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Last Updated On: December 6, 2017

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Corporate Address:
P.O. Box 376
Fort Lee, New Jersey USA

Customer Service

Phone Number: 800-643-4926
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.33 out of 5
Based On: 10 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 17

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $34.00
Average Reported Losses: $3.40

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Is H20 Wireless a Scam, Rip Off, or Fraud? WARN OTHER CONSUMERS By Sharing

They scam and will not refund me

Okay so I was going to buy their new $35 Unlimited plan because I thought I would just pay an extra $5 just for unlimited data than just be limited to 500mb. I ordered it online and I had an autofill thing enter in my address and it was the wrong address.

So I received the email not too long after I ordered it saying that it did not go to the location that it was shipped to (obviously I just saw the wrong address at that moment) and was being sent back. I knew at this time I had messed it up and the blame was totally on me.

Now that it was sent back to H2O, I contacted them to send it to the correct address and they told me that it will arrive in 24-48 hours. Four days later I received nothing and was extremely frustrated as I rely on my phone plenty and have gone this far without service. Now I did the same process of contacting them over and over for the following weeks.

Now a month has passed and I still have no package and was charged for it. Now I was at the point of frustration where I could not stand this and will go out of my way to get either my package or my money back. It has now been a month and 9 days and called customer service two days ago for a refund. Now they have told me that I have been refunded and I was in a happier mood.

I have checked recently and have seen no payment from these guys and am very frustrated. I’ve spent $45 dollars on shipping and service AND a sim card and still have not received it and still have not got a refund. H2O Wireless is a pure scam because they have my money and they have my product. Not only did they steal my money but they have also caused a major deal of inconvenience and have caused me some major frustration.

On another note customer service was extremely terrible as there were foreign people dealing with customers that barely have any English knowledge.

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I have used H20 for a long time. I don’t mind the customer service but what I do mind is the fact that I get harassed to pay a week in advance of it’s due date. I am on automatic payments so I don’t even need to be reminded to pay! Every month I go through it I tell myself that I have to change plans. One morning I needed to make a call asap and had to wait through the please recharge your account now if you haven’t already…. and it is not a short message either when you… Read more »
they used to be honest. now they cheat. one call under a min like for 15 second takes away 20 cents to 10 cents instead of the advertised 5 cents. they have become a cheat company. it has been happening for two years. i had a feeling they were charging me so i started keeping track and now i know they are cheating me on the minutes. under a one minute call is costing 20 cents instead of 5 cents, making it a lot more expensive then the competition. i’m going to be switching to another company soon. cheaters never… Read more »
Bought a one time “vanilla” debit card on 8/1/17. Means no personal information is required. 2 hours after I purchased it H20 wireless billed me twice for $50@ or $100. Again it was a “vanilla” debit card. I don’t have a mobile phone!!!!!!!!!! Never heard of H20 wireless!!!!!!!! When I called them the next morning all I got was “we don’t have your phone number on record please give it to us.” I told em I did not have a mobile phone so I could not and by the by how could they charge me if I did not have… Read more »
Ingrid Marianne Atkins
I have never been more dissatisfied with customer service (or the lack thereof) than from this company. I would rate their service a 0 out of 5, if I could. I purchased the H20 phone at a large phone repair shop, who had an entire case of their discount phones on display in their store. It took us numerous calls to customer service and a grand total of 4 business days to get the phone activated. Several times we spoke to customer service agents who were incapable of speaking the English language. Mind you, I am not prejudiced against foreigners… Read more »
H20 Wireless Now. PrePaid numbers are turned off and you are told that they cannot be turned back on (but they can be turned back on). I have had my “No Service” phone # turned back on 2 times. 3rd time H20 is trying to FORCE Up Sell. H20 tells you that you have to Buy a New Sim Card when you do NOT have to! Best Buy has a $30 plus a Sim Card for $35 plus 7% Sales Tax in Indiana which is almost $40. H20 CAN Re-Activate your phone # with a $30 Monthly Refill Card, but… Read more »

I bought a phone back in Dec.2016 it has not worked from day one after activating it. Had spent many hours with customer service trying to get an exchange/return label. I also e-mailed many times about non working phone. They promised twice to sent return label.It has been a month and no replies nor label. ABSOLUTLY TERRIBLE and SCAM

H2O Wireless is the worst customer service I have ever experienced. It is as close to non existent as you can get and it does not appear that they care what customers think. You don’t receive call backs as promised, your put on hold from hell with no real idea how long you will be there. It’s seems like they have about 1/3 as many employees as needed. Then after two weeks of trying I finally reached them, signed up, then waited for my SIM card to arrive. When it did arrive I followed their instructions and the activation did… Read more »

H2o customer service is totally zero, I have been calling to the H2o customer service number since a week for help but I waste my time by waiting 3 hours everyday. None of them receive the call. S0000 Stupid! DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT.

I had used them twice before in the last year and we had no problems at all, but today I have decided that I WILL NEVER use them again.First of all, I paid $35 just like I have done over the last 2 years before for 30-Day Monthly plan which is supposed to include Unlimited Text, Talk and MMS, 500 MB of Data, $5 Int’l Talk Credit and Free Int’l Text. Well, the only thing that has worked is the Texting feature. The phone number that I was “assigned” cannot make calls, nor can it receive calls. I tried calling… Read more »

I got the 10 dollar pay as you go plan to test it out. Not worth it. I still have 3.40 left and can’t make calls or text

This is without doubt the worst company I have ever had to deal with. If I could give them 5 negative stars that is what I would do. I could write a long screed against them detailing what I went through with H2O but that would be a very long review. I will just touch on a couple points. Take a good look at their website before you sign up. In general it is not a good website which should raise some flags but the real warning sign is that if you go to their help page …. There is… Read more »

I lost $126.00 fooling with this company. I will never get this again and would never consider suggesting this to someone unless I don’t like them. Paying online set me up for a scam that was set up through a third party. When I talked to customer service, they didn’t want to help and was only concerned with me making a payment. Horrible customer service, I got ripped off because they are a crappy company with weak online presence. The worst experience I’ve had with a phone company ever.

I bought the $30 per month plan and a phone several months ago and have not been able to get it activated yet and it now mid-February, 2014. I have tried to do the old number transfer from my ATT account and activate online and it will not accept the info I give. I know my info is correct. I have called the H2O number and get no answers. I feel very ripped off.

Fix the issue with the website. While recharging it asks to select the amount for recharge and it doesn’t show up any options and doesn’t let you recharge until you choose the option. This is so frustrating. FIX THIS ASAP.

First time dealing with H2O. I bought a SIM card on Ebay for $1.00 (actaully 5 sims for $1.00 from merchant named Chosters) and wanted to activate it, so called their toll free #. Waited about 30 minutes for some one to answer. Luckily I got this person named Raymond, from accent sounded like a Spanish speaking person, however I did not ask what call center he was in. He not only answered my questions patiently but also volunteered additional help in setting up my new account with SMS, MMS, APN etc. By the time we were done, my new… Read more »
H2O Wireless is not well organized and frustrating to deal with. 1. Their customer service is only open until Noon on weekdays. 2. You need a US credit card and a US zip code to purchase time credits even on a travellers sim card which is designed for non-US travellers. 3. Their system says all is good with my account and phone number and allows me to add time credits even though it doesn’t actually add them. Customer service tells me the SIM card and account are expired and cancelled. This company is not read for prime time. Do yourself… Read more »

Very bad customer service. I had to wait for long time to make payment they transfer transfer tranfer….. very very long time. It seem that no one has experience about the payment, so they transfer all the time. General speaking, worst customer service ! no one help me


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