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Last Updated On: September 29, 2017

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Business Name: Tag Mobile LLC
Corporate Address:
1330 Capital Parkway
Carrollton, Texas 75006 USA

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TAG Mobile Phone Number: 972-337-5050
Company Contact: Melanie King - Regulatory Affairs Manage
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Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 6 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 12

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Reported Losses: $4,180.10
Average Reported Losses: $696.68

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Working For Tag Mobile And I Never Get Paid


I’m working with tag mobile, lifeline phone provider in California as a master agent. I am contracted to receive $20 per each enrollment, as of yet, I have received no compensation for the enrollments I have done.

I’ve tried repeatedly to contact rsd Mr. Kenneth Williams via email and phone regarding a new order for 500 phones and 500 sim cards, but can’t seam to get assistance from him.

He finally called me and said he was going call me back last week (august 2016) but never did. I received an email stating that I was going to receive payment to my account by 08/28/2016, but again, never received it.

In trying to resolve the issues at hand, I followed up with Mr. Mark Jones, Mr. Allen, Christiana and numerous other agents whom work in the agent relations department, but no one called me back to follow up or attempt to solve this issue!

I’ve been advised over and over again that Mr. Kenneth Williams is the only person whom could help me. No one even attempts to help!

I feel mr. Kenneth Williams is discriminating against me because of my decent, which is evident by my name and accent. He sent me a rather threatening e-mail response when I sent him a friendly e-mail, in which I cc’d other tag mobile team members, in an attempt to get assistance in obtaining additional phones and sim cards to further the business. This cc’d e-mail was sent to him and the additional staff after I had sent him numerous e-mails with no response.

Mr. Kenneth Williams’s response to me was demeaning and undermining. He intentionally set out to degrade and humiliate me in the presence of his piers and co-workers while making a mockery of me by denying me additional supplies.

Mr. Mark Jones informed me by phone yesterday that mr. Kenneth Williams had stopped my orders and payment to my account for the services I rendered to tag mobile.

Mr. Mark Jones informed me that I need to call him (mr. Kenneth Williams) to get this resolved. I’ve tried to the point of exhaustion and frustration, but never does he answer my calls (cellphone (975) 467-5073 work phone (972) 395-5604).

He made it clear in his e-mail that he was to be the only one to be contacted and that he had complete control over any business I have with tag mobile. He was angry that I reached out for further assistance as he was making it impossible for me to reach my goals with his lack of concern and assistance.

Note: I’m requesting payment from tag mobile for the sum of $4000 for services rendered, plus my insurance and for a month of time wasted, waiting for my orders and all the wasted energy contacting agent relations/ customer service.

Thank you for your assistance and support!

Best regards, Ahmed Abd El Fattah

Tag Mobile Location – 1330 Capital Pkwy Carrolton Texas 75006 | 866-959-4918


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I was approached by a man in a parking lot with free phones. I questioned him about the phone and asked if this was going to be connected to Calif. Life Line he said no it was T-Mobile. I wanted to make sure because I did not want what I had messed up. After assured I went and got the phone. The phone will not hold a charge, gets to hot to the ear to use it for me. Now today I got a Calif. Life Line change to a phone that I don’t want. I am a senior citizen,… Read more »

i just signed with tag and now i’m dreading it. the phone they use is an almost unheard of ojji nitro. it’s free and probably not even worth that.

I’ve had nothing but horrible service from them. Haunt had a phone for almost a month because my SIM card doesn’t work. They keep sending me SIM card but none of them work. Tag mobile is useless.

My phone has not worked for four days. Every single day they tell me it will be working within 24 hours but it has been FOUR DAYS NOW!!! Now they tell me it will be TWO more days until it is fixed. Some problem with their applications not being able to check the minutes. I am waiting for job calls and this is eliminating my ability to answer those calls. Tag Mobile’s own website has NO information or updates on this problem. Don’t use TAG because you won’t have a phone that works for very long.
It is hard to believe there is a company out there that would would try to suck more profit out of the government by screwing over those that have nothing in our society. Tagmobile is that company. They are from Texas no less. First if you don’t see the cellphone you are getting don’t go with the company. The guy signed me up, but he never said what phone i was getting. I got a cheap plastic blackberry wannabe phone made in Mexico. It was all in Spanish. And when i finally figured out how to get it into English… Read more »

I was on the phone with a service person to get how many min I have for the last sis month and they could not gave me no answer all can said they are down .But they go on and ask all for you information before they till you that they all down told me to call back it will be up soon and soon become a week. They said it is Verizon problem every month . They the boss come on the phone said pay $10 for a phone and you would not have that problem

Also, when upgrade did not show up for over a week they said i was getting a new phone. It was a used ATT phone, and it is going back to them.

Scam Scumbags. Go elsewhere!

Good Afternoon,

I am a representative for TAG Mobile and I would like the opportunity to better understand your issues and provide you with a quick and reasonable resolution. I will need more information before I can do that though. Please email me at: dashe.franklin@tagmobile.com so that I can further assist you.

Thank You!
Dashe Franklin
TAG Mobile

I agree tagmobile is a bunch of crap they offered unlimited data and then they cut my data off because I would listen to my radio at work they told me that I could have unlimited data as long as I don’t use it for entertainment purposes but a joke… I am contacting the Better Business Bureau as I feel that is completely illegal and false advertisement

I recieved my tag phone around March 27 2013 the last 5 time I tryed to make call.s a person said I was out of minutes.,soI called 866-957-4918 the guy I talked to said they where having phone problems that I was to call back tomorrow AM when I called next AM a recording told me that phone was know longer in service. wher do I go from here Patricia Burget acct. number 1383044 phone tag 484-523-7465

Cancel the service and go elsewhere. Liars: everyone from Tagmobile.


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