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Last Updated On: December 20, 2017

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Business Name: ZOLL Medical Corporation
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121 Gamma Dr
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15264 USA

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Phone Number: 800-543-3267
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Reported Losses: $712,470.00
Average Reported Losses: $47,498.00

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Zoll Lifevest Deceptive Business Practices

In June 2017 I was hospitalized and given a diagnosis of Congestive Heart Failure. I was told that my heart was extremely weak and was functioning at 20%. My doctor ordered a Zoll Lifevest external defibrillator for me.

I was told that I needed to wear this external defibrillator and that in 3-months. If my heart didn’t improve, I would have to have a defibrillator implanted into my chest. Should my heart continue to get worse, I was told by my doctor that I would be looking at a transplant. Zoll came to my room with the Lifevest.

I was told by their sales rep that Medicare would pay for the entire cost and I would only be billed by Zoll if I never returned the vest, should I no longer be in need of it. I signed the contract from my hospital bed, with the belief that I would owe nothing and that the entire cost would be covered by Medicare, as I was told by the Zoll rep.

The Zoll rep knew that I was weak, extremely ill and I told them what my doctor told me about my heart. They knew that I was on social security, had no disposable income and that I believed that I was in a hopeless situation and was going to die from heart failure.

At no time was I told by their rep that I was renting their product and would be responsible for a $560 rental payment per month.

I was told on August 24, 2017 by Zoll that I owed $1,100 and that I signed the contract agreeing to pay them monthly for the rental of their product. I was told that if I never returned the product they would bill me in excess of $30,000. No one told me I was renting anything.

I was absolutely taken advantage of while lying in a hospital bed and within hours of having a heart catheter and subsequently being told that my lungs were full of fluid because my heart was extremely weak and functioning at only 20%.

I absolutely believe that Zoll engages in deceptive business practices by taking advantage of individuals who are looking at end of life, depressed, scared and suffering from progressive heart failure.

They sell their product on the basis of it saving your life, when your heart is functioning at a percentage that puts you at high risk of heart attack.

I wouldn’t recommend this company to anyone. Unless you’re rich and have massive disposable income, you’ll never be able to pay for the use of their product. I will be sending this product back. I have no use for something that puts me in debt and financial straights while telling me that it’s the only thing that can save my life.

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They charge you for a whole month even if you only wear for three days in the month they charged me two months that way to me it was rip off.

Solo is total scam. We ha be same issue with not telling us of outrageous copay. Told on that insurance covers best all while loved one is in critical condition. I will be contacting the Attorney General. Mercy Hospital in Buffalo NY Made Husband wear Vest In the hospital. What Are They There For. Ambulance And Cleveland Clinic Said No To Vest, They Would Deall With Arrest In Emergency. Made Him Take Off Vest So Is this Also A Scam With Certain Hospitals. I Called Zoll what To Do With Vest Once At Cleveland CLinic THey SAid JUst Take CAre… Read more »

These guys are trying to charge me $7,000 and told me if I return the vest I won’t be charged i kindly return it back like the sales rep told me to with in one month .
they didn’t submit a bill to me a year later calling me and saying they don’t have my insurance information from 2016
very poor management and dishonest

these guys are really scam artist

My Brother died wearing the vest.
It did NOT activate and he died of a heart attack.
Anyone have a similar story?

Yes my wife died while wearing a vest there was no along it did not activate

My Fiancé had a stroke and heart attack at 52 and his ejection fraction was reduced to 10%. A Zola representative was sent in and suggested by the doctors to obtain this unit as Kevin’s health was in great despair. Leading us to believe he could not live without it. Meanwhile aftermath paying $1500.we did not have to give, we left the hospital thinking his life was protected. As a month went by and sensor had flipped here and there presenting no warnings, we ran our wn test and found it to be defective. Zola immediately had it picked up… Read more »
My husband was charged for 2 months of the life vest in 2015 for a total of 6,900.00. We were originally told that Zoll had coordinated the benefit with our insurance company. The insurance company denied the claim citing that the equipment was not a covered device. After many letters to insurance and Zoll, we just decided that we wouldn’t pay at all. 1 year after service we received a request to settle for 50% discount with 6 mos installments. We still didn’t pay. Finally one and a half years later, we settled with a collections agency for 2,500. We… Read more »
We also have BCBS, ours is actually BCBSKC, and they also wouldn’t cover the LifeVest at a whopping $3670 a month, even when my husbands EF is 20-25% (after double bypass in Jan. 2017). The employee from ZOLL told us that they have never had a problem with insurance companies covering the device, and if there were a problem, ZOLL would “work with you.” My husband wore the LifeVest for 10 days, on day 11, I noticed an error on the charging base and found the service was terminated by ZOLL due to claim being denied, so much for “we… Read more »
I am not one to dispute that the vest can be expensive. I was fortunate that my insurance company covered the vest at their negotiated rate with Zoll. However, I am here as a testament to the function and lifesaving ability of the vest. I had a heart attack and subsequent stent installed. I had an EF of 25 – 30% which met the threshold for the vest. I was told the same thing that the vest needed to be worn for 90 days as a protocol for the ICD review timeline and drug interaction. A week after being discharged… Read more »
I believe Zoll’s billing practices are criminal. On April 6, 2017. I received a bill for the February. It was for $1264.05. There was nothing on the statement to show the amount of time covered. We called 1(800) 543-3267 to establish the time period being billed and was stunned to find out it was only for the month of February. We were informed that we would be billed the same amount for March and April. We were then informed that Zoll finalizes their monthly billing on the 4th of every month and therefor I will be billed for both March… Read more »

This is the most useless piece of medicinal equipment ever developed. I would rather my cardiologist prescribe snake oil than this waste of a product. It’s impossible to move the slightest let alone sleeping in the thing without the alarm going off. The d**n thing is going to make me have a heart attach not prevent one. If Medicare continues to authorize payment for this vest they’re bigger fools than the doctors who are obviously in collusion with this company.

These people prey on the sick and the elderly. The vest they sent us home with never did work; they billed Medicare over $3500.00! What a rip-off. Is there a lawyer who will take this company on?

F you know of a lawyer, we would be happy to join a class action law suit.

We would Join that or any class action lawsuit available, or pending also!!!!

Very deceptive billing practices for a product that does not what work properly! Long hold times when trying to reach someone to discuss our account. Call cent reps who are not able to be directly contacted. If equipment malfunctions and you call for assistance, “wear a tight fitting tshirt over it” is usually their response. This is your heart people….dont experiment with a product that does not work properly. They take advantage of a person when they are are hospitalized and worried about their life. Worst decision ever made to use this product. Hospitals need to stop letting their sales… Read more »
Here is a letter I sent to Zoll along with their product that explains the inferiority and malfunctioning of the vest. The public need to be aware of how these over priced and ill conceived are thrust on the unsuspecting patient who had just had a life altering episode. letter follows……….Be advised the following information is pertinent and germane to the issuing of a “vest” to me. First I had not requested the device. I was not told that any attending physician had prescribed or requested a defibrillator life vest. When brought to my bedside I asked the demonstrating nurse… Read more »
My father just got out of the hospital and the same thing is transpiring with him at this time. He is suppose to be a part of a medication blind study and the vest is what he ended up with. We are in the process of sending the vest back after 5 days waiting for the box to come to send it back.. He wore it 2 days and found it unsatisfactory as you and many others have. It made red spots on his chest. My parents were not informed of the cost or anything, just that my father needed… Read more »

Notify the hospital of you findings and I would suggest the insurance company with the complaint. I also put in a scam complaint to the Medicare people too. I have received several bills and one phone call threatening with bill collectors and suites

I too was told to not worry they approved the vest through my insurance company and I would owe nothing. They would not even tell me how much it cost. I told them I had no money to pay if insurance did not cover it 100%. Again I was told to not worry everything was covered. Found out my doctor thinks Zoll is a big scam and he did not order it. Returned immediately but Zoll wants $3500+ from me . They lie when you are the most vulnerable. I had suffered 3 heart attacks and a triple bypass in… Read more »
My husband was told he needed this bc his heart could stop, we asked the price and the dr. promoting it said she did not know , we returned it within 3 days and they are still billing us, I called the dr. and she told me no one ever had to pay out of the pocket costs which is a bold lie! WE are still fighting with them over a bill that is prorated for a month so if u have the vest one day you still have to pay for the entire month!!! They need to be sued… Read more »
On Jan. 4th 2017 I went to emergency for an extreme heart rate. I was diagnosed with a-fib and v-tach. I was shocked to stabilize my heart rate. I had 2 stents put in on the 6th. I was told that I would not be released unless I had a defib installed. Someone at the hospital recommended Zoll. I was fitted and went home 1-7-2017. On 1-14-2017 I experienced the same symptoms as before but the defibulator never worked. I went to emergency again and was shocked again. I had a pacemaker/defib installed 1-18-2017. I sent the vest back to… Read more »
Well like all here my dad was forced to wear the hideous Zoll vest. Of course he was told that it was covered through Medicare and his insurance. Well yeah, Medicare paid their part and my dad got a bill for 560 dollars. We’d figured it was his co-pay for the time he used it. It turns out that it’s 560 A MONTH! These crooks charge over 3 grand a month for their garbage machine. So now my dad has to pay them about 1600 or so since he used it for 3 months. These Zoll people are just a… Read more »
I also found out in November of 2015 that my heart was operating at 10%. The cardiologist told me that I was at high risk of sudden death and only a very small percentage of people survive. They ordered a Zoll vest. They came to my house that night. I wore the vest while the doctors followed the drug protocol. By march of 2016 it was determined that I needed an implantable device which I had done and returned the vest. Then I found out the insurance company (Anthem) had denied my claim. First denial they said that nothing electrical… Read more »

Zoll is a scam. The cheat the elderly, they cheat the vets and they are cheating medicare.


Like others, my experience with ZOLL has been very poor. My heart attack was March 1, 2015 while I was travelling. The ZOLL representative at the hospital was so sympathetic and promised “I can get you into the lifevest for $1500” making it sound like this was the total cost. This turned to be 1/2 of the first month. After 2 months I started getting phone calls to collect $3450 per month. My doctor at home released me from needing the vest after 2.5 months and I returned it to ZOLL. Being uninsured at the time, I could not afford… Read more »
My experience with Zoll and the Zoll Lifevest has been very poor. Pros: It might? save your life List of Cons: Con: When the company representative firsts fits you with the device there is no mention that it is over $36,000 a year cost that the patient may be responsible for. Con: Poor customer service. When requesting information on airline travel with the lifevest I had to make multiple calls. I would be told they were emailing information and then never received promised info forcing me to call back. Con: Poor customer service. When I spoke to the billing department… Read more »
They sent a representative to the hospital I was staying in. I’m retired military, and was told my Tricare would pay for it…I never used it, and got a $1,600.00 bill. My insurance paid about 7 grand to rent this thing for me. When I spoke to Zoll, they were rude, and not helpful. It’s a total scam. It’s more than a hundred dollars a day for their junk, and you give it back to them. Don’t believe them when they tell you your insurance will cover it. It’s junk and they aren’t professional at all. They should be happy… Read more »

Hi! I’m a journalism student at Boston University writing a story about the Zoll LifeVest for my data journalism class. If anyone who has had a bad (or positive) experience with the LifeVest would be willing to share more about their experience with me via email or phone, I would really appreciate it. Reply to this post if you’re interested!

my email is ernieg1974@g mail.com
I’m dealing with a very bad experience with these guys they
are con artists

This is so true. Are you still in school? It is an unbelievable scam! Thought I would have another heart attack from scam!

They are committing fraud with Medicare patients. They cannot bill a patient for the uncovered rental fee without the patients written prior approval using a CMS ABN (Advanced Beneficiary Notice) form. This form must be signed by the patient and a copy of the form given to the patient in order for them to bill the patient. They are illegally billing patients and have probably collected more illegal patient payments from Medicare and Medicare Private Payor patients then legit payments. If they were audited by Medicare, they’d probably go bankrupt.

Wow! Did I ever make a mistake accepting this vest. Like others here, I was told by my cardiologist that I had to have it. I did some research on the internet about what the vest was and what it did. I did not think to check out how unscrupulous the doctor and the Zoll company were. Maybe medicare will pay for most of this, but it is sounding grim. The real problem for me is that I have had the vest less than 48 hours and have had to clean the sensor pad twice because of corrosion. I do… Read more »

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