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Good marketing is exciting for everyone.  Manufacturing companies are making money, sales and marketing departments are thrilled about their work, customers are getting great products at the prices they require, and the wheel spins on.  However, when marketing goes south, it’s not such a happy experience.  Perhaps you have had an awful experience with marketing.  Did you feel harassed by a salesman?  Maybe you got sucked into a mid-level marketing scheme?  Did a marketing person make false promises to you?

Whatever your issue may be, it has a permanent resting place on  When you file on Complaints List, you can share your story in a public, online place where others will be able to see it.  In fact, if you’re one of the first people to know about the particular issue, you might even be the only thing standing between a marketing scam or bad practice and an innocent consumer!  You owe it to your community to file with Complaints List.


Mid-level Marketing scams can be immensely frustrating for those who get caught up in them.  If you thought you were joining a legitimate business – it could have been a work-form-home opportunity, or it may have been an in-office position – you probably feel burned after finding out it was a scam all along.

You know how terrible it is to get involved with a scam only to find out the truth days, weeks, or months later.  You’ve now wasted time and money when you could have been working at a real job.  If you have had this experience, share your story on Complaints List so that others don’t have to endure the same frustrations.

High Pressure Marketing

Are you agitated by some high-pressure marketing techniques that were directed at you?  Maybe you felt harassed by a salesman or marketing department that wouldn’t leave when you said you weren’t interested.  While there may be nothing that’s technically illegal in these situations, a law doesn’t have to be broken in order to justify filing a complaint on Complaints List.  No one wants to feel pressured.  It simply isn’t healthy, and it definitely isn’t good for business.  Share your story on so people know to avoid this high pressure marketing company!

False Promises

Marketing departments are all about making sales.  However, when they make false promises in order to secure you as a customer, the sale can turn out to be far less desirable than you originally thought it would be.  False promises are bad for business.  If a marketing department hasn’t figured that out yet, then you might be the one that gets to teach them the lesson.  Filing a complaint on Complaints List is a great way to draw public attention to a marketing company that thinks they can get by on making false promises.  Let them know just how wrong they are when you file a complaint with us.

Chances are, you could very well have an issue that hasn’t been covered on this webpage.  If so, don’t let that hold you back from filing a complaint.  The world needs your voice.  Filing a complaint on Complaints List is one of the best ways to get your voice out there into the public!

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