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Last Updated On: October 14, 2017

Contact Information

Business Name: Treasure Coast Readers Inc.
Corporate Address:
E Melbourne Ave
Melbourne, Florida 32901 USA

Customer Service

Phone Number: 866-608-9254


Average Rating: 1.00 out of 5
Based On: 6 Reviews
Number Of Comments: 13

Damage Reports

Reported Losses: $3,749.90
Average Reported Losses: $624.98

Most Recent Complaint

Is Treasure Coast Readers a Scam, Rip Off, or Fraud? WARN OTHER CONSUMERS By Sharing

Treasure Coast Readers - Unauthorized Transactions made to my Debit Account with "First California Bank".

“Recently, there was balance withdrawn from my Debit Account with First California Bank for amount of $59.95 the past two months or so and I would an explanation for those incidents that occurred, recently”.

I’m a Student online with CTU (Colorado Technical University) and I felt that the Company of Treasure Coast Readers violated my account information with First California Bank.

I would like to know how did you gain access to my account to withdraw funds from it?.

Also, I don’t want this Company stealing money from me. I’m, Gerard Hargrove and this is my complaint story.


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This company refuses to cancel my magazines. They have told me I owe Hundreds of dollars. They sold my name to countless companies. I was receiving 15 (no joke) magazines when I ordered 3 gift magazines and refused to let me cancel without paying $700. IF I can ever get this straightened out I will NEVER do business with them again. My billing started out of Florida but now is Minnesota. A very unhappy client from Virginia.

I have all the above mentioned problems with Treasure Coast Readers. I canceled my card they were charging. I notified the Flordia BBB. I got another call yesterday from them, saying to pay or get turned over to a collecions agency. I have perfect credit and do not want any trouble. I can not pay them over $1000. for magazines I didnot get in the first place and for ones I returned. They told me they had me on tape and I would pay!

Call Attorney General of your state and Florida

just an fyi they tried to get me in this scam i simply just changed my accounts and they quit calling after 4 months of not paying, they never put anything in a collection agency or anything to affect credit they dont do anything if you dont pay they just simply move on to the next person that will pay hope that helps

They will send you to collections…..just takes them a long time to send them….get the word out….they are definitely a scam….report them to the Attorney General….the more complaints that goes to them, the better….BBB really cant do anything since you have to pay a fee to get a good rating. Attorney General definitely has more clout….they are also affiliated with Sunset Publications and Family Readers

This company is a great big rip off n im suing them.

I received a letter today in the mail, informing me I owe a total payoff of $1798.50, at $59.95 per month, apparently I’m 2 months behind, $119.90 due 12/09/12. There’s no mention of magazines or any type of explanation, just an account number along with their address 2 places. I had to google the name to find out what type of "business" it is. So far I personally have not gotten a phone call from this company, nor has any family member at my home number. I haven’t ordered magazines or given my account or any card numbers in an… Read more »

Still report them to Attorney General….as you can see by the many complaint…they will do it to other people….even under different company names!!

Was taken by this company as well they caught me at a bad time they say that I owe them $1700 and I have never seen any of their products. Just wondering what I should do I have already changed my credit card account and now they are saying that there going to turn me into a collections agency this has been a very bad experience..

I just filed a complaint with the BBB about this company. The BBB gave them until the 20th of this month to respond to the complaint. I know that they want. This is a scam. They are just trying to scare you into giving them money. If they where professionals, like other companies they would have contact information so that you can contact them. I say tell them if they call again to "wait on it" and move on.

Still report them to Attorney General!!!! Only way to stop them.!!

You need to immediately cancel the card that is linked to that bank account. Open up an entirely new bank account. If collections contact you tell them you have contacted the BBB and will sue if they continue to call, or put anything on your credit. I used to work there, sadly, and trust me when I say this is the only option you have. I hope this helps.

I initially was receiving Magazines and was waiting for the contract to expire. My CC expired first at the end of the Yr. I received a phone call froma woman representing the Co. and said my card was no good and I would have to give them a new card Number. I said the contract should have expired .She threatened to take me to court because I had a few yrs on my contract, I asked to be sent a copy of the contract,. never received it., I told her I was retired and didnt have the money . She… Read more »

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