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Last Updated On: December 6, 2017

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Business Name: TracFone Wireless, Inc.
Corporate Address:
9700 N.W. 112th Ave
Miami, Florida 33178 USA

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Company Contact: F.J. Pollak - President
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Average Rating: 1.37 out of 5
Based On: 12 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 24

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $454.00
Average Reported Losses: $37.83

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Trashy customer service

I been having my safe link service since 2012. Due to me and my daughter is disable. Now August 2016 an September 2016 I have not received my mins. Need I remind you I have very important phone calls regarding doctors. For me an my daughter.

I called last month about the issue safe link told me my mins will be on my phone. September 1 Which I have not received. I called safe link they gave me the run around transfer me to several different people. But still no mins.

I called Texas lite up, they told me my account is up the date, which I knew because I verified a few months ago.

I still have not received my mins. Safelink put the blame on Texas lite up saying they the one put mins on Safelink phones… Which I know is bullshit, I been having my phone since my daughter was 3 months old. She is now 4 years old.

I am highly pissed off; it was poor f*****g customer service, even the supervisor. They get a 0 from me because the issue has not still be resolved.

Safelink – Po Box 160640 Hialeah Fl 33016 | 800-723-3546

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I have not received minutes since October 2017. They keep me on the line until all my minutes were gone. I sent my address documentation a few times. They keep saying they did not get it. I have not moved since 2009. Where do they think I am. I now have many doctor appt’s and need a phone. Its not fair. I just found out I am very sick. Its not fair, they keep jerking me around. Many need to be fired, or something very bad is going on. Someone is getting rich.

I bought unlimited a month and half ago yes they ended and safelink never gave my free mins…I am very upset they kept them

These people have gone way down in providing good customer service. They have people working there with poor English, they hang up on you cause they don’t know how to help you and treat disabled people poorly. This might be a good law suit. They have kicked back my legal documents 9 times which are my health ins cards and section 8 paperwork. They kept telling me i needed to sign my sec 8 when they needed the reps signature. Took most of my mins talking to them and I have no mins till I got back and get the… Read more »
My mother and sister has had Safelink for several years due to age and disability. I have to spend 1 hour every 2-4 weeks on the phone with their customer service to have minutes put on their phone which should automatically be added. Plus 1 requested 2 times the paperwork to have them re-qualified for another year of service and they never mailed it. When I called the 3rd time they had to cancel the application on line as it was marked incorrectly and I had to re-apply again. When I went to do this they had cancelled her phone… Read more »

why is my phone not working can’t text or call is ur safelink wireless antenna down

SafeLink hasn’t filled my service for over 3 months.1st they said”you didn’t check proper boxes on the paperwork”,”have More than 1 lifeline service”,then”need proof of Medicaid”… after submitting all the proper paperwork.I am still in their computers and can’t reapply.Some “Owen”from customer service gave me a new ticket number.Just to be redirected to a lady who said”it’s for a different phone+which isn’t compatible with yours”??I was a customer of SafeLink for over 3.5 years&just Cut the service right off… thanks

I had one of your employees come to my house to sign me up for a phone.She got all my information and said she had other apartments to get to.She said she would be back in 45 minutes,she never returned.I dont know if I was turned down or she was just scamming me.Please let me know if you have someone working apartments in Biloxi Ms.
Cynthia Songer

I want to report them to another company. And I want to something mean but I will not!

My phone got wet. I called Safelink with my daughters phone. The customer service man says he has to check out my phone. It seems like this is taking a while. I tell him my daughter has to go to work so I have to give back the phone. The next day I go to 700 south, 200 east SLC it and there is a tent where they are selling phones. The woman in the yellow shirt gives me a hard time then a customer gets mouthy with me, then I get talk to a man in a yellow shirt.… Read more »

I just hate safelink!

I was with safelink since maybe 2012. everything was going very smooth. suddenly in march 2017 my minutes were not added, I call them they tell me that my account is cancelled and it is not their mistake it was from a government office. they stated me as a new client, they gave me and id number, and I received by mail an enrollment paper which I filled and sent back the copies of documents they asked about. a month passed nothing, had to call and shout because of course because they kept on passing me from one office to… Read more »
I have been with Safe link wireless since 2014, In July of 2016, the cell phone I had STOP working. When I contacted Safe link they informed me my phone was out of date. They needed to send me a new phone. So, in November of 2016; a notice and a letter came saying Ii was time for my re-certification. I went on-line but the 500 minute was not available. So I called in. That Agent informed me that because I had just re-activated my new phone. I did not to re-certify. January 2017 my phone had a message saying… Read more »
This is the worst customer service the California Life Line needs to stop using them. I have had the worst time with SafeLink I qualified for the free phone and service had them a month everything was great then all of a sudden I was deactivated with no warning nothing call SafeLink said they don t know why called Calif Life Line they knew nothing after many days and hours getting the run around finally found out Safelink never sent in my phone # to Calif Life Line. So had to reapply now sent all paper work to SafeLink and… Read more »

Why don’t Consumer Affairs do something?

One day I can use me safelink phone.The next day when I tried using it gave me a verizon message say call can not be completed. People calling my phone would get a message saying my number isn’t a working number. My verification is in good standing and I have 1198 minutes on my phone. I always make more than one call a month so there is no justifiable reason I should have gotten deactivated. This happened two weeks ago and I still don’t have my phone service back. I have spent hours on the phone with safelink/tracfone and no… Read more »

wish there was a direct number to there offices in oregon, does anyone have a direct number to there? an email address to the head of the company even? worst customer service i’ve had….and i’ve worked 20years in customer service.

my dauter is autistic and is a worker at the arc. she has has a safelink phone sine 2013. they always send the reapplication update papers. i fill them out and send in. i did this in august 2016. december 5 they show her as cancelled. i can’t even get a hold of any one who speaks english without having such an accent i can’t understand. been on the phone for 2 hours this morning with people from tel aviv, belize, india, and don’t know the last one but i just under stood enough to call applications or somewhere. the… Read more »
Their “Customer service” is appalling. They are clearly reading off a script and do NOT know anything about servicing phones. I was on the phone with them for 3 hours one day trying to get a phone number changed over. It still didn’t work and they told me it could take up to 72 hours… bull… I have changed numbers over several times before and it takes 30 minutes. Then when I called back they realized they never added my minutes. I have been anticipating very important calls and their stupidity has been interfering. THEN they deactivated my phone because… Read more »

For anyone who doesn’t know. Safelink is owned by America Movil which also owns Tracfone, NET 10 Wireless, Straight Talk, Simple Mobile, TelCel Ameroca, and PagePlus Cellular. Here’s the kicker though, America Movil is a Mexican owned company. Yep. your government phone is from a Mexican company. Well at least it’s not China. Although the actual phone is probably made in China.

I received my phone about a month ago and it said emergency calls only. So I called the 800# and stayed on the phone 2-3 HOURS attempting to get it to work. After all that they said I had to have new SIM card. They gave me a ticket # and said I would have it in 7-10 days. So here it is a month later and I called to see where my new SIM was and the lady (that barely spoke English) said that the ticket did not indicate I was getting a new one. So she had me… Read more »

proof can be sent with email attachment. take a photo with your laptop camera and send it to also if you have been approved but no minutes you can go to support then technical and click on live chat. give the serial # and the minutes will be added and unregistered SIM working.

sounds kind of like me I have sent my info twice once by fax once by mail they got the fax and said they couldn’t read it now by mail they say they never received it this was sent October 21st to milwake or. come on now.They also told me I don’t call anyone that you have to call at least one person a month I call at least three.Now for the third time I’m going to send a fax with my info once again and see what happens next.REDICULOUS

EVERY MONTH for the last year or more I have had to call & get my minutes sent to my phone. I verified my service was active with Texas & I am good. I even have the enrollment number. January I started to write the "ticket" number down, needless to say, in Feb 2014 I had to call & receive my minutes. It is now march 17, 2014, I have NOT received my minutes…AGAIN… so I called & was told I "already received my minutes", no I have not!! So when I asked the "Rep Diane"she just sat there &… Read more »

go to support then technical. next click on live chat, give the serial # and they will add them


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