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Last Updated On: November 11, 2017

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Business Name: HealthStar Physicians PC
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420 W Morris Blvd
Morristown, Tennessee 37813 USA

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Phone Number: 423-581-5925
Company Contact: Joyce Elmore - Office Manager
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Average Rating: 1.50 out of 5
Based On: 2 Reviews
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Reported Losses: $5,001,000.00
Average Reported Losses: $2,500,500.00

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Embarrassed and Dejected Customer

On Friday April 17th, 2015. My wife (kemberly) and I (Terrance) had an appointment at 3:00 o’clock. We wanted to have some test run on our 11 year old son. While in the patient waiting room, the nurse ask my wife what was the reason for the visit. She proceeds to tell her that she would like a series of test run on our son such as blood work, EKG, etc. A complete check up. Which is what my wife was told to tell the check in nurse when we got back in the room what we would like checked. Just following orders. We were scheduled to see Dr. Vick’s new Nurse Practitioner but was told that we had to see Mrs. Brooks.

The check in nurse ask her what would be our preference at which time I (Terrance) replied that I would like the new nurse practitioner. My wife replied that it didn’t matter. She told the check in nurse that I (Terrance) had ran into a problem with Mrs. Brooks a few years ago that concerned him. I (Terrance) told the nurse that it was water under the bridge and that I had no problem with her seeing my son. My wife asked the check in nurse to not saying anything to Mrs. Brooks. The check in nurse went right outside the door and told Mrs. Brooks. Mrs. Brooks came into the room screaming and yelling and my wife and I. She would not let us explain or saying anything. She told us to get out of the office!!

We were shocked and embarrassed by this unprofessional behavior. She continued ranting and raving with my wife out in the front waiting area which was packed with people. I was shocked and embarrassed and my wife was as well! Very unprofessional She refused medical treatment to my son for which we advised her that we wanted the EKG performed due to the fact that he had been complaining of pain in his chest area. This was very upsetting not only to me and my wife but my son as well. An eleven year old child should not have been a witness to such verbal abuse by Mrs. Brooks. I am sure she would not like it if we verbally abused her in front of her children! The professional thing for to have done was to take me and my wife into a separate office and try to clear up why we preferred the other nurse practitioner over her. I would have kindly explained to her my reasons.

The reason for the misunderstanding a few years back between Mrs. Brooks and I (Terrance) was because my son had a horrible cough and his chest was very congested. So I took him to urgent care because we had received a letter from the Hamblen County School system because my son had missed 5 days. Mrs. Brooks came into the room and began to tell me that based on my son’s chart he has been sick a lot that year and that sometimes instead of running to the doctor and getting an antibiotic that it would be best to just let his body fight it. I told her that I got a letter from the school system because we have kept him in hopes that his body could fight the virus but I was not going to go to jail when I pay for my health insurance and that is what I got health insurance for. Medical care and I pay about $560.00 a month for my health insurance. This is my portion!

I began to tell Mrs. Brooks that I bring him when he is sick because I had a God Child of mine die when he was 9 months old due to him having bad chest congestion and his parents didn’t take him to the doctor and wanted him to fight it and he died the next morning. He didn’t wake up!!! So I told her that this was a life changing experience for me so when my child gets sick, I am going to take him to the doctor.

After hearing this story, Mrs. Brooks seemed sympathetic and took my son to have his chest X-Rayed for which it showed that he had Bronchitis! I was given an antibiotic and my son got better. So based off this incident my trust level was broken. She took an oath when she became a nurse practitioner maybe she needs to retake that oath again!


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