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Last Updated On: August 31, 2017

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Business Name: FitQueen LLC
Corporate Address:
1970 Addison Ave
Twin Falls, Idaho 83301 USA

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Phone Number: 208-731-1772
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Company Contact: Lacey Mason - Owner
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Cool sculpting fraud Fit Queen Lacey Mason

I saw an advertisement to Fit Queen by Lacey Mason on KMVT television. I went, was charged $2,000 dollars for overhang on stomach to be deleted.

Stomach was red & swollen for approximately 2&1/2 months.

I called her 3 times letting her know nothing was happening. She assured me it would work all 3 times. Told her I had gained a whole pants size, I was hurting & in the end it did not work.

She was suppose to contact the, presumably, doctor as was her consultant & call me back.

I ended up calling her after 2 weeks of waiting for her phone call. She then informed me she could not guarantee my stomach would get rid of what I had gone to her for. She also never once asked for me to see her so she could determine why it had not worked.

I then told her it looked like she was $2,000 dollars richer and I was $2,000 poorer. The conversation ended and I tried calling her back but she would not answer my call.

She should be banned from advertising on Kmvt channel 11 news station. They should be made aware of what has happened.

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