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Last Updated On: March 25, 2017

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Business Name: Laboratory Corporation of America
Corporate Address:
PO Box 2230
Burlington, North Carolina 27216 USA

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LabCorp Phone Number: 800-845-6167
Company Contact: Mark E Brecher MD - Chief Medical Officer
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Average Rating: 1.18 out of 5
Based On: 19 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 21

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Reported Losses: $85,065.00
Average Reported Losses: $4,477.11

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This Lab cost me a good paying job

I went to Lab Corp on Richmond Road in Lexington Kentucky for a drug screen for a Company I was being interviewed by. I had already had 2 other drug screens in the week before I went to Lab Corp performed by other labs. The Company that sent me to Lab Corp was paying much better, so I knew I was clean for the simple fact I don’t do any type of drugs. I took my drug screen and left.

Approximately five days later I receive a call from someone stating they are a Doctor with Lab Corp, they would need me to call them back at the number they stated, which at that time I thought was a little weird but took the number and called back. The person stating they were the Doctor asked for my phone number, which I stated, they asked for no other information.

The person proceeded to tell me my drug screen tested positive for Marijuana, I was shocked at hearing that. I stated “that is impossible, I do not agree with your test and I object to your findings”. The person stating to be the doctor, then stated, “well if you don’t agree you will need to contact your employer and have another drug screen ran”. I then told the person that I would be in contact with that employer, and hung up the phone.

I am not sure who it was on the other end of the phone stating to be a doctor or where this person had me calling to, but I know for a fact this lab, along with their practices, cost me a good paying job.

I contacted the employer that had me screened and offered to pay for a drug screen myself just to prove that I was clean, by then it was too late, Lab Corp had already contacted them and gave them the positive drug screen results.

Be very careful if you have to have a drug screen done by this lab. Thanks Lab Corp for nothing.

Lab Corp Lexington – 3475 Richmond Rd Lexington Kentucky 40509 | 859-543-4105

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I went to the one on 10th street and McDowell in phx,az,they were rude and they make you feel like your getting interrogated. my doctor to this day hasn’t gotten my results. That was on February 13-17 that a shame.

Danielle Marie Wallace
So my husband went to get his blood work done, about 5 weeks ago. It took some time for him to get an appt with his Dr to review his results due to work. Today we went and the Dr tells us that they never received anything. They called Lab corp and they have absolutely no record of my husband even going there!! he in fact got his blood drawn, they butchered him as well, and now they tell us he doesn’t even exist in there database, like he was never there!! He has to go back there and speak… Read more »
Had my first BETA blood work drawn 5 days ago with a confirmation of pregnancy and HCG level of 77. Yesterday, I had my 2nd BETA and results came back < 2; NOT PREGNANT. Fortunately, I had been taking home pregnancy tests and knew that I was pregnant. I insisted that my doctor order another draw. Today I went back for BETA #3 and it came back POSITIVE at 1076. My doctor told me that Lab Corp retested the blood sample from BETA #2 and it still came back negative; which means my name was placed on someone else's blood… Read more »
This Labcorp in Dotson Rd is a joke! I was told they have a policy that you cannot do lab work if you have unattended child/children with you. I have been to that location with my baby and my baby is 7-mo old and in the stroller! How will he be unattended if he’s in the stroller?!? What kind of stupid policy is that? Secondly, people in these location are lazy. There was even nobody in there! Guess what, I am here at Quest Diagnostics and they do not have that kind of STUPID policy you have! Never going back… Read more »

I had another lab company send labs to LabCorp without my permission. Even though LabCorp is “in network” its not a “preferred provider” this apparently put me on the hook for $680 for 2 or 3 tests. Their customer service is a complete joke, rude from the get go. I don’t know how a company with such horrible customer service stays in business.

On 1/18/16 I went to the LabCorp location on Craycroft in Tucson, AZ for the first time to have blood work done. Prior to this, all of my blood work had been done at Benson Hospital in Benson, AZ — same exact blood work that was done on 1/18/16. And then again had the same exact blood work done on 3/29/16 that was done on 1/18/16. In late May 2016, I received a bill from LabCorp that Medicare denied payment on numerous tests to the tune of $1233.66. All of these tests denied by Medicare have been done quarterly since… Read more »
I went to LabCorp earlier this week. I scheduled the appointment. I arrived early. I brought all the proper paperwork. I did what I needed to do. Unfortunately LabCorp struggled to do their job. Forty Five minutes after my “appointment” time I finally started getting service. Everyone in the office was complaining about their computers not working. At some point all the computers went down completely. When they started telling customers about the computer problem a few people said, “that’s what you said the last time I was here”. My perception/opinion is that this company is using old, unreliable equipment.… Read more »
I went to my local labcorp to receive lab work via my physician and was told upon arrival I needed to give a credit card capture in order to receive services. I have private health insurance, and an HSA that covers my labs. I however needed the labs done so I gave the woman my credit card information after she assured me if I called the billing department that day and told them I preferred a paper bill they wouldn’t charge my card. I called as soon as I got home and a woman in the billing department informed me… Read more »

I went to Lab Corp in Brooklyn for blood test. This was my first time. I got there around 9 am, fasting. The office was very clean, even the restrooms. But there was only one person doing all the work. The phlebotomist was very nice and I have no complaint about her. But how can they justify only having one person on duty? At least have one person at the front desk to handle the insurance crap.

Went to Labcorp at tucker GA They were the most rude ppl I have ever seen The girl at the reception made my 9 year old stay outside of the office She didn’t care to explain me why kids could not wait in the waiting area I did not see them giving smile to ppl to talking nice to them

I have never had a pleasant experience with this company. I just looked at their employment page and they DO require a high school diploma. They must not monitor their employees after they are hired is probably a pretty good assumption. I have walked into the office in Flagstaff, Arizona by the hospital several times to find nobody there, or the door locked during business hours without a courtesy note to let busy people know what’s going on. Aside from their poor patient interaction skills and their superiority over other people time and health resolutions, their corporate office is just… Read more »
I have never had a pleasant experience with this company. I just looked at their employment page and they DO require a high school diploma. They must not monitor their employees after they are hired is probably a pretty good assumption. I have walked into the office in Flagstaff, Arizona by the hospital several times to find nobody there, or the door locked during business hours without a courtesy note to let busy people know what’s going on. Aside from their poor patient interaction skills and their superiority over other people time and health resolutions, their corporate office is just… Read more »
I am appalled by this company. Really terrible billing. I have received four bills now for lab work which I paid for in full, in advance, at the doctor’s office. Hugely, scandalously inflated prices for routine tests. When the doctor’s billing agent contacted them, they still didn’t get it right the first time. The doctor’s billing agent is also exasperated and sees this go on all the time. I can’t imagine what it would be like if you had a person other than the patient paying, who doesn’t actually know that it has already been paid for, or a person… Read more »
I just want to point out the horrific behavior my children received at LabCorp in Clinton MD on Tuesday, November 4, 2014. I went there to have my children’s blood drawn, aged 6 and 5. The women at the front desk were pleasant and professional. The woman (older, long black braided hair), was absolutely abhorrant in her treatment of my children. She drew my daughters blood first. She was rude, rough and behaved as if this were a huge inconvenience for her. My son was crying, he is 5. He was nervous. She said “I am not doing his, wait… Read more »

I mail my payment in on 3/8/14/ when I call they have not receive because address has change from 2230 to 2240 I think I put the wrong acct number because I was told to mail it before I got my statement .I don.t know what going on put it going to be late with the payment it is not my fault.

LabCorp in Van Nuys is horrible! The staff are rude, inconsiderate and poorly trained. Not to mention a total disgusting, UN-hygenic mess which wouldn’t pass as a second grade veterinary clinic, let alone a medical lab.! They wasted 2hours out of my day after i had spent 30 minutes on the phone with an idiot appointment setter. I would highly recommend you take your business elsewhere and not waste your time with this disgraceful, poor excuse for a lab.

I have been going to Lab Corp for years and it seems that they have been sending me some parts of bills to the "wrong" address they took down from my doctor. I got an email from a collection agency and when I called to speak with Lab Corp about this, after paying it, I asked why it is my fault if I didn’t know that there was a bill and they were sending them to the wrong address and they said they could not answer that and that it was basically my problem.

I an just appalled at their costs. Routine physical blood work costs .received a statement today and it was
$1,133.00 !!!! I am in the wrong business

LabCorp has a totally incompetent billing department. For 6 Months they have screwed up submitting my lab test costs to my insurance company. I have talked to them at least once a month, faxed my bill from LabCorp, along with the Explanation of Benefits from my insurance company, and they still can’t get it right. Initially they billed the wrong insurance company, that was the first month, then once they got the right insurance company, they still can’t get it done right. They are pathetic. I have ongoing laboratory needs and I will never go to LabCorp again.
I live in a fairly affluent area of San Diego and was asked by my doc to get a number of tests one at the Rancho Bernardo office. My doc got the tests and I got a subsequent invoice asking for cash inasmuch as Medicare had turned the tests and charges down. Apparently Labcorp does not like to deal with Medicare because Labcorp never submitted to them. Labcorp submitted my Medicare B card and because Labcorp did not submitt my A card to Medicare the charges were turned down. It’s a scam with Labcorp believing they can get away from… Read more »
I also live in San Diego. They forwarded my routine labs to North Carolina and charged me $1500. After months of calls they claimed my Blue Cross PPO rejected the claim and I have to pay the bill. Blue Cross confirmed they were working on it but they were not sure why the labs were sent to North Carolina from San Diego. Apparently this a scam used by Lap Corp to get cash from citizen. After 6 months of working with Blue Cross and Lab Corp the bill was paid. This is after Lab Corp threatened me with collections three… Read more »

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