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Last Updated On: June 17, 2017

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Business Name: United States Postal Service
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United States Postal Service Phone Number: 202-268-2500
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Average Rating: 1.36 out of 5
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Number Of Comments: 54

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Reported Losses: $92,067.41
Average Reported Losses: $829.44

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What a joke

My name is Debbie Oslin, and I went into the Twinsburg post office to mail a priority package to my niece, nephew, and great nephew for Christmas, I paid $18.98 to have package delivered by 12-23-2016. I was told there was $100.00 insurance on package. I told clerk that was enough to cover package.

Well after my nephew had not mentioned getting his package, I asked if he liked his stuff, he told me he never received any package, to my surprise. The exact day and time the package was tracked to be deliver to my front porch, they (my family) were sitting on the front porch at that time, and said no truck brought anything.

So after being jerked around about getting a claim form, to my surprise I only had $50.00 insurance and was told because the truck reported he delivered the package that I was never going to get paid any money because, they have a driver that was perfect, and he left the package on porch, and I had to prove that he didn’t. What a joke. Really, I have to prove that your, as you claim, perfect driver in no way could have made an error? Even though my family was sitting on the porch at the exact location where they left my package.


Well I have a news flash: I will be on you people like your worst nightmare until I, not only get paid the $50.00 in insurance, but also the money I paid you to make sure a 3lb package got were it was suppose to.

All I have is time and I want other people to know how asinine the United states post office is being, and to never send packages thru them. Use UPS, they are cheaper and much more reliable, and don’t think they are beyond making an error.

Thank you for letting me vent and read all reviews they are the way to determine things that are in your best interest.

Twinsburg Post Office – 8935 Darrow Rd Twinsburg Ohio 44087 | 800-275-8777

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Consulate General of Italy in New York mailed my passport to my address 112 EMERSON PL, APT #6D, BROOKLYN, NY 11205 on May 23, 2017. However, I haven’t received it yet so far. The empolyee in Brooklyn Postal Office helped me to find my mail was mailed from New Jersey and disappeared in Taxas and the mail of my passport was weighed 3lbs! The empolyee called the post office at Dallas, TX many times but no one answered the call. She asked me to call the number 214-760-4545 and 214-760-4555 myself. The same thing happened. Where is my passport? I’ll… Read more »
Packages were opened during transferring and resealed. Many contents were missing. I shipped three packages on April 3rd, 2017 from Kansas City Missouri to Monterey park California. The biggest package is 13LB 7.4 oz, and there were eight woman’s purses in it. However, the package was opened and lost four purses (6.95BL in total) before the receiver got the package. The box obviously opened by someone and resealed. Later on, I tried many times to communicate with USPS agents, managers, and supervisors. The supervisor in Monterey park USPS has the really bad attitude to me, and he said he cannot… Read more »

i live in port saint lucie florida and i SOMETIMES get my mail around 11.30am ( not too bad ) but alot of times i get it 730pm of not at all mostly wenesday and saturday , i went to the post office and the clerk told me maybe i should get a post office box , then read a sign that post office boxes wont be filled until 5pm thats insane why

Call the Postal Inspection Service. Posting here won’t get an investigation started

The USPS in Michigan City, Indiana has to be the worst postal system in the U.S. Maybe even the world. I got a package delivered to my doorstep… but, according to the address on the box, the person the package was intended for someone three blocks away! So I took the box to that person. When I get back, my neighbor, from across the street, hands me a package that was addressed to me, but was delivered to him! So this happened on the same day. It is fairly common for me to get other people’s mail in my mailbox.… Read more »

Call the office and complain. Keep track of the missed deliveries. Call 1-800-275-8777, and file a complaint

The US postal tracking system is the worst ever period!! As I am attempting to track important medical equipment. The tracking site says”USPS is undergoing updates to the system and tracking isn’t available for 48 hours. Are you F’ing kidding me!!!!!!

Call your office and they can track it

USPS is the worst. I paid $42.00 for priority express, I was told it would be delivered the next day. Nope hasn’t even left the local sorting facility by 6:00 am the next morning & the website says it’s now 2day priority express. What 2 day ?? I paid for overnight, it’s not my problem it was delivered to their sorting facility @652 in the evening. I want my money back. I need suggestions ?? I’m not paying premium for standard. Help ??

If it’s guaranteed, get a refund

In tears of frustration from dealing with customer service at the USPS 11237. I had several packages that were marked as delivered in the tracking and never received them. I talked to several people in my building who were also missing packages. When I called the post office, she just said sometimes that happens and to come to the post and maybe it is there. I asked if she could check so I don’t waste a trip waiting in a long line she said no. It is common knowledge the USPS is UNRELIABLE and UNTRUSTWORTHY but why must this go… Read more »

It’s the federal government what do you expect!!!

It has come to the point that I want to stop buying online because the postal service takes so long to deliever the packages. Lately it has been all the time. Why can’t they deliever when they tell you they are going to be here.

Had envelope mailed to me from Jamaica New York on Jan 16 and still have not received, it a shame you cant even trust them to deliver your mail.

9 days for a first class package to travel 3 states away. Checking the tracking history it traveled 7 states and stayed overnight in 3 including 2 days not moving. What a bunch of incompetent losers work for the USPS.

I just found out if u pay for priority mail it is NOT guaranteed to b there in 2 days. WHAT! They can charge u for it but not provide the service paid for. Go figure

They are stealing my mail too if they are not ripping it open. The other day we had a ripped open package on the porch. Called the toll-free number and they emailed the postmaster but she was of no help because she covers up for their lies. We’ve had bad delivery for years now. Complain numerous times with no results. I think they should privatize the postal “service.” They’re rude and they steal and mis-deliver the mail.

This is the 4th time this year that the sorting area of USPS coded my mail back to my zip code instead of the zip code the letter was addressed to. I have taken the mail back to the post office, they concur that is the problem, cross it off with black marker and I get the mail back again with my return address zip code on the bottom of the envelope. I have concluded the standards for hiring postal workers have been reduced and we have people handling our mail that can’t read. This is also evident in the… Read more »

The USA post office is a reflection on BOTH the Democrats and Republican politicians in Washington because NEITHER party could care less about going after the disaster that the post office is .
ZERO accountability = USA post office
I deal with Australia and Germany and on their worse day, their postal service is 100x better than the USA .
Heck even China has a better system .


My mailmen and woman just steal my packages and don’t deliver them at all, or pretend they do. I demand an investigation, I have had to deal with it for a year now and no one does anything, even after filing complaints and re-delivery notices. USPS SOUNDVIEW BRONX STATION. I want my packages.

Their service sucks they. A package was sent to me and i know they did not try to delivery the package saying the address was faulty. There was nothing wrong with the address and the ppl at the post office was not very nice i called early i always used the post office in the past this is my last time. They returned my package and did not even try to delivery it sad

If usps is going to provide tracking why in the hell don’t they update it? Several times I have received item and tracking shows it is still n transit. I know postal workers are lazy but hell how much trouble is it to do your job and scan a package. ever who is in charge of usps do your d**n job or get out .

Problem is that it is close to impossible to get fired in the USA postal dept and thus carriers could not care less and managers are NEVER held accountable .
Just a massive run around on their useless site and phone number .
Businesses in the USA who use this disaster suffer financially .
I have tracked packages in China and amazed at the specific location, accountability and efficiency of their system while here in Florida it is a cancer of inefficiency with not a SINGLE politician caring at all .

ELK GROVE VILLAGE ILLINOIS SORT FACILITY Been on the phone with USPS complaint’s department about the sort facility, was on a ringing phone for 31 minutes and no one answered it there and also another 15 minutes letting it ring also this morning. Have left messages on all the answering machines that would answer and he said he is sending a couple of headhunters there way. If they find what they think they will today a new crew will be replacing the whole dam lot of them, According to him my mail should of processed Thursday night or at least… Read more »
My story is way to long. The long journey of no return my package is on has been written over and over again in these postings. I think undelivered packages become employee perks somewhere along the line. One month ago I posted a package with USPS. After leaving California and arriving in Chicago it stopped over in Chicago for about 6 days and then it turned around and came back to California. No amount of pleading with them to please fix the problem and deliver the package worked. Last known stop is Santa Ana but that was on January 22… Read more »
My story is way to long. The long journey of no return my package is on has been written over and over again in these postings. I think undelivered packages become employee perks somewhere along the line. One month ago I posted a package with USPS. After leaving California and arriving in Chicago it stopped over in Chicago for about 6 days and then it turned around and came back to California. No amount of pleading with them to please fix the problem and deliver the package worked. Last known stop is Santa Ana but that was on January 22… Read more »

I sell items through Ebay and have had more than 5 items with tracking numbers lost in the mail in the past 2 months – now another is "missing". I have had to issue refunds to my customers, taken the loss of my items, and PAID USPS for the service!

I was suppose to have 2 pkgs delivered on Wednesday. I checked the tracking numbers after 5:00 pm due to the pkgs not being delivered, and it said that it was undeliverable due to business was closed. I was home all day,! I called post office and was told our regular delivery guy. Was sick and replacement person brought most of pkgs back. There was not any notice in my mail box. They assured me they had put 2 people in truck and all would be delivered today, Thurs. I saw the mail truck go right past my house. Went… Read more »

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