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Last Updated On: May 10, 2017

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Is Five Brothers a Scam, Rip Off, or Fraud? WARN OTHER CONSUMERS By Sharing

Let Five Brother's Winterization destroy your home!

This is concerning the home at St Clair Shores. According to Five Brother’s website, you claim to protect homes and then restore the homes to normal working order. They winterized my house, placed stickers all over the systems, but did not actually protect the property. There was 6 inches of solid ice in the back and the basin of the toilet. The water shut off placed on the main pipe was so poorly installed that it cracked off, exploded across the basement and flooded the house.

Not only have they not returned my calls, they have not been to the residence to repair the water pipe that was sealed off so poorly.. I have their inspection sign in sheets proving that they had inspected the house. If Jim and Ryan had done their job, the basement would not have been flooded. Five Brother’s company did a poor job. The pipe was leaking and cracked off and exploded when we turned the heat on.

I have been calling for five days, spoken to their secretaries, left multiple messages and received no reply. At this time I will have no recourse except to file suit against their company for damaging the premises. I have a plumber going in tomorrow to repair the broken pipes and examine the house for any other damages. Had their company chosen to honor the claims on their website, then I would not have to take them to court for damages. They leave me no choice because no one will answer my calls or repair the damage done by their poor weatherization job.

I am currently looking for places online to post complaints about their shoddy workmanship and damage to my property. I have video tapes, pictures, and 4 witnesses to the damage, including the name of a City of St Clair Shores Water Department employee willing to testify. He had to be called in to shut off the water. He was amazed that no one had been hurt when the pipe cracked off and exploded across the room. He also witnessed the 6 inches of solid ice STILL in the well and basin of the toilet after having the heat on for an hour.

They chose to ignore my repeated requests for help and service, and for them to maintain the honor of their company and it’s internet claims. Now I post this on Facebook, and every other complaint website available including the Better Business Bureau.

I left my name and phone number and no one called me. I am leaving it again. If I do not hear about them, then I will conclude that they do not care if I place complaints about them all over the internet and anywhere else that can be posted, to take them to court for damages, and to post pictures of a flooded basement with your stickers all over the furnaces and hot water heaters within plain site and surrounded by water.


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