecting the late charge with the payment and if I wanted to dispute it I had to FAX them a complaint. I explained that we got rid of our home fax machine many years ago, but they insisted that was the only means to file a complaint.

We paid the fee and went on with our lives. However, I now realize they also reported it to the credit agencies and have damaged my credit score.

I just don’t have it in me to fight with them anymore. We didn’t choose Seterus (Chase sold it to them), didn’t choose SpeedPay – but I am stuck with them until I am able to refinance.

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Seterus Mailing Addresses - PO Box 2008 Grand Rapids MI 49501 | PO Box 7162 Pasadena CA 91109

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Hurriccane Harvey in Houston and they offered know help!!!!!!!!!!!

Worst company I have every dealt with. In Houston we had Hurriccane Harvey and they wouldn’t offer putting 2 or 3 notes in the rear. I called to try and get that done and they told me if I did that after those months was up I would have to pay the total due at that time. How would that be helping me! We had a disaster here and they offered know help to their customers. Worst company!!!

Seterus is just a name for a rip off company.

I just recently closed my account with them and so glad not to be dealing with them in the future. I have reported them to BBB and added comments to social media and still wandering how they are still in business other than they are being funded somehow by the Government or the Big Banks to service these mortgages. My advice to everyone, when possible, get your mortgage refinance to another company ASAP. They will try to do some modification to keep you but DON”T, they basically will extend your mortgage out past 30 years and make you pay more… Read more »

This must be their new tactic. They did this to me a month ago as well. I am over paid by about 3 months and I am being told that I am in foreclosure. Without my acknowledgement they signed me up to extend my mortgage another 40 YEARS!!! I have sent them thousands of dollars which I do not have to satisfy them only to be told they need more and more and more and…. I am sick to my stomach and very stressed over this situation.

In 2016 Seterus started to impound my mortgage due to “lack of payment of property taxes.” When I confronted them that there were no unpaid taxes, they recanted and said there was a muistake. They were actually impounding my account to cover hazard insurance. I refused to pay this and continue, to this day, to pay my regular mortgage payment. I subsequently got a class action notification citing Seterus for the unlawful impounding of mortgage accounts. I keep getting “you owe us this or that much” from Seterus, as well as threats of foreclosure. I know that by paying my… Read more »
this is the worst company I have ever dealt with in my life. you can only call in and it takes ten min. to get to speak to someone, and every time you get a different answer. I am trying to get a loan with a new mortgage company and they will not give them the information they need. they always transfer you or accidently hang up. I have spent a week on the phone with no success. I am now reporting them to the security and exchange commission and filing a complaint with the government. do not do not… Read more »
im a personal banker and I was trying to assist my customer with stopping an auto payment. her mortgage was sold from chase and the payments were being made by them to setarus… anyways long story short the lady I spoke to was VERY NASTY. she said your calling the wrong place if a payment is being paid from a Shell station for example are you going to call EXON??? like really lady that’s not what im asking. she couldn’t even tell me where the payments are coming from. also I asked for a manager and she left me on… Read more »

OMG… they did this to me and I thought I was losing my mind. I had no idea chase sold my loan and my insurance company informed me of the selling of my loan and when I contacted Chase to find out what was going on they gave me a number with no name and I called for 3 days and Seterus was telling me I had the wrong number…

I feel sorry for anyone including myself who had their mortgage sold to these scumbags. Harrassing phone calls on the 2nd day of a month, being overcharged for an escrow account and flood insurance even though flood insurance documents have been provided three times. Don’t let them push you around file complaints with the proper government agencies. I did and at least it helped somewhat.

I have tried for nearly 2 years (unsuccessfully) to reinstate online access and receiving 2016 1098, monthly statements for to my loan which was taken over by Seterus for servicing. I have called no less than 7 times with no resolution. I need to speak with a vice president or executive office. The last Seterus rep I spoke with “Wesley” hung up on me. Isn;t it a federal law that 1098 interest income statements be sent out by 1/31????
Randall S.

Seterus received my loan from CitiMortgage. I was involved in a bankruptcy which has been dismissed. I faxed all the appropriate information but they still haven’t sent me a monthly statement in the mail which I have requested repeatedly. I mail my payment monthly and they have no problem cashing the check. Worst mortgage company ever. I hope they go under.

I’m a professional highly educated home owner and too, cannot believe how they rip people off, so boldly. I finally paid my outstanding balance, due to a serious injury that reduced my earning for 3 years. When I (my attorney) requested the pay-off they still pursued foreclosure the month before it was settled and are now trying to collect an additional recovery fees just get extra money. But there was NO RECOVERY. They hound you down, they are rude, complete corporate bullies!. I did not, would not and never choose them or recommend them. CHASE sold me over and they… Read more »
Lori A. Kiefer Fantone

I am going to the court hearing on April 14,2017. I live in Ohio, but mark my words..I’ll be there to spit in their faces.They still continue to get monies off me, adds more and more to my loan, changes my payments, my year’s of the loan,foreclosure on my home, forced homeowners insurance, state’s I’m $5,000 behind in Escrow…I am sickened by this. Someone has to..FORCE them…I want my loan to be wiped off, earsed, and NEVER deal with them or fanny mae.

Seterus is now trying to be sneaky by sending payment letter the day before payment is due for the past 3 months. I have been sending in photo copy of previous payments subs. In addition, you have to write down the month you are paying on note with “mortgage payment”, once they put the payment as a principle and it was sent with payment stub. Some how that was my fault not writing on check it was a monthly payment. They are f company. I have stories even worst.

Learning Path Development
Seterus is a Corporate Terrorist. I received my December mortgage statement and my stomach flipped when I opened it. The bill showed I owed Seterus two mortgage payments. The only way this could be possible was if I failed to make my last payment, which I had. Panic started to rise from my gut. I have never not made a mortgage payment past the grace period. According to the contract I have my payments are late after the 15th of every month. In a panic I reviewed my documented mortgage payments wondering if I was losing my mind and thought… Read more »

you are doomed for life! better leave the country and save your money mate..

With all the complaints against Seterus, I’m concerned. My spouse just signed up in January 2016 and he is the only name on the loan but we are both on the mortgage. God forbid If something happens to him. If I’m face with that, do I inform them or continue to make the payments on time? Do the take out for insurance to cover the loan at the time of death? We could not tell by the paperwork. Help!

Every phone call with them costs you 5-10 minutes of going through “verifying” the same information that has not changed. They don’t apply check escrow payments accurately – AND they don’t apply it until much “later.” The website looks like something the Obama administration would have come up with. Poorly made, INSECURE, & partially nonfunctional on a regular basis. Unnecessary number of “password changes” for the sake of “security.” None of my other well-functioning bank accounts request such frequent changes. Every change makes you forget sooner what your password is, since we deal with so many password nowadays. Yet, after… Read more »

Chase sold my loan to Seterus in 2012, and I have been with Seterus for years. Seterus did a modification last year and I ve been struggling, but as long as you pay, you are good. I know they will get the money, Seterus is like a collection agency. I have to pay 2000 dollars per month!! to catch up.

Hello viewers am here just to let you know how Mr Hubert Pawel helped me
with a loan. he is such a reliable man.I never thought there are still
reliable lender until i met him here in this forum where a lady testify
of his reliability.That was how i contacted him via his email ( Thanks!

Thank you

I worked for this crappy company and can tell you first hand that Seterus is in fact unethical in their business practices and it would behoove each of you to get involved in a class action lawsuit. Mowt of your issues are due to people not knowing what the heck they are doing with no support on the floor most of the time and if there is support their answer to everything is get the customer off your phone or get the money!!! alo do to agents not taking the time to research the simplest issues because they are put… Read more »

thank you very much, Seterus has no memory of the conversations I had over the phone and you are right.

Janelle Minerva Davis
That’s funny, because I work for Seterus right now. Let me preface this by saying I’m not being paid to say this, and actually was told to google reviews right now. I’m not going to be able to discuss things like company policy, or internal operations, but I can discuss the fact that your broad brush statements are wrong because they definitely don’t apply to me, and other stuff is things you can literally find on google if you try. So let me make a disclaimer in that ** Anything I say is my own personal opinion and experience and… Read more »

its obvious you were told to exaggerate and deflect the facts. your company is terrible. i believe there is truth to what the previous employee is saying beimg that i witnessed supervisors avoiding calls from overhearing unprofessional statements instead of being placed.on mute. it could be possible you are not held accountable to same standards as others for some reason. face it…you work for a bad company.

What about all the delays, non action on the 100’s if not more reviews that say that Seterus does not give the payoff info so that the buyers will bail because it is taking so long. I have this issue RIGHT NOW, a pay off amount was requested by my attorney and NOTHING for a week. Our closing is on the 29 of Dec. and it looks like we are not going to make it because of these delay practices. CAN YOU do something about it????? What about this? How do you suggest that I get the pay off amount… Read more »

I have Seterus know and they are good to me. Just make your payments on time. I’m never late on my payments and they don’t bug me.

I have Seterus for my mortgage. They have not paid the property taxes on time with the escrow account more than once. This resulted in liens being placed on my property. It also lowered my credit score. I found this class action law suit being filed against Seterus for late fees and improperly processing mortgage payments. Check it out. CONSUMER CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT AGAINST SETERUS CALL US AT 888.845.1266 WHAT’S THE CASE ABOUT? Our firm, Capstone Law APC, is litigating a class action on behalf of property owners who entered into a mortgage loan transaction that was then transferred or… Read more »
I worked for this crappy company and can tell you first hand that Seterus is in fact unethical in their business practices and it would behoove each of you to get involved in a class action lawsuit. Mowt of your issues are due to people not knowing what the heck they are doing with no support on the floor most of the time and if there is support their answer to everything is get the customer off your phone or get the money!!! alo do to agents not taking the time to research the simplest issues because they are put… Read more »
As a former employee of Seterus everything that was mentioned by TheOne is TRUE. And there is so much more….I attempted with EVERY call to help every person. Some just wanted to vent for a hour and not get any help, that’s okay, their choice. But I was determined to help and offer everything (to each client that was interested in getting help) that could possibly help them. I didn’t care about the top money maker “pulling in 5k a month”, all I wanted to do was to do the best job possible every day that I could at my… Read more »

It sounds like the FBI, FNMA, US Treasury Department and other Federal Agencies should be involved. This is so bad I think Homeland Security and the FDIC should get involved as well. I have been victimized by these crooks by way of sending the wrong closing amount and then sending a new closing almost $10,000.00 more.

Janelle Minerva Davis
That’s what it sounds like because that’s what upset people claim; Fannie Mae does consistent reviews of their servicers and Seterus is consistantly 4 out of 5 stars and may actually get 5 stars soon. These people act like it’s a shady one star hotel on the side of the road with no locks. I’ve addressed some of these concerns in posts elsewhere. I don’t think you know what Homeland Security is. The treasury is naturally involved since they use HAMP, and people get upset about how careful they are with HAMP too. If you felt victimized, communicate and get… Read more »
I am not upset and I can tell you that Seterus mismanaged my loan when it was sold to them. It took three months to get it straight and it was because they didn’t understand the paperwork on the loan. That is truth. And it was multiple agents. It was mishandled from the start. I’m glad you are having a good run with your employer but that doesn’t make the people speaking hear wrong. Nor does it make them bad customers who are just “upset.” It may be that they have more experience as a customer with the company than… Read more »

These folks are thieves. I managed to get a loan modification last year which actually made my payment go up. Now I have just found out that they took about $9,000 that I paid in interest last year, and applied it to fees for the modification. I’m livid, and I have started a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Janelle Minerva Davis

…I take it you don’t understand how modifications work.

Typical Seterus response. How do you know anything about the modification this borrower got? When Seterus calls me on the phone to follow up with me, they have no idea what is going on with my loan. They barely know my name. If indeed her modification made her payment go up, it is not a modification in the sense commonly used, it is a recast of her loan. They take the arrearages (look it up if you don’t know what it means) and add them to the outstanding loan amount and amortize the new amount over the new loan period.… Read more »

Their Customer service reps are rude and must work on commission. My loan was sold off to them by BOA and just being 1 month behind, I was threatened and harassed. I filed a complaint with the NJ Banking & Insurance & they did contact them.I suggest to all that also had issues with Seterus to do the same with your state’s banking and insurance dept.


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