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Close allows users to complain about Medical Services companies, businesses, or websites. If a Medical Services company has done something wrong to you submit a consumer complaint today and let the world know to watch our for this company.

It’s a sad state of the world when we are forced to report fraudulent medial services. Even sadder is the frequency at which this occurs. We have a huge health care problem in this country, and while steps have been made to make it better, it is still in need of drastic improvements. There are hundreds of factors and reasons for this – but it all comes down to money.

Most doctors are at the mercy of pharmaceutical companies. How this became such a huge problem is as complicated as the problem itself. Doctors are not at liberty to recommend and prescribe what they want – they have to promote what the companies want to promote, regardless if it’s the right thing for the patient. Sometimes, drugs aren’t even required to treat a condition or illness, but that is usually the knee-jerk reaction of many health care providers. Have you been prescribed a drug that didn’t work for you? Or one that resulted in severe side effects? Did the drug ease one problem but cause another? Or perhaps you were given a drug for pain, and you now have to deal with a dependency problem? These are all very real and serious concerns.

It doesn’t take a genius to know that health care professionals and insurance companies are in bed together. They have mutually profitable relationships, and they are getting rich off of people who are ill. This can’t be allowed to go on any longer. Have you been denied health care services or medicine you need because your insurance won’t cover it? Have you been told you have a “pre-existing condition”? That’s like telling you you can’t have insurance because you need insurance! If you share your story here, you may be able to expose these companies for the frauds they are. They shouldn’t be able to hide behind legal nonsense. They should focus on helping people who are in need!

Or maybe you’ve ordered medical supplies or specialized items, and they weren’t the quality you expected. Or maybe you didn’t receive them at all? Medical equipment must be customized to the individual’s body in order to work correctly. Many individuals needing medical supplies are homebound and cannot go to a retail store to purchase them. That means the mail-order companies must use a high level of customer service to ensure the customer is getting the right equipment for their particular needs. Has something like this happened to you? Speak up! We want to hear your story.

Poor customer service can definitely exist in the medical world, too. Just because they are not a traditional “goods and services” business does not mean they don’t have to uphold the same standards of politeness, accuracy and knowledgeability. It’s time to blur the line between a patient and a customer. Post your complaints with medical services companies here. If you or someone you love has been ripped off, treated unfairly or given the wrong medication, product or service, you owe it to yourself and to others in the same position to make your voice heard. Only then will we begin to see the improvement we sorely need.

Sometimes individuals are hesitant to come forward, either because the problem is embarrassing or because they don’t think anyone can offer help or solutions. But that is incorrect! exists so people like you can have a voice against faceless drug companies and doctors who play along with them. Your health is not something to be toyed with – it’s the most important “possession” you have. Don’t allow anyone to take it from you! Tell your story and take the first step to getting help.

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