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Last Updated On: October 10, 2017

Contact Information

Business Name: Verizon Communications Inc
Corporate Address:
1 Verizon Way
Basking Ridge, New Jersey 07920 USA

Customer Service

Phone Number: 212-395-1000
Company Contact: Daniel S Mead - CEO
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.29 out of 5
Based On: 99 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 45

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $29,653.67
Average Reported Losses: $299.53

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Failure to provide cell service

We live in Nambe, New Mexico, north of Santa Fe. For years, we have had Verizon Wireless and even installed a cell booster on our home, as recommended. Until around six months ago, we had cell service and could receive and make calls from home.

Then something changed and we no longer get service at all. If the call connects, the connection is impossible to hear. Every time I drive into town, I get tons of messages and missed calls popping up on my phone.

Complaints to Verizon result only in them telling me how sorry the are for the service. No explanations, no help. We have tried driving 15 miles away to call, going to the store, and complying online. They refuse to admit there is a problem, even though all my neighbors are having the same issue.

I literally must drive 15 miles from my home to make a phone call. This is making trying to sell our home impossible, since I can’t talk to potential buyers. Both of us have health issues and it is very distressing to realize we have no access to emergency medical services.

A few months ago, I fell off a ladder and was seriously injured. My spouse had to get me into the car and drive me to the hospital because we couldn’t call anyone. I am afraid one of us will die if we need more serious help.

A couple of years ago, we tried to get a land line through Century Link. It went dead every time there was rain or snow, so it was less reliable than the cell service at the time.

After many complaints and no resolution, we let it go. It seems crazy that in this modern world a person can live in a rural area 20 minutes from town and have NO ACCESS to reliable phone service through any avenue (Note: I grew up in a rural area 90 miles from town and we had phone service in the 1960’s), but that’s what we have here.

I guess corporations don’t care if people in rural areas have access to modern phone services. It’s a shame no one cares (yes, I contacted the FCC in the past).

Verizon continues to take my money, even though I can only make calls when I drive to town. If there were another carrier in this area, I would change. But this is what you get when there’s no competition and the local telecommunications infrastructure is crap.

I suspect this situation will spread to other areas as the country continues to ignore aging infrastructure. Welcome to the new “normal.” I consider the value of my $350,000.00 home a loss, since I can’t sell it due to this issue.

Note that Verizon provided service to the house when it was purchased 7 years ago.

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I have received a dozen calls from a restricted phone number, including calls at 2 and 5 am. The do not say anything. My mother just got out of the hospital yesterday and cannot sleep because of this harassment.

I have been on state and federal do not call lists for years. Verizon’s answer: pay $5 a month extra for a service They are required by law to provide call blocking for DRC registered customers, but they want more money to do it. WHAT CROOKS THEY ARE!!!.

Verizon is the worst.. on February changed my plan for unlimited data.. well it is April and I have not been able to search online without any problem or delays it takes 5 or more attempt in order to make a search online.. I can’t stand soon my plan expire I’m cancelling the service with it..

Suddenly my cell service at home is HORRIBLE!

What is going on?

I have been a client for over ten years and I’m very unhappy!

I’ve been a Verizon customer for 15 years. My sister and I shared a plan on our account. She recently got married, so we decided to remove her from the account. She was she account owner, so I had to create my own account. We were able to get all this done. All that was left to do is successfully transfer both of my lines to my new account, one business and one personal. Two weeks later, it came to my attention that my business line was “disconnected”. I called Verizon customer support to find out what was going on.… Read more »
Switch to Verizon one month ago after moving to Houston, I told rep at local store to use my new address, but he entered in the system of my old address on my DL. First month bill was sent to my old address, then texts phone calls from V urging me to pay after overdue. I called back and gave rep my new address, an attitude to pay my bill after it will be mailed to my new address. They charge overdue fees when I get my bill on Monday (12-12-16). Though it id only 5 bucks, I reported to… Read more »
Trying to setup auto bill monthly after my contract ran out. Thought it would be less of a pain in the a*s to deal with then a BS contract. WRONG! The rep I spoke with supposedly processed the order. Come to find out at the end of the month I have no service. After 30 30!!!!!! attempts to login, register, chat and calling for 2 WEEKS STRAIGHT I finally get past the automated crap only to have the rep say it is a pre-paid phone. How can it be pre-paid when the previous rep CONFIRMED it was setup for monthly… Read more »

Buy one phone, get one half price SCAM!!

I decided to purchase two phones after seeing the buy one, get one at half price – UNTIL I noticed that the access charge on both lines would increase from $20 to $40 each. Why would anybody pay an additional $960 (24*40) to save $325??

Verizon does not appreciate long-term customers. Now that the competitors have improved their service, I no longer believe Verizon’s higher prices are justifiable. As soon as my last contract expires next year, I will be moving my business!!

The Verizon iPhone trade-in scam of 2016 – After being a loyal Verizon customer for a few years, I got pulled into the same scam that many other Verizon customers have gotten into – the ‘trade-in scam’. You trade your old iphone 6 for a $650 credit that goes towards paying for your new iphone 7. The catch is that the older phone MUST ONLY BE mailed in a prepaid UNINSURED package provided by Verizon. My barely-used, scratchless, in original packaging old iphone 6 was in excellent condition when it departed my hands. Verizon sent me a picture of a… Read more »
Free is never free with Verizon. Now that they have simplified their billing, I discover I have been paying $10/month each for a jetpack and tablet (neither which I use) which were given to me “free” the last time I visited a Verizon store to get a new phone. Also discovered there are “corporate” Verizon stores and independent, non-company owned stores even though both say Verizon on the storefronts!? When I went to a corporate store to complain, they admitted they receive countless complaints about their independent stores concerning false and misleading claims. They also said they could do nothing… Read more »

Give me a break Verizon! Sucks is an understatement! 70 hours in on dealing with complete incompetence in just transferring a line! Been a customer for over 18 years! What is going on? Don’t bother complaining to customer service….take it to social media, this will have the biggest impact on them. And then change your service!

Verizon sucks big time!!!! They took 1.199.83 from my checking account without me knowing i owed this kind of money!!! They said they emailed me and sent me bills!!! Well was on the phone for 2 days and never once did I find a email they sent me about this money!!!! Tried telling them I would of made payment arrangements instead of taking this kind of money from me!!! Even went to the store to get a get a print out of my bill to see why I owned them this much money and guess what it showed paid in… Read more »
NEVER GO WITH VERIZON- FAILED TO UPDATE MY NEW ADDRESS BILL SENT TO COLLECTION! I called customer service, updated them with my address. For whatever reason, they failed to update it on their system. I was hit with a collection that I didn’t know about, until I pulled my credit report. I immediately called customer service and spoke with a manager, who had said I should have called to verify my address a second time, and that there was nothing they could do about the two small collections from VERIZON. I paid the accounts balances over the phone. I’ve been… Read more »

I cancelled my service before moving and the IDIOTS didn’t do their job!!! and Held me accountable…WHAT A SURPRISE VERIZON..You got your equiptment back, and it’s over get over it..that was 4 years ago..Take it OFF MY CREDIT RECORD YOU SCAM ARTISTS

I cannot get my account cancelled. I’ve tried since August. I thought it was cancelled when I spoke with a rep in August. In September they debited my acct. I called they said it was for Aug time. Okay, So in October the same thing, acct debited. another customer service rep more bs, maybe I have this done. Nope! I get a call from a collection agency in January looking for payment. The October lady took my bank acct off the contract info thank goodness. Another service rep; my acct is cancelled as of Jan 23 she’ll call back Feb… Read more »
I worked on the Verizon Wireless project for 6 months as a Customer Service Rep.from 2014 to 2015. You are all having trouble because the sales people get paid by how many phones they sell so they hide a lot of what they know the customer will not want to hear, like activation fees, line service fees ($40 a month for Smart Phones, $20 a month for Basic phones and tablets). They give away “free” tablets and really low priced phones with a 2 year contract but once you are on the contract and maybe don’t want to remain, you… Read more »
I was lied to in Heath Ohio the sales guy and his manager seen me looking at an iPad ask me for my phone # he went in the back room came out told me I had been with them so long, my bill would stay the same with new plan ,with the savings on my account I would could add a new iPad the bill would stay the same 220 went up to 308 wtf I figured even with a misleading bs maybe 250 because we added a hot spot because we also have a lot of problems getting… Read more »

I just got a FREE tablet with my cell phone and was told there was a $40 activation fee and no monthly charge. When the bill came there was a $10 monthly fee. I called customer service and was told that I signed a contract (which I never got a copy of) that disclosed the monthly fee and there was nothing they could do. This is the end of me and Verizon after being a customer for over 20 years.

This is a common tactic. They can actually save you 10 dollars a month but dont tell you that. they tell you that you can add the tablet at no charge hoping you buy it. when you do they implement what would have saved you 10 dollars but just replace it with a tablet.

I agree with everyone. Verizon used to have great customer service and worked hard to solve issues. For years they always made sure I was take care of, and their customer service impressed me. I felt they were the best cell phone company around. More recently, they now have a general attitude of not caring and their motto seems to be ‘Can’t”. Can’t do anything, Can’t help, there is no escalation to anyone with the ability to make a decision, etc. These days when I try to resolve an issue, customer service often never records my call/complaint so they can… Read more »

I disagree, Verizon NEVER had good customer service! Their reps know less about problems with iPhones than I do through trial and error. Verizon has a near monopoly because they do have the best coverage. But that doesn’t mean they should not care about the level of frustration their customers must sometimes endure. It’s nothing but corporate criminal behavior and rampant greed. It’s that simple.

I was sold a new iPhone and it broke in less than one month. I went to the apple store and they tried to fix it and they informed me that according to the serial number it was made in 2011. So Verizon sold me a used phone as a new one and I had to sign a two year contract for a piece of junk that does not work. I went to 3 Verizon stores that said that they could not help. Plus the service center changed my contract twice which just added towards further confusion and expense. Perhaps… Read more »
Just an update from a post on 3/27 I had made. It has been more than two weeks since the last go-round, attempting to get Verizon to, 1)either send me a new phone as the first one straight out of the box (verified by an in-store rep several times directly to Verizon Customer Service), did not operate, 2) tell me exactly what I must do to get Verizon activated on ANY phone as my contract with USCellular, would be terminated on April 1. Was in a panic, and running out of time! The day after running from store to store,… Read more »
I tried verizon home phone service for only 4 days of a 14 day free trial period and returned the phone, canceled the service and was returned my money. A month later I got a bill for about $100.00. I tried numberous times over the phone and sending letters explaining to them the situitation but I was always guilty according to them. They then turned it over to a collection agency who began trying to harass me into paying for something I don’t owe. I have reported them all to the BBB. This company is too big and cares about… Read more »
I am a new to VERIZON, o get me a about 4 months ago I was looking for a new phone and service I was at best buys in the mall the person that waited on me was able to get me a deal a free SAMSUNG GALAXY 3 and a 4G lte I’m on a fixed income and everthing was UNLIMITED which was a important issue to me I use my computer alot well my bill is over 200.00 a month and they have me up to 12 GB a month I use on my computer mostly just FB… Read more »
Hello; I’ve been trying to get the Military Veterans discount for approx. 2 months now. I sent them: My Honable Discharge papers, a letter form the Governor of Missouri acknowledging my 17yrs 3 mo.s of service, and…. They "LOST THEM!" I called again… 15 mins on hold/transfers… another 18 mins… no reply. I hung Up! Located a local rep. in Jefferson City, MO. Sent her the information. She stated that she had recieved my documents and would forward them to the office in Texas. I called the Local office again and was told that it would take approx. 1 1/2… Read more »

We had everything needed and have been current customers for years, but then they made us call a certain phone# even from their store. When my husband (veteran) got on line, they advised they him they would have to run a credit check! Unnecessary and fishy! So we refused authorization for that on principle and hung up. The hassle (5 hours online, in person and on phone) is not worth the $5 off! In reality, company is disrespectful and difficult to those who served.

There is a Verizon call center near my government office. The Verizon employees are so crude that the rest- rooms now have had coded keyless entry pads installed to prevent the Verizon uncivilized personnel from using them.

Well, well and well. So sorry to see so many people the victim of this Company. Yes, they got me also. I had just gotten out of the hospital after brain surgury when i started gettng voicemails sayiing i still owed another 135 dollars from my last bill. I called them to ask what and why. I asked the JERK to look over all my records. He said i have made ll of my payments since i joined Verizon. On time, by the way. so we went through my file from the very begining. H e asked, correct or not,… Read more »

I have a simple request. I want tech support on setting up verison wifi hotspots on my android. I’ve spoken to three people. Each one takes twenty minutes of button presses and waiting on hold to reach them. I’ve been disconnected by one, send to a system of button presses by another that ended up in a dead end, and the third one sent me to sales. I don’t want sales. I want support. It’s been one hour waiting and now I’m still waiting.

Verizon is a bunch of bull**** i called back in june of 2013 to find out when my contract ended and they told me August 15 2013 so i ended it the and 3 weeks later i got a bill for $144 so i called them and they told me that my contract didnt end till the 18 th ok so then i called back the following week and they told me it didnt end till july 2014 i was like WHAT you guys change stuff like so asked for them to send me a copy of that they said… Read more »
We canceled contract with Verizon due to poor service and their continuous effort to bill us more than what contact calls for. We cancelled 3 phone lines last year and this we had one last line that we canceled and to our surprise, Verizon canceled the Text messaging allowance that came with the contract and decided to bill us for the maximum allowed per text rate causing us to incur over $100 in text charges. This is not the first time Verizon decided to do what is good for them and put all moral and ethical standards aside. I have… Read more »

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