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Last Updated On: December 21, 2017

Contact Information

Business Name: Cricket Communications Inc
Corporate Address:
10307 Pacific Center Dr
San Diego, California USA

Customer Service

Phone Number: 858-882-6000
Company Contact: Stewart D Hutcheson - CEO
Corp Website:


Average Rating: 1.52 out of 5
Based On: 32 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 18

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $5,849.77
Average Reported Losses: $182.81

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Cricket Wireless Shady Business Practices

Contacted Cricket Care online when we discovered we didn’t have any service on our phones. was told it was a system wide outage..we had an emergency and needed to make a call… Rep said she could bounce the signal off a nearby tower, we were desperate, so we agreed…

She had my roommate remove her battery and SIM card, the battery was no problem, but the card was more difficult..we got it out, she then instructed us to replace it… We did…

Suddenly she ended the chat, we were left stunned and with a phone that no longer worked. We removed the card, replaced the battery, my roommate was left without a phone for 3 1/2 days.

The following Saturday we went to the Cricket location where we pay the bill, the rep said she’d put the card back in. So my roommate handed the girl her phone and watched stunned as the girl began twisting and bending the bumper, afraid she’d destroy the bumper, my roommate took back her phone and removed the bumper.

Taking back the phone the rep once again began twisting and bending the phone..once again she took back her phone and showed the rep how to remove the back cover. The rep took back the phone, then began digging at the battery, unable to figure out how to remove the battery she turned the phone over and began beating it against her palm…

My roommate showed her the grooves in the battery and how to remove it properly… Amazingly enough she got the card back in, replaced the battery, then snapped the back on so hard we thought she cracked the screen…

The phone lit up, she was able to make and receive calls, however the phone wouldn’t shut off. The rep wrestled the back off..poked at the side of the phone, looked my roommate in the eye and said “you, broke the on/off button” my roommate said “I, broke it? It was working when I brought it in”. The rep looked her in the eye and said “what do you expect me to do about it?”

We were stunned, My roommate to keep from snatching the twit bald, picked out a. $50 phone and said I’ll take one of these. None in stock, we decided to return in three weeks. Three weeks later, we returned, paid our bill… T

hen decided we’d all three get new phones, but every phone we picked out was out of stock..except the $100 and up phones… two of us are over 60, the third 50…we do not need nor can we afford $100 phone. She told us we could pick up the phone we wanted the following Thursday, we said can you hold three of those phones until Saturday, she said yes, when she said she didn’t need our names, we knew she was blowing smoke..

We left ran an errand, decided we’d go to a different location, we returned saw a different rep, so we asked her about the phones, she smirked, gave us a bored look…and said “you mean the cheap phones” we said yes, “we don’t sell any phones under $100” my other roommate said “then why do you have them displayed…

That’s bait and switch and it’s illegal” she shrugged her shoulders still smiling and turned her back on us.

We left furious!

We came home tried to find a way to contact Cricket, found an email address for the CEO, sent him an email then filed a complaint with the BBB.

A few weeks later heard from a Joseph Garcia German who claimed he was with the CEOS office…He ignored 6 attempts by me to talk to him… So I sent the BBB a message…

The next day he called said he was out of the office I could reach him anytime before 6pm..I called him at 4.

There is no way this person was who he said he was..after I told him what happened he apologized admitted the reps were in the wrong..then tried to blame my roommates broken phone on the cost of the phone, the fact the phone worked prior to those two idiots tearing it up, didn’t seem to sink in… He kept trying to sell me on the idea of getting a $100 phone..I told him we do not buy online, or use ccs and we do not pay over $50 for our phones.

When he saw I wasn’t buying the crap he was selling, then he tried to say the stores do sell the cheap phones, they just have a hard time keeping them in stock…I said bs..your own reps said it..not one, but all four reps I spoke to “we do not stock the cheap phones” Cricket Wireless is using the cheap phones to lure the customers in..then trying to sell them higher priced phones…


Also I did a search on Joseph Garcia German the number, his office number is actually a landline in a residence..can you say fraud, Cricket…sure you can” Cricket Wireless and Leap Wireless are shady..

Mr German didn’t even try to keep our account…we were with Cricket for five years…$5400 not counting past upgrades and accessories…but hey that nipple head saved them $135…all we asked for was 3 $20 phones and 3 free activation…Mr German YOU, are a class A moron!

Leap/Cricket Wireless Location – 5887 Copley Dr San Diego CA 92111 | 404-942-0011

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Added a line to current plan,,,,, went in ,,, said we wanted a new free phone with activation,,,, we picked out the free phone that we wanted,,,,, Person was very rude every time we asked a question We did bring a ph with us and asked to check the compatibility of phone we had brought in ,,,, next thing I know,,, they we done and said we did not get a new phone since they activated the old ph I asked about the new phone and they said they could not give it to us since we activated the old… Read more »

i called and asked for more data and in a day and a half they tried to tell me that all my new data was used. This comes after the rep told me that I couldn’t get unlimited data in the first place. a bunch of rip offs


I was happy with Cricket until I added a second line. I got a 2nd line for my husband and ordered a phone for him. The phone wouldn’t work. I had already activated it which cut ties with the prior company. All the warrenty department said was that I had to return the phone after the 7th day to get a new one under warranty. Otherwise I could go to a store and buy another one and return this one or send this one back then order a new one. The stores were out of this phone which is why… Read more »
Today I stopped at a Cricket Wireless store to ask questions about switching over to their company. Before I knew it, I was getting signed up. Ok, no problem, except when I got home. I went on-line to double check prices, I had just bought 5 lines. I was charged $25/line for activation. I was NEVER offered the option of going on-line and getting free activation. The clerk that helped me even knew I was scrounging up money to pay. He could have saved me $125, that would have been awesome. Now I am told they cannot refund this amount… Read more »

the WORST telephone service I have ever had useless customer service I can’t even get service at my house I don’t know how many times I have contacted customer service they couldn’t care less drooped calls galore!!! no service a pleanty

Try extortion for apply a 3.00 charge to come into the store to pay in cash. While they will allow you to pay with your bank information using their website you are not allowed to use bill pay with your bank. This is the absolute worst company to do business with. I am asking everyone to blow this up on face book and twitter and any other means you have to get the word out. This company needs to be boycotted until they can become friendlier to do business with.

Cricket sent me a text indicating the company was charging $3.00 to pay your bill if you walk into a store and pay cash ! I spoke with the no-help people @ Cricked and they confirmed . Imagine a company that CHARGES YOU FOR PAYING !!!!

I am sending this email on a terrible experience I have had with new service as a cricket customer. I recently started new service with cricket that I did online. I order it on Wednesday Feb 1st. I received the phone on Friday the 3rd. I tried to activate it online, tried to create a new account and was unable to do so. So I called cricket customer service and explained the situation. The associate assisting me was not helpful told me I had to wait 24hrs so that an investigation can be done. I was also told that I… Read more »
I have been a long time cricket user. But as of today I will be looking for a new carrier. I have had problems for months with the online bill pay with no results by cricket as to fixing the situation as well as my phone app only works part of the time. I have explained to them that my card works for everything else I do. all they said was sorry. I explained my app only works when it wants to and all they said was sorry. The use of both of these items is included in the cost… Read more »
I was a loyal Cricket customer for many years… until they just cut off my phone one day. I had paid my bill ten days before the due date, and my payment had cleared my bank seven days before the due date. On the due date, they cut my phone off for lack of payment. They told me I would have to pay my bank the fee for the cancelled check that proved payment and ALSO pay Cricket a reconnect fee to restore a “delinquent” [?!?!] account. I got no service and no refund of my payment – i.e. they… Read more »

Sent 360 to receive phones that were locked now i have to purchase new phones from them and they will credit my account….. How is that fair that i have to purchase new phones for them messing up and sending me locked phones

A little lengthy but here it is about Cricket Wireless. In the course of 8 days I spent $277 for 4 lines and new phones. Got home had NO SERVICE. I was polite, willing to try anything they told me to do. Went back to the store, traded in our phones for different models thinking that might work. Again NO SERVICE at home and in my town I live in. I was wanting to get my money back, talked to 2 “upper management” and no avail was stonewalled. I spent probably over 3 hours on Friday, another 5 hours on… Read more »
I know a couple people who have cricket and they seemed to be happy with the phones and service. I thought I’d give it a try. I’ve been attempting to activate the phone and the account for the last 3 hours. I ended up chatting with someone who said I needed an account number from tracfone in order to activate. I contacted the chat just to give them my phone number and tracfone acct number – just like I was supposed to do – but they asked me for my pin. Ok. Pin is a big deal, but I didn’t… Read more »
I processed a 1 time payment for Cricket Wireless of $50.00 and they have managed to take out 7 payments all together of $50.00 a piece. I contacted my bank yesterday with Richard from Cricket Wireless on the line and spoke to a Manager by the name of Jess. Jess refunded my account the 6 payments that were not suppose to come out.. Between 3-4am this morning I received text alerts from my bank informing me that Cricket had taken the 6 payments again and causing my account to overdraw again.. I have been on the phone all morning with… Read more »

We switched 3 phones from Verizon to Cricket for the savings but also because of the promise of a $100 dollar rebate for each phone. This is a scam, only 1 rebate ever arrived and when it did, it’s not a rebate but an in store or on line credit to be spent at Cricket. Scam Scam Scam Scam Scam Scam Scam Scam, that’s all this is.

I purchased three phones from Cricket wireless with the promise of receiving $50.00 rebate for each phone. I followed all of the rebate instructions to the tee, yet I was declined my rebates stating I didn’t place the IMEI scans in the envelope. Of course, I can not reproduce the original IMEI codes ao I’m out $150.

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