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Last Updated On: December 27, 2017

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Business Name: Loyola University Health System
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2160 S First Ave
Maywood, Illinois 60153 USA

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Company Contact: Larry M Goldberg - President, CEO
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Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
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Reported Losses: $8,000.00
Average Reported Losses: $4,000.00

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Missed my daughters appendicitis

My daughter was seeing pediatric GI doctors that missed her appendix being enlarged. She spent 8 days admitted for lower abdominal pain and vomiting. She couldn’t keep food down. Asked every doctor we saw during her stay if it could be the appendix since mine was abnormal. Told no, didn’t even check it. Had psych unit coming in to regulating ask my just 12 year old three times if she was having sex or taking drug. Sent home and told it must be related to migraines she had a year before to take nonstop anti nausea mess to keep med down to help with cyclic vomiting. Must have asked 9 different doctors if it could be appendix and not one ruled it out.

On third ER visit I demanded they rule it out after waiting 4 hours on the ER for a room. I was told her appendix was fine. Two days later I got ultrasound report stating Loyola didn’t even see the appendix on the ultrasound. The ER Doctor flat out lied to me. At $150 an ER visit to keep my daughter hydrated they don’t even properly read tests.

Took my daughter to another hospital that did a CT scan and immediately found an enlarged appendix and removed it. She missed 5 1/2 weeks of school from their misdiagnosis of chronic appendicitis and and we get to foot all the bills. The reviewing committee didn’t even care.

The only good thing about our experience was the nurse. The doctors and admins were wrote the and had no empathy. No longer think highly of their specialist! Made my daughter feel like it was all in her head when they didn’t even do proper testing.

She was happy when I sent the scans showing it was her appendix and they screwed up.

Loyola Hospital and Loyola Pediatric GI Department – 2160 1st Ave Maywood Il 60546 


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My husband was admitted to Loyola on Oct 4-8. He was hit by a car. Upon discard , they did not provide me with
thing I needed at home to assist my
husband. I have no bed pan, urinal, or
blue pad to assist my husband thru the
healing process. These thing were prejudiously unavailable. The Nurses
are usually kind enough to offer you these thing upon discard.


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