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News: Cell phone providers topped list of complaints in 2013

A necessity of our modern age, cell phones make our lives more convenient and safe. They have taken much of the frustration out of making plans and coordinating schedules. Where would we be without our cell phones? I don’t think any of us want to answer than question.

Unfortunately, like most companies that produce a product that most people rely on, cell phone companies often fall short in the departments of quality and service. Every year, the Better Business Bureau logs tens of thousands of complaints about every major cell phone carrier. Cell phone companies remain among the most complained-about industries in the country. But the sad part is they seem to get away with it more often than not, because, as we said earlier, people need their cell phones. Some might say it’s easier to “go with the flow” than to fight for your rights. But if you’re on this site, we know you disagree!

Have you had a frustrating experience with a cell phone company or service provider? In lots of cases, the problem starts as soon as you walk into the store. You may see an ad for a “free phone” with a two-year contract, but the phones available are the cheapest, ugliest, lowest-quality phones with none of the features you want. So you pay an additional $200 – $300 (or more) to get a phone you actually want. So much for “free”. And as far as the two-year contract is concerned, you’d better not move to another state or change your mind because you’ll be stuck with a hefty fee.

Or maybe the salesperson has absolutely no idea what they’re talking about, and are unable to answer even the most basic questions. This is probably the result of high turnover and limited job training. Or maybe you’re their 57th customer that day and they just don’t care. Either way, it’s not a good feeling to know you’re giving your hard-earned money to a company that seems so indifferent.

Have you ever had a dropped call? Of course you have. For some people, this happens several times a day. In fact, it’s expected of any cell phone company – even the best ones. Why do we put up with a product that does not perform how it’s supposed to? Would you drive a car that just died out once in a while? Or hire a cleaning crew that left one room dirty? Of course not. Yet, cell phone companies think that we are just going to accept poor service.

When you get your bill, is the amount ever what you expected to see? If you scan the document, often times you’ll see a long list of charges that were never discussed or mentioned when you signed up for cell phone service. Emergency 911 taxes, local and state taxes, picture message fees. Of course, the additional charges that are actually useful – like damage insurance – are usually not offered. You have to ask for that, because the companies lose money when you make a claim. Don’t let them take advantage of you!

Customer service-related issues are a big problem as well. More often than not, it’s difficult to get a solution to a problem on the first call. It usually takes several calls (and lots of hold time) to get any help at all. Customer service agents often give contradictory or misleading information, refuse to direct your calls to supervisors or blame factors outside of their control (like the weather) for the issues at hand.

We should not have to deal with bad service, products that don’t work and misleading payment plans. Good consumers vote with their dollars, and by refusing to support companies that repeatedly mistreat their customers, we will ultimately have the last word. Share your story on ComplaintsList and let us help you get justice. Post your cell phone company review now!

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