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Last Updated On: June 22, 2017

Contact Information

Business Name: UltraMobile
Corporate Address:
37 Greenpoint Ave
Brooklyn, New York 11222 USA

Customer Service

Phone Number: 888-777-0446
Corp Email: ask@ultra.me
Company Contact: David Glickman - CEO
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.09 out of 5
Based On: 11 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 10

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $101.60
Average Reported Losses: $9.24

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On September 29, 2016 I phoned Ultra Mobile to inquiring about the $15 credit that was promised to me from Operator 50120132 during a conversation on Aug. 25, 2016 where I asked as soon as the conversation began to just please give me the code to transfer my phone number. She stated “why, as if she cared” I stated your service is terrible and I do not want to stay and that I had been over this before. She stated that she could give me $15 to stay with the company and how she appreciated my service.

Three year with this services and the longer I stayed the more I lost. In there $29 plan so I chose to stay with them just lower my plan to $19. The service was not getting better, so I would use the credit and then the following month leave the company. I phone on the date above and a Supervisor name Bea stated that she could not give me anymore credits I had three (within a three year period) and she could not honor what the other operator promised. She stated that there are no corporate number and why would I need to speak to corporate. I asked if they could have texted or call me stating that information.

She stated that she understands my frustration but she can not help me. I asked her did she know anything about verbal agreements or contracts. They are not valuing customers. They are so busy trying for sales that no one knows what is going on. They need better training for the customer service reps, managerial staff, and supervisors. Your word is your bond and you will be held accountable for these frequent misrepresentation given out by your employees.

It is a standard for the corporate world Ultra Mobile should try to follow it.

Most Recent Reviews

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Alternate UltraMobile Address: Costa Mesa, California


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I used Ultra Mobile’s $29 plan for over a year, and then it started not working in my home. I simply could not receive or make calls in my home–calls would go straight to voice mail. Everywhere else it was fine, but not in my neighborhood. I kept calling each month, and each month they said they would work on it. Nothing ever changed. I finally requested a refund, which they promised, but as soon as I cancelled my service they also rescinded their offer of a refund. I basically paid for 5 months of service when my service was… Read more »
I’ve been using this company’s monthly prepaid plan for three months. The data signal is very bad, so I switched to another company in September of 2016. I also turned off my autopay option and cut the phone card. January of 2017, last month, I found out that they’ve still been charging my credit card every month. I called the company then, and talked with Mr. Guo. For some reason, in myo case I was only able to talk with this person every time I called; sometimes he wasn’t available and sometimes he wasn’t even able to talk. This problem… Read more »
I have been to Ultra for over 2 years. in the past 6 months the service is terrible. since Dec 5 2016 I cannot send pictures sms and been told it is system wide, it is over 10 days and Ultra refuse to give credit for the time that the system is down. Crooks!!! I did contact the FCC and the Illinois State Attorney, and considering filing a class action law suite and would like to hear from others that have the same issues. It is impossible to get hold of anyone in the USA, all call are forward to… Read more »
I signed up monthly services with Ultra Mobile at their contracted vender store in Houston area, and received the receipt, I thought my basic account information such as account number should have been there, and also I open online payment account, and thought my account number should have been there as well until recently I tried to switch my service because very poor ultra mobile services such as dropping signals constantly, even each conversation sentence, as a result, the both conversation parties could not understand each other. I surprisingly found there was no account number in either my original receipt… Read more »
their website is poorly design on sim replacement i have order replacement sim and now waited 3 week 3 week they said 5to 7 business day then i try call them what goin on with my shipments the yask me if they can give the m a tracking code which should been send to my email but nope not a signal thing i have recived on my email. Their custumer service is awful not educated can not hellp you on anything. well bye to this company i request anyone on this to change servive to better carrier i do not… Read more »
I am extremely frustrated and disappointed with ultra me service. Earlier I took 6 months plan. It was Ok..But now i am facing tremendous amount of call drops. For every 20sec to 30sec call gets disconnected.and Completely agree with others remark here. Customer service is pathetic and disrespectful. To raise a ticket for technical department it took me more than 3 weeks. I had to call them and chat nearly 10 times before they could raise ticket. and Even after complaining , yelling and Openly expressing our disappointment with service they are least bothered. It is such a shocking reply… Read more »
I am very disappointed with Ultra mobile, I was having high hopes with this company trying to switch and save money. What I don’t understand is the ordering system that lacks details about shipping. SImply you will not know before or even after you order when it will be shipped. Two weeks after my order and still no updates. I have contacted Ultra through phone, email (I got no response from emailing) and chat with no resolution. They cant tell me when it will ship or why its taking too long. Thus I decided to take my business elsewhere and… Read more »

Their international call line is terrible. I more than 15 times , call cnt go thru. But with other international line , it goes immediately.

I’ve signed up for their service recently, and so far I’m frustrated… To begin with , their Internet domain name belongs somewhere in Balkan area of Europe, and I am not sure if that part perfectly complies with proper US laws and regulations. Secondly, the Customer service staff is quite stupid (sometimes even disrespectful !). I needed to get their official address and the phone #, but it wasn’t easy to do. The web-site does not have it, and when I called them it took 2 regular representatives, 1 supervisor and lots of my precious customer’s time to obtain it… Read more »
The last three months my Ultra Mobile service has been poor. Many of my incoming and outgoing calls go into a sound that sounds like a fax machine or a sick eating or something else. I have complained to ultra and nothing is done. They apologize but do nothing to fix the problem. Money has been taking out of my account in addition to the bill. When the issue was bought to their attention, they denied it, but my bank statement showed it. As a result, I don’t pay them electronically anymore. They harass me with unnecessary phone calls and… Read more »

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