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Last Updated On: September 5, 2017

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Reported Losses: $500.00
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Category: Marketing / PR Directory Listing

Constant Contact is a cheat and over-charged me 500 USD!!!!!!!!!!

If any of you want to send emails or do email marketing on Constant Contact, I have to say it is totally a wrong decision!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This site is too bad and often over-charged you and each time you have questions, they never reply you unless you call them. THE WORST WEBSITE I ever use.

I will tell all your guys what happened to me:

I started to use this Constant Contact from September. Since I was not familiar with it, I read all the private policy very carefully and found that they are charged by the number of contacts. And have no limit to the contacts’ opt-in time.

I have about 45,000 opt-in contacts, so I upload them to this website and accept the review, and I was charged $280 for it.

Then several days later, they told me that some contacts are not illegal so I remove them, but my account still cannot be used till several days later (actually it is about 10 days, which means I paid 280 USD and have waste about 15 days, only 15 days left to be used). And then I started to prepare for my email campaign. About a week later, I began to send emails to my contacts. But it was a totally failure since they said that the spam rate of my email is too high and my account was suspend (they NEVER said that spam rate would result suspend!! And they never give me any explanations!!!!). As a result, the email was only sent to about 3000 contact, which means I spend $280, only send about 3000 contacts. How dare them!!!!!!!

And the first month end (totally a failure). Then the second month came, I was charged another $250, but my account was still suspended. I tried hard to contact them, sending them several emails. But I never get any reply. So I called them and I was told to provide some detailed information of my contacts. I did exactly as what they told me and send the materials they asked to them. But then I did not get any reply of them again. At the last several days of the second month, I found that my account was normal. And they told me that the contacts who register before 2009 can’t be used to send emails. Why they don’t claim that before I was charged or in your private policy? Moreover, my contacts lists have been reviewed by them. If some of them are not qualified, they should told me before them charged me, right???? I was charged 280 USD by doing nothing!!!!! How can they charged me!!!!

When I delete my contacts and bought the My Library Plus service from them at the end of second month, I found that I was charged another 22.33 USD. What wrong with them???? It is expected to charged in the third month, right???

Anyway, Constant Conatct is a **** and a cheat!!!!!!!!! None of you should use it.


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I have to agree with Lisa’s comment, even if it isn’t a very polite response. Constant Contact sucks for a lot of reasons, but they do not cheat people. As a matter of fact they bend over backwards to do the right thing. I have no complaints with their billing department whatsoever.

Your English sucks and your a spammer. Who cares that you the duper got duped,


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