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For better or for worse, we all rely on manufacturers for many of the goods and services that we regularly use and enjoy.  However, just because you use a product, it doesn’t mean that you have to give your consent to all of the practices the manufacturer may engage in.  In fact, you may find that a manufacturer you thought you could trust is actually engaged in some pretty serious unethical practices.  If this is the case, don’t hesitate to share your story with others on  These are just a few of the issues you might run into with the manufacturing industry.

Low-Quality Product

As manufacturing is more likely to be outsourced to overseas workers, quality continues to drop.  The goods that you once enjoyed and used on a daily basis for years are now falling apart after only a few months.  It’s no coincidence that quality is dropping as jobs are leaving the country.  If you’re frustrated by the low quality of some of the products you’ve purchased, filing a complaint on might deter others from purchasing the same product.  You probably wish you had known what you were buying before you gave up your hard-earned cash.  File a complaint in just a few minutes so that others don’t have the same frustrating experience!

Materials: Hazardous

Also, manufacturers are notorious for using materials that can be potentially harmful to consumers, workers, and the environment.  Practices that harm any of these groups (or others) are simply not acceptable today in 2012.  While many government regulations exist to limit the amount of hazardous materials that are involved in the manufacturing process, the truth is that many hazardous materials have still not been eliminated.  If you’re aware of some hazardous materials that are damaging consumers, workers, or the environment, you owe it to yourself and others to share that information publicly on

Materials: Poor Quality

However, not all materials are dangerous; some materials are bad.  Perhaps you used to enjoy an appliance that was made completely of steel or some other durable material.  Now, however, some of those critical components are made with cheap, flimsy plastic.  If so, this change in materials is important to note for customers who are unaware.  If others are like you, then they probably wouldn’t have bought the product in the first place.  Filing a complaint today can be the only way you insure that no one else has the same issues you have had.

Business Ethics Issues

But, it’s not all about quality.  In many cases, big manufacturing companies are able to take advantage of certain government connections or legal loopholes.  These connections and loopholes might even allow them to use hazardous materials or pay below market prices.  If you’re aware of some serious ethical issues with a manufacturing company, filing a complaint with is critical.  Letting other people know what you know might be the first step in bringing justice to these unethical manufacturing companies.  They may not even be taking advantage of government connections or legal loopholes.  It could simply be that the manufacturing company is downright unethical on their own!  Either way, file today!

Treatment of Employees

On the tail of unethical practices, many manufacturing companies are not treating employees fairly.  You might even be one of those employees.  Manufacturing companies often get away with unfair treatment because of government connections and also because of their sheer size.  And, of course, if those companies are based in China or other countries with fewer workers’ rights laws and legal protections, then it’s easy to get away with treating employees unfairly.

Whether it’s an issue of being underpaid or an issue of health and safety, filing a complaint with Complaints List may be the first that anyone outside of the company hears about certain unethical practices.  Filing might be your best option when it comes to drawing attention to the issue.

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